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Chrissysmiles chapter 268 . 9/25
Wow, 2 chapters in one week, truly a gift!

Love how getting back to basics started with family breakfast. That is a gift and yet a fast way to reconnect with the kids. Erik was funny, " Rumor that we still live here".

When Sean spoke with Ben, who also is just a child, Ben said what Sean wanted to hear. If he really wanted guidance that was not biased a better person would have been Ben's dad or the pastor at the other church Sean and Maya also went to. I know anyone can quote scripture, Satan did it to Jesus. But Sean is a true believer in God and his son. Sean should have gone to God and his word in faith. Had he done so he might have found these passages: Proverbs 19:20, Listen to advice and accept instruction, that you may gain wisdom in the future. 1Peter 5:5 Likewise, you who are younger, be subject to the elders. Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another, for “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” Ephesian 6:1 Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.
I wonder if Sean at this point even knows what he wants? Now would be a great time for Sean, Maya and Charles and Emma to sit down together and get all cards on the table. The news has been shared and I think that once everybody really knows where everyone is coming from they can all move in a forward direction all on the same page.
If that happens maybe peace can come back to the family.
Kiki has in her mind moved on Sean is leaving she has her uncle Charles. Don't let the door hit you in the back Sean..." Frank and Erik were so open with each other. I like how Erik validated Franks feelings but reminded him that they are family and respect rules over all.
Cody this child gets the double whammy with him loosing his brother and sister all in one swipe. Kayla's way of reconnecting with Cody so powerful, yet like her personality a quiet strength that will not be reckoned with. She not only uses words but action to share another point of view with Cody. I believe that Cody is one of the luckiest kids in this family because of all that his family shares with him unlike Joey who is so sheltered and shielded by his parents in order to protect him. Cody is better to deal with the harshness the world has to offer because his parents have prepared him for it. Nothing will shock this child but he will have compassion, empathy and will protect those who needs it. Cody I believe will only have more admiration for his parents because of the way he is raised by them.
Brian and Joey they are the best of brothers! Joey is so protective!
I feel bad for Joey when Cordy breaks the news to him. I hope he realizes that this isn't goodbye but just another stop in Cordy's journey through life.

What I found to be interesting is Charles is over committed with the other Mutants and is going to step back a little, and before he has even accomplished this he offers to take on more by helping Kayla with her teaching load. Does this man even understand that his world too has only 24 hours in it.

Poor Sam, oops! Didn't pay attention at breakfast when Charles shared his plans.
Another great chapter!
missmarvelgirl chapter 268 . 9/25
all Brian said his first word that so cute
Guest chapter 268 . 9/24
"For those of you who enjoy writing but don't think you're very good, have another viewing of the X-Men movies. Take it from someone who knows, you'll feel tons better about your own writing"
Lmao ok
Guest chapter 268 . 9/23
Love love love this story. I totally want to see Sean and maybe married, but I defiantly don't want them out of the story. They're two of my favorites. I'm waiting for the both of them to do something drastic though.

Awesome as always:) thanks for staring the weekend right.
thefirstservant chapter 268 . 9/24
Ahhh, an update on my birthday! This is a treat! :) AND it comes with lots of love among Erik and his boys. I'm always very much here for that. :)) Hope Frank and Sean patch things up soon, but if this rift means that Frank spends more time with Alex and Leon, then I can wait a bit longer for the reconciliation. :)) Thank you very much for the update! Looking forward to the next one. :)
blackangel150 chapter 268 . 9/24
That family needs to realize the pain their putting on Sean and Mayra and that they will never truly leave them.. ah Brian lol
Carlisle Fan 22 chapter 268 . 9/23
Aw this is really sweet. I am glad to see that Charles and Erik are making more of an effort being home with their family and paying attention to the needs of their own children. I think that was a great idea of Kayla bringing Cody to where she worked. And OMG Brian is talking! Oh I swear I teared up. Oh he's talking and soon he'll be walking too! Well Frank still hasn't gotten over the fact that Sean and Maya are leaving. But Erik's right, he doesn't have to like him anymore if he doesn't want to but he should at least be civil towards him and they are X-Men.

I can't wait to find out what happens next. Keep up the excellent work. :D
FemaleAlphaWolf chapter 267 . 9/21
As shocked as I was that sweet little Kiki would even consider such a thing, I feel bad for her too. She loves Sean, I understand how she is confused about him leaving. I think Sean and Maya should both talk to her. Help her understand that while they're starting a new chapter in their lives it doesn't mean they're never going to come home again. Sean needs to explain it to Frank too. Frank is one of my favorites, I'm saddened that there's such a rift between him and Sean right now. Charles has talked to him, maybe Alex should too.
By the way, when is Brian going to turn two? I loved the talk Alex and Joey had about him:)
What exactly does Charles mean by re visiting their roots?
Hope chapter 267 . 9/21
Hi, I'm sorry I've been awol. Too little time, really, but I'm constantly reading as you update. This is one of the only things getting me through junior year, haha. This was a wonderful chapter, and even though what Kiki did was horrifying, it's interesting to see how kids see view things much more literally than we do, and the way they rationalize things is way different. Doesn't mean bad on them, just means different. I'm sorry, it's like 5AM and I never went to sleep so I'm not making much sense. But yeah, I also really loved that moment between Frank and Charles. And at the end there, Erik raised a lot of interesting points about stuff. Um. I'm going to stop now. But thank you for your lovely update!
the everchanging chapter 267 . 9/20
Wonderful chapter! I can't wait to see what Charles has in mind for "revisiting roots".
Alicia chapter 267 . 9/20
Wow...getting so serious.

I think that Sean is too young, thought I like him with Maya...but I don't think that you should have given her powers.

But what about Alex? He needs someone too!
Guest chapter 267 . 9/19
I love everytime you update!

I love this story so much!
Guest chapter 267 . 9/19

and the last few lines- I am so glad that Charles and Erik are finally 'getting it'- that one can do grand and glorious things but if home is not the centre then everything crumbles

"Revist(ing) our(their) roots" - also very, very exciting prospect

Your writing has consistently improved and is really excellent

I'm so excited with where you are going at the moment, and I have to say that I loved Frank's emotional break down (sounds mean doesn't it?) I really love Frank as a character and I just think he needs so much emotional support so it was nice to see Charles come to the rescue

I don't know if I can wait another week for a new chapter

missmarvelgirl chapter 267 . 9/20
What does he mean by revisiting their roots hmmmm...well wait to the next chapter I guess.
blackangel150 chapter 267 . 9/19
I just hate how everyone is still treating them
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