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Bad Ass Female Fighter chapter 294 . 4/20
I could NOT stop laughing at the prank. Was that really a blow up doll?

Nate, Frank and Collin made one hell of a trio. Gotta respect that. Justice has been served. Thank you.
missmarvelgirl chapter 1 . 4/20
Scott said something about Charles catching him do homework in Kayla class what chapter was that?
FTA92 chapter 294 . 4/20
Frank has matured a great deal. Whereas he would have lashed against whoever he did not like before, but now he just isolates himself until whatever he does not like goes away. Good thing he bonds with people by getting into trouble together. Hopefully now they can be friends. It would be great for him, I feel like he has been so gloomy lately, just being an angst teen until he can bent at the gym with Leon.
I am super bias, but I actually love Frank. Maybe my favorite OC in any fic I have ready. You have created an awesome fic and tiny universe in X-Men. I can't wait for more!
ullswater chapter 294 . 4/19
Loved it, although as soon as Nate mentioned visits to various places I knew where he would end up. Charles does not tolerate playing up in school!
Guest chapter 294 . 4/18
Love this story so much. Im glad to here your doing better.
blackangel150 chapter 294 . 4/18
I was laughing the whole time... Batman busy with catwoman really scott.. Oh the look on Banks face... Oh that witch didn't just say that to Mayra.. alright the prank was awesome
Carlisle Fan 22 chapter 294 . 4/18
Wow nice work on this. :D I was with Nate on getting back at them. That just went over the line. They had no right to bring Maya's dead daddy into the mix. I'm glad all Brenda got was in school suspension. It could have been worst and she could have missed the Prom. I can't wait to see who gets it. You know Angel and Ben deserve it more than those spoiled rotten brats. I can't wait to find out what happens next. Keep up the excellent work :D.
missmarvelgirl chapter 294 . 4/18
In my heart I believe that Mack and Rita deserve every bit of it. I'm also glad that Franklin isn't jealous of of Nate but embrace him, Amazing chapter as always.
Little Red Riding Brat chapter 294 . 4/18
Ah man, I really hope Angie wins so those two can get their comeuppance! The scene of them all playing together was so sweet- but also pretty damn funny. Busy with Catwoman!
Bad Ass Female Fighter chapter 293 . 4/17
Prom and wedding, i'm so excited to see. But i know that these events get interupted by some miscreant looking for trouble. Thanks for the update.
muh chapter 293 . 4/16
and i miss you and i need you
Carlisle Fan 22 chapter 293 . 4/14
Wow this was so incredible. It's good that Nate brought up the fact that Cordelia's mom isn't going to get to see her dress but at the same time she is. I bet she would be proud of her girls. And I like that Maya was having the "wedding night talk" with Raven. It's good they talked about it. I mean she doesn't have to have sex if she's not comfortable about it. And Sean will probably be having those jitters too. But I can't wait to see how Prom turns out and the wedding too. It's sad they will be leaving but they need to grow too. Keep up the excellent work.
Chrissysmiles chapter 293 . 4/13
First of all congratulations on reaching two million plus words!
You have created an incredible work of fiction that has become almost an addiction. I can't wait to get into the newest chapter when you post it so I tear right through I finish,I go back to savor the words.
You have the talent to add more layers to these all ready complex, interesting characters and add yet more new characters so we are reintroduced to the currant ones but now seeing through the eyes of a stranger. In some ways it is like we are also meeting the old characters for the first time since they see things we haven't or it has been so long we forgot they did that.

Nate is one cool kid. He brings out the cool stuff Hank is known for plus goes to his Daddy's school so you know Trav is going to adore how long it will take Hank and Nate to get lost in the lab together. I also wonder how many things Nate could get Hank to do for the Courtiers without him knowing?
Frank,thank goodness he has Leon,he forgot he has his own hero worship going besides the two Leon mentioned, how about Tony's dad? Trav will be back at his side soon enough!

Looking forward to prom (hoping Angel and Ben win,that awful girl was just too mean to Maya!)
Hoping Joey and Laci win the art contest,and do it in such a way it over shadows the wedding! Can't wait to get Tommy back and for Gina's baby and more Ray time.
Heiress, you have me on the edge of my seat...until the next exciting chapter!
Guest chapter 293 . 4/12
I have missed your chapters so much. So happy for an update.
anon chapter 293 . 4/12
Hey now that I'm officially on summer break you can start uploading a chapter everyday ;) ;)
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