Reviews for The Learning Curve
crackupmonkey chapter 74 . 9/5
Seriously were people confused by the 'young 5' school rule? My daughter was in that group. She did not turn 18 until she started her freshman year of college in the fall. She has an Oct. Birthday
Haha some people.
Guest chapter 138 . 8/12
I like your writing and I truly enjoy your author’s notes. I hope you are doing well, wherever you are these days.
FoxyLoxy24 chapter 81 . 8/5
The story is awesome and so are your annotations! Cracking me up at the end of each chapter LOL.
Guest chapter 138 . 7/6
138 short but amazing chapters, Thanks for your time
sillygirl1935 chapter 93 . 6/5
The story is really sad at this point, but I’ve gotta say: I LOOOVE the House reference
liatb01 chapter 138 . 5/12
Truly wonderful story. Thank you for sharing your words.
Tasneem chapter 16 . 3/12
Ooohh that was one hell of a kiss! I cant wait to know more! Awesome way of writing! Thanks!
Atwiggs chapter 100 . 1/14
Edward’s really got it bad for Bella! And she loves him too but why can’t they stay on campus for the first year! There is know way Charlie’s going to like them living together or getting married so young. I married at 17 and no I wasn’t pregnant. We were married a very long time! And we have been through everything. Severe illness, I had cancer twice. Our house burned down and so much more! It wasn’t easy but we lasted until he died Jan 31, 2017. The year is coming up and it’s killing me.
Guest chapter 138 . 1/13
An epilogue please?! Great story nonetheless
Atwiggs chapter 89 . 1/13
Wow, they will be together in college !
Atwiggs chapter 88 . 1/13
I think it’s refreshing that back in the day when you wrote this you were still a virgin! You may even still be one. Most girls wouldn’t admit to being a virgin, I think it will happen when it’s supposed to! You were wonderful to be honest and I’m sure a lot of readers were happy to find someone in the same situation. Me? I think I told you my husband died this year and I am lost. But fanfic keeps my mind off of grieving and I thank you for that luv...
Atwiggs chapter 77 . 1/13
You give good sex... writing!
Atwiggs chapter 74 . 1/13
You poor baby! I bet you look just fine! One thing for sure is that you’re smart. I like the way you write to.
Atwiggs chapter 70 . 1/12
Wow reading about you seeing RDJ in Sherlock (loved that movie too)makes me realize just how long ago you wrote this! I don’t know if you even read reviews anymore...But Ill review now and then because I love this Fic and because you took the trouble to write it! So thx luv!
Atwiggs chapter 61 . 1/12
I don’t know how how you did this almost every day! You did put a lot of pressure on yourself. I think you write very well and you could write real life fiction but maybe it would be too much pressure on yourself. I’m loving this Fic and I thank you sincerely for writing this for us! It means a lot to me! My husband died, it will be one year this month on January 31, 2018. I miss him so much. I ache for him. But this sweet story helps me smile and relax a bit, so thank you so much for this sweet story!
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