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Aveoni chapter 208 . 18h
Seeing the update was the most pleasant part of some very very rough couple some of days.

In all irony the issues I dealed with were related to my 'sister' (in all but blood) and a very stupid choice she made. Of course I didn't deal with it the Leon way, but still, being tough with those you love when they are lashing out endangering themselves is one of the most difficult parts of human relationships.

Thank you for the great chapter. I love how Leon and Sean's brotherly relationship is evolving. Can't wait for the next. As always thank you for breaking brutal reality even for a little while...
Alicia chapter 208 . 5/31
Misstressplum chapter 208 . 5/31
I was so happy to see that you'd updated!
It was nice seeing all the individual training sessons with everyone, and the boyish antics of the college boys.
Thanks for updating :)
missmarvelgirl chapter 208 . 6/1
I love it .awesome
TrintySeeker chapter 208 . 5/31
soo close and scary...glad it was leon and not some MIB dork...that Dr. Larson guy...something tells me he may not make it to be re-elected...and they say like father like son...nice leon, just took that page right outta daddys note book :)

awesome chapter...and I can't wait for more :) thank you!
Misstressplum chapter 207 . 5/29
Great chapter! I was surprised that Frank moved to different girls so quickly...but he is a teenager after all! I dont think that Charles was too harsh on Becky, but Im glad that she's free now and hopefully will be more cautious with her powers
Alicia chapter 207 . 5/28
Wow...great update. Glad everything is OK with Samantha & and how Angel is caring towards her like a sister.

But, don't like how Frank 'switched' between girls so quickly. He should be patient and wait to 'grow-up'.

And Alex needs a girlfriend...named Alicia... :)
ullswater chapter 207 . 5/27
Loved it, especially when Scott went to bat for little Becky. I agree that Charles needs to hold Becky to a high level but i do feel he is being a tad harsh, she is only a little girl and 3 weeks is an eternity when you are that age.

I really like the sound of Sam's character and its sweet that Frank likes her.

Thanks so much for keeping this story going it is pleasant light relief to read.
blackangel150 chapter 207 . 5/28
Poor girl
missmarvelgirl chapter 207 . 5/28
I lov it thanks for the update
Guest chapter 206 . 5/27
I haven't reviewed the last few chapters, but they've been great! I love how we're seeing more of the alcyotes. The whole Fabian thing was great, and I totally ship Cordelia and Fabian! Although, I think they may be headed for trouble.
I'm glad that Becky is finally letting go of the past. I hope in time she'll be able to forgot anything ever happened. Leon has been a big help with that too.
Okay now on to this chapter! Becky totally had it coming, and having it come from Erik, I think he went a little easy on her, but she had been punished in other ways as was said. Are we going to see what happens to Annie? I hope Estivan isn't too hard on her.
Always looking forward to the next chapter! And can we have maybe something go down where Sean get's into trouble, and Leon has to take care of it? Maybe if the head masters are away, and the instructors? Okay thanks! I love this story Heiress!
Guest chapter 1 . 5/24
Abbhy is a thief. She deserves to be whipped.
Misstressplum chapter 206 . 5/22
Great chapter! Glad that Becky finally got put back in line, she could have gotten into serious trouble!
Can't wait for the next update :)
supreme queen1106 chapter 206 . 5/22
Thank-you ever so much, Heiress! You are a fabulous author and I absolutely love your writing! The whole Samantha thing was intriguing, but I'm gonna have to side with Erik on this one. Also, woah. Things are moving quickly between Cordelia and Fabian. Can't wait to see where that goes!
And Becky and Anne... tut tut. Should've known better (although to be quite honest, I was more than a little surprised at Estevan's reaction- surely he of all people would embrace the fact that his daughter is making the most of her abilities?).
Ahhh, how I cannot wait for the next chapter to be posted!
Keep going and never stop ;)
LeftEyeObsession chapter 206 . 5/21
I'm actually really glad that Becky got a soakking because I think she seriously deserved it. It just goes to show that she's not all good and innocent, I believe that it shows a more realistic side.
Aww I hope Sam's okay too! I miss them as a family, Adrienne, Victor, Angel & Samantha they are the very cutest family ever. Idc out of all of them they are seriously the cutest! They are kinda like loners put together!
Adrienne, I don't care she is a bitch but she is seriously a role model bitch lol. Like i don't know but her stubbornness makes her like able to me, and the issue in the waiting room, I think Erikw as wrong for bringing in the negativity so I agree with everything Adrienne said. Yaaay love that red-head *heart emoji*
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