Reviews for Trick or Treat
RockyRoadSmith chapter 1 . 10/31/2011
"No, that's not what I meant," Holly immediately corrected herself, "but I know this is definitely not the right costume for me. Pixie might be able to pull it off but I sure can not. Besides, it might make Genki happy but I don't want Suezo to have a heart attack".

That was an excellent sentence, indeed. XD I've been so deprived of fluff lately, but I feel so energized now! I loved the amount of Genki/Holly interaction you had here. It was enough to satisfy rabid shippers like myself, but it wasn't too much so that it took away from the story. It was a perfect mix of all around cute fluff and downright fun. And the fact you added Colt just made me want to scream with happiness. Colt never gets any love, yet she's such a fun character! You wrote her out wonderfully and the way you had her interact with the other characters was fantastic. I loved the whole scene with Colt and Holly picking out costumes. Too cute! And I liked how you wrote out Suezo here. Most people write him out to be a complete jerk, but you made him his usual sarcastic self while adding in a real senstive side to him by showing concern, not headstrong emotion, toward Holly and Genki's relationship. This just made Halloween ten times better! Thank you so much for writing this jem! _