Reviews for Rise or Fall
GuestGuest chapter 221 . 8/23
Believe and you will achieve. Know that there is something inside you greater than any obstacle you may face. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra effort.
keydazy chapter 221 . 8/22
God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7
blackangel150 chapter 221 . 8/23
Wonder what that is
whysowhelmed chapter 221 . 8/23
First, a review: This chapter, like others, hits hard emotionally, especially for those who have ties to siblings or close friends/family they refuse to be separated from. I believe you do a wonderful job of portraying all of those ties throughout your story. In spite of the fact that I never really get close to OCs, you've created a story full of them that I cannot help but love. Frank, I admit, is my favorite, followed by Leon and Maya. They're all so wonderfully fleshed out, and I can never wait to read more about that.

In a somewhat related note about waiting more, please do not feel stressed about posting chapters on a timeline now that there are more strains on your schedule. Going back to school is an amazing accomplishment in and of itself. I know you're concerned. In spite of you saying as much, it's a natural response.

Look, I know I'm probably not part of the family you mention and the weight of my words may not matter much in the grand scheme of things, but I do know that you have enough in you to at least tackle this semester. Then this year. Then this degree. First, focus on tomorrow. You have already proven to hundreds, if not thousands, of people that you have enough intelligence you write. I'm always thrilled with your chapters because I know that, not only am I going to get great character development, but I'm going to get quality grammar and punctuation. That's nothing to sneeze at.

On your first day, pretend Charles or Erik are there with you. Whatever it takes to get you through your first hurdle. Then do it again. Because, you can do it again. You will do it again. And you'll excel.

I wish you the best of luck and hope this helped. Happy Monday. And happy semester.
supreme queen1106 chapter 221 . 8/23
Glad to see more of Collin and his brother. I love the relationship that they have, and Collin's desire for them to stay together is touching. I have to be honest though, Mondo does act like a bit of a prick. I mean, even if Collin were taking drugs, what difference would it make? It wouldn't change the fact that he's a nice guy (also, I have trouble recalling just what he did that pissed Mondo off in the first place- the fact that he was a bad student, perhaps?). I mean, just cause you take drugs, doesn't mean you're a retarded loser or anything like that. Anyway, nice chapter (although I would like to see a bit more of Cordelia and Fabian~).
Now, onto that pep talk...
I can't say much about college, as I've never been (just starting high school, to be honest), but I do have some inkling as to how stressful it is to return to school (even if, in your particular case, you haven't been in school for years). All I really know about college is that you'll need coffee.
And lots of it.
Now, while it is natural to be stressed about returning to college, I'm certain that there's no reason to feel overly anxious about your return. Think of it as an opportunity, one that will, in the long run, grant you numerous and more rewarding paths to take as you pursue in your chosen career. Think of it as another chance, one that will enable you to do what you choose to the best of your capabilities. Try and forget waking up early in the mornings to spend gruelling hours in college, because if you really try, if you really want to succeed, then there is nothing that can stand in your way. Hopefully everything will turn out as planned, and remember, if all else fails (worst case scenario), then you'll always have your fam to depend on.
We're all here for you.
You are our Heiress, after all :)
PS.- I know I suck at pep talks, but I hope you got the gist of it ;)
TrintySeeker chapter 221 . 8/23
It's just school...remember if you don't learn it all today, there is always tomorrow yo keep learning...i believe in you and we all know you can pass comp...with Magnet~o colors (lol)...wonderful update, always not enough Erik :) ...good luck with school
sct.pepper65 chapter 221 . 8/22
It is a really great story and I enjoy reading it but I just wish that you had included Pietro and Wanda Maximoff/ quicksilver and the scarlet witch and Erik's children
annoyed chapter 89 . 8/17
This started well. But there are too many characters now
supreme queen1106 chapter 220 . 8/15
This was a lovely chapter :3. I hope Hank's correct about the mutation transference- things seem too... unfamiliar now that Maya has powers. That said, I did like the training sessions and the interaction between Maya and Erik- something I'm not sure has ever happened before on such a personal level. So that was new, and very enjoyable.
As for the favourite colours thing...
Charles- Light blue
Erik- Dark red
Raven- Dark blue
Hank- Raven blue (lel)
Leon- Black
Alex- Ocean blue (cause he's a surfer and I love surfer stereotypes xD)
Sean- Light green
Maya- Mossy green
Cordelia- Yellow. Definitely yellow.
Emma- Er... white? xD
Victor- Brown
Logan- Dark brown
Cody- Yellowish-brown
Kayla- Cream
Frank- The three colours of the Spangled Banner
Scott- Red (I was conflicted between red or blue, but instead opted for red, which given my previous answers, is the more original choice... also, red shades!)
Becky- Pink
Trav- Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuue~
Kiki- Light pink
Angel- Stripey orange (should such a colour not exist, then... orange)
... Did I miss anyone? xD. I think I got them all down.
And as much as I'm bummed out by the future lack of updates, it is also your future that needs to be put into consideration, and if you're going to college, then I wish you all the best and truly hope you succeed in all your future endeavours!
Looking forward to the next update~
Misstressplum chapter 220 . 8/14
Im going ti try and remember all the characters XD but i think their favourite colours are:
Charles - yellow (the colour of the oldschool xmen uniform)
Erik - Red
Hank - Blue
Raven - Blue
Kiki - Purple
Trav - Blue
Logan - Probably brown or something
Victor - The colour of an old book
Cody - Camo/ khaki
Joey - Rainbow? Because he uses so many in aer he cant choose XD
Becky - Bubblegum pink
Maya - Green
Sean - Green (Like Maya's skirt)
Cordy - Silver
Emma - White - she wears alot of white? XD and its the colour of Sugar - she calls people sugar alot!
Kayla - A nice dusty pink perhaps?
Frank - American flag colours
Angel - Perhaps green? (She has dragonfly/butterfly like wings, so maybe after her favourite species of those?)
Alex - Red!
Scott - The colour of his baseball team
Leon - Emerald green..he seems to like Becky's eyes alot :)

