Reviews for Rise or Fall
ullswater chapter 225 . 9/28
Aww how sweet is Travis. Kenny Nolan was an innocent pawn in it all but I love how Raven was determined to correct things and how Carly the school teacher calmly for her own age managed the two mothers. Loved the Erik and Trav time. Feel a little bad for Sam. Carmen is clearly jealously trying to get at her and Scottie was trying to be honest and helpful!

Best wishes for your tests!
missmarvelgirl chapter 225 . 9/29
This is good but that was means what that the little kid say.
TrintySeeker chapter 225 . 9/29
Ohhh Mi could anybody think you have horns? But I will say have no business listing to grown folks business...i tell my plimenik the same thing darn near everyday...but our words fall out there lips often (cody-wody repeating logan) s it me or is charles getting soft in his old age?

Great update as always I really enjoyed it...hope the test goes awesome...and high marks or you will have to deal with charles ha ha ha

Take care and don't forget faster updates :) :) :) I missed my Erik!
blackangel150 chapter 225 . 9/28
Oh hell no they didn't say that about Erik
Guest chapter 1 . 9/27
Update soon. I miss the X-Men family. Could you do a chapter where Alex has to give it to Sean? Maybe Sean was working on his car alone again, or he snapped at one of the younger kids. Also could you do one with Scott/Frank? Where one of them spanks trav or kiki, or even Joey?
Guest chapter 224 . 9/25
Please update soon. Great chapter with little Joey. Man he's growing up.
Autumn chapter 224 . 9/24
Can't wait until you update!
rotgfan33 chapter 220 . 9/16
Awwww... Speaking of little brothers can write a chap on fabiyan and his little brother ..will be greatly appreciated.. Thanks
Guest chapter 224 . 9/15
I think you should throw I'm pietro some how into this story it make it SO good
Autumn chapter 222 . 9/15
I can't wait to see what Erik has to say when he finds out that Leon isn't habitual with his helmet (from what I remember he was forgetting his helmet when they were staying upstate, which was quite a few chapters ago.) Can't wait to see some more Erik and Leon/ Erik and Alex moments in the upcoming chapters. Love this story so much!
Melody Fairchild chapter 224 . 9/14
Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed your chapter. I remember taking care of my younger brothers. I always wanted to do a good job too!
I look forward every week to your next chapter.
May God Bless you as you continue with your education.
Thanks for continuing the story.
FemaleAlphaWolf chapter 224 . 9/14
The last three chapters were great! I love seeing Joey taking care of Brian. I'm sorry I didn't review right away, I've been so busy.
ullswater chapter 224 . 9/14
Glad college is treating you well.

I enjoyed this chapter very much. The interactions of Joy and Cody with their little brothers was my favourite part but the hiding from Hank of Becca and Raven was the funniest as ai could really see it. Thanks for sharing and all the best for your college career.
keydazy chapter 224 . 9/13
Awww Joey's growing up. I love it! Poor Frank and Leon...
missmarvelgirl chapter 224 . 9/14
I think its kinda cut that Joey is trying to help Brian cwarl
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