Reviews for The Learning Curve
Grace46 chapter 83 . 10/12
Lol I don't blame you for being a virgin in your early's all the fiction we read,makes it near impossible to find a guy...I know I'm 23 and I still haven't found him
Grace46 chapter 79 . 10/12
Bella is the perfect example that girls are the reasons why boys end up in first she begs for sex now she wants it raw,girl is naughty
flanduslover1 chapter 135 . 7/27
This story...just wow..I love how they started how well they well his parents took to them..but mostly I love the equalness between them
pinkshoes81 chapter 138 . 7/9
Really enjoyed this story, thank you for sharing x
li-spar1 chapter 54 . 5/17
Man Charlie seems to be a whole lot overprotective and maybe an ass too.
cazois chapter 138 . 3/24
This was a great story! I enjoyed Bella’s confidence. This Edward was a very mature one, that did not feel himself better than Bella- such a nice combination!
squalloogal chapter 102 . 3/14
Rereading this one now as well
Bex818 chapter 68 . 2/11
Just realized that “they” expect us to make huge decisions at 18 like college and what our major will be, which will define our future, yet they say we’re too immature when it comes to love at that age
bonnemine82 chapter 138 . 1/3
Belle histoire, bien construite et plaisante. facile a lire. Merci beaucoup pour ces bons moment de lecture. Bonne année 2020 du Sud de la France
HollywoodTwore chapter 81 . 12/30/2019
Ive enjoyed the read, thanks for sharing your story!
Guest chapter 67 . 11/1/2019
Bella is a selfish bitch, all she wants from Edward is sex, Edwards happy to just be with her, that would make any girl melt, but Bella gets pissed off, because she doesn’t even like him, she likes his dick, I hate her
Burton.M1927 chapter 88 . 10/15/2019
If you are 23 and haven't felt pressured to have sex then I am all for sex education and I, too so love twilight fan fiction. I started reading it at 63 and still loving it at 69.
This another terrific story and I love 8t as I did Bonne Foi.
Rose chapter 138 . 9/10/2019
Thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed the story
Emo4 chapter 115 . 8/19/2019
I think you're a wonderful author thanks for sharing your insightful, funny, and imaginative stories. I think it takes courage to put yourself out there and except that everyone is going to have opinions, not always nice... But you put yourself out there. I'm going to continue your other stories as soon as I finish this one. Thank you for the countless hours you put in. I love reading. It's a simple pleasure.
Emo4 chapter 74 . 8/19/2019
From all the author notes it seems people are having a hard time with B & E's ages as seniors. I'm from Michigan. I was 16 till Nov of my senior year. I started school when I was 4. There were also 3 other people in my graduating class that didn't turn 17 till nearly the end of Dec.. I don't get the fuss?
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