I THINK that's everyone..hope I didnt miss anyone out
Thanks for the lovely chapters, good luck at College! I start next month, and I'm dreading it. I'm the only one from my school whose going to this one, so im going tk have to work on my social skills XD
Happy writing :)
FemaleAlphaWolf chapter 220 . 8/14
Wow, a new chapter so soon! I really do hope that Maya keeps her powers and I hope that Things can kinda calm down for a bit, they've been through so much.
Arianna15 chapter 220 . 8/13
Yayyy another chapter! I really like this one. I enjoy the way you make the characters very real and flawed while still relatable and sympathetic. I loved seeing Maya train with Magneto and would totally like to see the two of them together in more chapters. I really hope maya gets to keep her powers though.

I also loved Leon and Melissa in this chapter! Leon is quickly becoming my favorite character and it's been very interesting watching him deal with the trauma and aftermath of what happened to him.
I have to go back to college too so I totally know that feeling. Good luck!
ullswater chapter 220 . 8/13
Congratulations on being sensible and going back to college. Don't think of it as being the enemy, getting that degree will help you get a better job and perhaps if you change what you want to major in it will seem like less of a chore. Trust me being out in the real adult world ain't all that fun unless you put the work in to get yourself a good job.

I have no idea what you are interested in but with your talent for story telling maybe writing stories and being an author and getting paid for it would help focus you. Magazines across the english speaking world like short stories you know!

I am liking this Leon and Melissa story I think they are sweet together!
keydazy chapter 220 . 8/13
Leon and that motorcycle... if Erik whooped Frank for skateboarding without a helmet, what do you think's gonna happen to our middle boychick? And the cops better not show up! I'm not sure whether I want Maya's powers to stay or not. She was really great without them. On the other hand, this opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Ok, X-men colors.

The McCoy's favorite is obviously blue lol. Charles' too. I think Sean likes green and Scott and Cody like red. I don't think Alex or Leon have a favorite color. Becky's is pink. Maya likes red (teehee). Joey likes blue or yellow, I think. Emma clearly likes white. The brothers Creed love black.
TrintySeeker chapter 220 . 8/14
Ok awesome-o chapter...i realm do hope estevan get ignastio...i really really dislike lets see what charles is trying with this petition...and please let Maya keep these powers not only are they helping her see that she is a good person, but that she can be who she was probably ment to be

Thanks for the update...will be looking for then next chapter between your homework and mine ...hope you like school...i kinda like mine
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