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TrintySeeker chapter 197 . 3/18
OMG boiling water?! its goes to say guys get kinda "deer in the head lights look" when the baby is coming early...that's was sooo cool so kayla really is about the same age as never figure that one out...I can't wait for the baby (girl) so what are you naming her?

UBER, UBER, UBER great update!...hope your feeling taking good care of your self...with the better't wait for more :)
supreme queen1106 chapter 197 . 3/18
Hah! As soon as I saw that this was a flashback chapter, I immediately knew what would happen! Now, either Kayla's having the bay for real or it's just a false alert. And then who knows?
Personally, I hope it's a boy (and only one boy). Just imagine the tension that would create between Cody and his younger sibling...
However, I do think it would be interesting to see if it's a stillborn, as seeing everyone cope with that would simply be interesting. Or it could be twins, a girl and a boy, and the girl is stillborn, leaving Cody to resent his baby brother with even more resolve.
...But I'm getting carried away here xD. Anyway, glad you updated and I'm certainly looking forward to the next chapter :D
Guest chapter 196 . 3/12
Please update! I never want this story to stop.
FemaleAlphaWolf chapter 196 . 3/10
Uh oh... Becky's going to be in trouble if Charles and Erik find out! I really do wonder what's up with Sean, he's one of my favorites. I wish Logan and Kayla would adopt Maya already, she wouldn't actually have to change her last name, she could just add theirs to it. and she could call them the elvish words for mom and dad.
Guest chapter 196 . 3/9
I think it would be cool to see Scott/Frank take on a little brother/sister relationship with one of the young ones. They are growing up so fast!
Guest chapter 110 . 3/9
I've been going back and reading the story all over again...for the third time. I just finished the chapter with Logan and Victor, I love them so much! I'm kind of hoping Logan'll catch it from Vic though. Some brother brother moments.
Alicia chapter 196 . 3/9
Wondering what is up with Sean and his bad attitude.

Bad Becky...bad.

Can't wait to read more.
missmarvelgirl chapter 196 . 3/9
I think this chapter is cool. i cant wait to see them really in school. I was wondering can you help with my stories.
Guest chapter 196 . 3/8
Such a wonderfully long chapter! Love every second of it!
Guest chapter 196 . 3/8
Great chapter! I really liked seeing all the kids have their first day at school. I was totally glad for the parts with Maya and Logan cuz I really miss her and it seems like Sean really needs her right now. I'm loving having Angel back in the story on a more permanent basis and her and Becky developing a relationship has been so fun to see. Anyway, everything was awesome and I can't wait to see what's gonna happen with everyone next!
Guest chapter 196 . 3/7
Thank you for updating! Becky may get in very real trouble if Erik finds out. At the same time though, I don't blame her for trying to help her little cousin. Sean is a ticking time bomb. I really think he needs a reminder of how to behave. This school thing is gonna be so good! Aw, little Frankie has a crush!
keydazy chapter 196 . 3/7
So good! So good! So good! Everything about this chapter was amazing.

I'm really worried about Seanie. I hope Frank makes friends with some of the bused kids. That would be very interesting. Becky is in for a world of trouble if her dad finds out she used her powers ... never thought she'd be the first one to break. Trav is adorable.

Best of all, Maya and Logan bonding. I love that pair so very much.

Angel is a God - send. LOVE that convo she had with Becky, and telling her that her hair is to be envied.
The hearts and stripes sound like a great idea and I like that Angel is helping Becky become accustomed to being mixed race. Of course, it's a long road to self-acceptance and self-love but it definitely helps to have an older girl around who knows what you're going through.

I'm going to PM you. I have an account, I"m just too lazy to sign in lol.
Misstressplum chapter 196 . 3/7
I absoloutly loved this chapter. It was great seeing how each kid interacted in each class, and how they're adjusting to the new school enviroment.
Sean's heading into some deep trouble and acting like a total douche, definatley needs his lesson taught soon.
Adorable Becky and her sassy attitude made me laugh, as well as Kaylas comment on "ill stretch the seams until you're forty"!. It took me a good while to read this one, and thats what i emjoy the most, becaue it means being in their world a little longer. I love how each character has an equal amount of page time, and how you get their personalities spot on considering how many characters you have.
Hope you're doing well, you honestly make my day with each and every chapter, and you deserve to have your day made everyday.
Happy writing xx
TrintySeeker chapter 196 . 3/7
OOOO becky if Erik finds out what you've done you won't sit for a week...soooo glad school is working out for some...I'm believeing sean is going to be in some big could a rumor like that spread? ...awe kayla missed her baby...and logan I'm sry but he should have put his foot down and said maya is comming home with him...PRONTO!

GREAT update-AWESOME writing! can't wait for more...and only 4 more chapters til the BIG 200 I'm sooooo super excited!
supreme queen1106 chapter 196 . 3/7
Loved the chapter! I've been checking every day for the past week for a new chapter, and here it is. I'm eager to see how this school-thing plays out. I must admit, I am kind of hoping to see a chapter that deals with either drugs/alcohol/sex (or all three), as it would be interesting to see such real-life problems concerning youth (even way back in the 60's) being incorporated into the story, and how such behaviour would be addressed. But I am also intrigued by how the younger kids will deal with something as new. For some odd reason, this chapter got me thinking about that 15-year-old water bender (Claudia, was it?) that was introduced some few chapters ago (you know, the one that the X-Men rescued), and I was just wondering if we were going to see more of her or of any of the other kids that were rescued that day. Kind of an odd thing to remember from a "starting school" chapter, but there it is.
Anyway, I really hope you update soon, as this chapter has left me hungry for more.
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