Reviews for Rise or Fall
Alicia Hurley chapter 305 . 1h
Okay...Tommy is starting to freak me out. What is going on with him? Does he want to hurt some off the X-Men family?
Guest chapter 305 . 9h
Aaah, the babies from the beginning are growing up! Frank is shaping up to be a terrific big brother, and Becky is training to become a nurturing leader.

I love chapters about Frank. He handled that Trav-Tommy thing really well. I'm glad Tommy went to find Leon afterwards, but I'm a little bit surprised Frank didn't dole out a swat for Tommy swearing like that!

Nate is a charming fellow. I love his relationships with Charles, Erik, and Chris. He's one of those boys who deserve to have a good father figure.

So glad to get this chapter! I've been waiting for it. Can't wait for more!

- thefirstservant
Guest chapter 304 . 19h
I miss youuuu
IcySpirit chapter 305 . 6h
Best chapter so far,i love how frank grows up,i would like him to get things right with Cody and Joey like he did with Tommy,Tommy needs to become a mutant,also I love how Becky growed up and please Becky & Scott date
FTA92 chapter 305 . 6h
I love how unbiased Frank is. He has been the middle child for too long for not to recognize the signals of an injustice. Also, damn Tommy is becoming a little psychopath. Cute! Can’t wait for more! Thank you for the update!
blackangel150 chapter 305 . 10h
Wow Be my taking command mike it’s no ones business lol and ooh Trav you are being bad and that is not good
bwatuwant chapter 1 . 12/9
Please check you PM x
Icy Spirit chapter 304 . 12/5
New chapter any time soon?
IcySpirit chapter 304 . 12/6
Continue please
Guest chapter 304 . 12/1
What happened to Lighthouse’s weird powers? He was like almighty with Angelic powers. It was never mentioned again. Hope you can update soon.
Carlisle Fan 22 chapter 304 . 11/30
Aw that was very sweet of Alex to do that for Erik. This is a great chapter and I can't wait to find out what happens next. Keep up the excellent work.
abir rosa chapter 300 . 11/30
hey! I am a new fan of your story which is awesome, oh my god I have never read a fan fiction like this, I am in love with your writing, I am currently in chapter 300 and I am very sad cause I am near The last chapter you posted, really I can't express my love to your story, there is no words, I hope you will continue it forever "if it is possible" love you and your work keep it up and update soon please
Marie B chapter 304 . 11/29
I love all of your Fathers Day chapters, and this one did not disappoint. As someone with her own “Daddy issues,” I love to live vicariously through your characters & their second chances at getting really attentive, caring, and loving fathers.

Tommy’s really becoming a part of the family (I love that he’s an Erik kid!), and I wonder if he has a hidden mutation that will surface soon...

Looking forward to the next update - the email alert for this story puts a huge smile on my face every time!
Carlisle Fan 22 chapter 303 . 11/26
Aw so Scott's retiring from baseball. Oh well he had fun while he was with the time. And he was right to finish strong. It's cool. I loved that Frank is going WU.
Guest chapter 304 . 11/25
It's after chapters like this one that I realise how much I miss this fanfiction sometimes. Great chapter!
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