Reviews for Rise or Fall
Ruthabellaaa chapter 296 . 5/29
I was so excited to see you'd posted a new chapter, was just thinking this week that it had been a while! And this was SO worth the wait! It's so cool to see the character progression over the last couple of years, I really like how this story has developed! They're all getting so grown up now though! Can't wait to see what's going to happen next XD
Carlisle Fan 22 chapter 296 . 5/29
Oh this was such a great chapters. Yay Angel and Ben won! I knew they would. I just loved everything about this chapter. Keep up the excellent work. :D
Chrissysmiles chapter 296 . 5/28
FINALLY! Scott and Becky are starting to act like a young innocent couple!
Anne, this girl plays cool and smooth. Not giving an inch yet making sure he knows she is interested. She had boy manipulation down to a science at!
This is the only kid that won't bring an honorable boy home. How to explain and nonmutant to her father, oh no he won't flip out!

missmarvelgirl chapter 296 . 5/28
I hope gary and Anne get together anyway despite what her father says and I glad Charles gave Leon something big like that. Beautiful chapter as always:)
Mik15 chapter 2 . 5/28
Please update soon! I'm graduating high school on Saturday and would love to see an update. Great work as always Heiress!
Guest chapter 295 . 5/23
yo come back :(
Clem chapter 34 . 5/20
lol this reminds me how grateful I am that my parents are not like Erik because I recently sprained my ankle because I was too drunk and ended wearing a splint for 3 week and I was supposed to not do extreme things with my foot and I thought it would be a good idea to walk 3km and now I can only think: I would not have survived it were my parents like Charles or Erik haha
ash chapter 295 . 5/18
i'm ready for summer and a chapter twice a week tbh
missmarvelgirl chapter 295 . 5/12
thank you thank you. After taking Ap World History exam this has made my day thank Heiress.
the everchanging chapter 295 . 5/10
Great chapter! I really love how you described the big night! Almost makes me wish I'd gone to prom, haha. Good luck with whatever life throws at you :)
Little Red Riding Brat chapter 295 . 5/10
How did I miss an update?! Thanks you posting on Facebook! XD I was literally crying for Angel when prom court was announced!
FTA92 chapter 295 . 5/10
Ooooh did not get the notification you had updated!
I'm glad I passed by your fic!
I am so glad Ben and Angel won!
Amazing chapter as always
Dells chapter 294 . 5/8
I miss you! Hope you're well!
Ash chapter 294 . 5/7
I was rooting for you Tiffany we were all rooting for you :/
Guest chapter 294 . 5/6
I hope one day we'll finally get to see Maya kicking their asses because they so deserve it
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