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supreme queen1106 chapter 218 . 8/1
Nice chapter. I do think the X-Men crew and Melissa were a bit too quick to accept Brenda (I mean they haven't even known her for more than a day and they're best buds now?)- what with Angel calling her "babe" during their first exchange- and I still find that whole Maya-is-a-mutant thing distasteful. I'm not sure the explanation of how Tricie's mutation were transported into Maya is very logical- in fact, I feel that that particular explication is rather weak- and I also think that the comparison between that and Kayla's healing powers serves as an unneeded and irrelevant analogy. I don't know, it just all seems extremely improbable, even in a world where genetic mutation as enhanced as this exists. I do hope that Maya's mutation is simply a fluke though, and that Tricie's powers within her shall wane.
Other than that, I have no further criticism to deliver. You made it very clear that it's going to be hard for all of them to get through this, and I can't wait to read more of what's in store.
Rybug chapter 218 . 7/30
Thanks for another awesome chapter! So sad about Tricie. I've loved Maya without powers, but I'm looking forward to see how she adapts going forward. I'm hoping for some Leon and Erik moments soon. Maybe Leon and Alex. He did runoff without telling anybody and nearly gave them a heart attack.
blackangel150 chapter 218 . 7/30
What a hard time they will face
FemaleAlphaWolf chapter 217 . 7/27
No...! please, not Tricie! maybe Maya's mutation can save her like Joey's did Alex that time... I know you can't save everybody but please Tricie needs to live.

please have someone kill Ignacio soon, they have the ability to make it look like an accident so that he's not turned into a hero or something.
Guest chapter 217 . 7/27
I kinda hope that Maya's powers are just 'temporary'. It's nice to have a human in the mix, and I love how she brings another perspective to the mansion.
Guest chapter 217 . 7/26
Holy. Fuck. Did Tricie somehow transfer her powers to Maya? Was this a burst of power Maya has always had hidden deep within? Is Brenda going to join the X-Men? I have so many questions because this chapter was too amazing! Heiress, fanfuckingtastic chapter. Happy, healthy, vibes to you, pretty please update soon!
blackangel150 chapter 217 . 7/26
Holy shit her powers awakened
Guest chapter 217 . 7/25
God evil cliffy, this chapter ade me cry hugs
Guest chapter 217 . 7/23
I don't physically react when I read something. At least normally. But you totally caught me off gaurd! Maya a mutant? Tricie is dead? Brenda? I have so many freaking questions, you have no idea. The last paragraph just left my mouth wide open, please update soon, and please give me some answers.
keydazy chapter 217 . 7/23
I always suspected in the back of my mind that Maya was a mutant... great chapter.
Misstressplum chapter 217 . 7/23
Omigosh omigosh..Leon..Maya...Tricie! D: please update soon your killing me with these cliffhangers!
LeftEyeObsession chapter 217 . 7/23
OMGGGG poor Caitlyn, Ignacio is freaking sick. Mating? Mutants aren't animals they are people! Ugh makes me sick to my stomach seeing stuff like that. I'm glad the X-Men and Acoloytes made it to them just in time, but Tricie omg this little girl better nut be dead. We already lost one gurl in this chapter here we can't lose another! & I hope that Brenda is staying, like seriously her parents don't give a shit if she's basically in a horrible hospital with nothing wrong with her? Like just bc she has powers don't mean that there's something wrong with her.
I always tie the X-Men and other mutants to social issues we have in the real world, such as back in the day with Black people which I still think is true to this day just not as bad and gay/lesbian people. It's really sad to say that a lot of people are ignorant to things like that so they hate it. It's disrespectful and I wish that peoplewould see the wrong in how they treat others bc they don't know them to the full extent.
Okay im rambling I'm sorry. I can get kinda passionate when I talk about things like that.

ANYWAYS, I love you baby doll, be safe and be happy! See you next update!
supreme queen1106 chapter 217 . 7/23
Whoa, whoa, whoa- time out.
Maya's a mutant?
I mean, I'd always suspected that she could be one, but.. I'd really hoped she wasn't. On the up side, glad that the rescue mission succeeded- a bit disappointed at Caitlyn's apparent death (unless, of course, Ignacio was lying...); she seemed to have a lot of potential, and I'm not all too sure what her powers were. It would have been great to read about them in further detail.
I also assume that, in light of recent events, Brenda will be joining the X-Men or the Acolytes? The Melissa/Leon moments were awesome, by the way; I honestly think that the pairing's grown on me (even though they're not a couple).
Tricie's death was also an interesting touch; in a way, I'm glad she died. Well, not glad, but... oh, how to explain? I never truly felt any attachment to Tricie. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I never really cared for her character...
That ending was rather abrupt, by the way. Good, but, you know... sudden.
All in all, it was enough of an action-packed that it sated my thirst for action. So kudos for that.
Update soon, Heiress~!
Guest chapter 216 . 7/22
Okay, this waiting has gone on long enough. Please please update! The suspense is killing me!
missmarvelgirl chapter 216 . 7/22
this is very sad
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