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joshjoe chapter 10 . 10/17
Great story! I really liked that Harry is competent but not overpowered, and that's all it takes! His reaction to the petrification is a great example of this - he asks logical questions that any good cop should, doesn't dwaddle for months waiting for a potion when he could be getting an eyewitness account, and through basic *competence* - without having any special edge over the canon characters (in this regard) resolves the issue. I've read a bunch of HP fanfics, but this one more than any other points out how negligent the Hogwarts staff are. Not by bashing them, but by having Harry do things right (Luna's rescue comes to mind), mostly not by extra powers, but simply from the maturity of adulthood.
Also, loved the fight scene with Snape!
Loved the story, one of my favorite HP fics of all time. Thanks for giving it to us!
Ranmaleopard chapter 10 . 10/17
This is just really awesome I can't wait to see what happens next. Please continue!
geetac chapter 10 . 10/13
I like it .
Guest chapter 10 . 10/6
This story is awesome. Please write more.
Dymian chapter 10 . 8/2
Can't wait for the sequel!
RykOakwine chapter 7 . 7/19
Reviewers have called this story clichéd? Bullshit! This story is exceptionally free of the common Harry Potter fanfiction clichés, delightfully so. What sort of clichés are they seeing?

There's no Super!Harry, as the protagonist is a mid-level Ranger (been a while since I DM'd a First Edition campaign so I don't recall the exact level Rangers learned their first Druid spells but it's several levels lower than when they learn their first Magic User spells and Harry hadn't got to Magic User spell level. So he's about 5th-level Ranger at my guess. Maybe 6th-level.

He WAS in a dungeon which had a Purple Worm as an encounter and the Purple Worm wasn't an immediate party wipe. Those things go are about 10-12HD as I recall *and more importantly* they have an Instant Kill special attack on a roll of natural 20. There's a reason 3rd Edition rates them as a Challenge Rating 12 monster (i.e. a reasonable challenge for a party of four 12th-level Adventurers). If we assume the Purple Worm was modified from the stock MM stats (as the author mentioned was possible in the first chapter) so that it was more like a CR6 creature, it would fit in with the other combat encounters such as the dungeon boss fight against an Ogre Mage (a CR8 creature, a good "final boss" encounter for a party of 6th-level characters, if it's a larger-than-four-person party). So, call Harry Ranger a 6th level Ranger (and 1st Edition Rangers were NOT the class choice for min/maxers or twinks; they were a suboptimal class except in their fairly uncommon speciality, the Outdoor Adventure.

The point being this is no Super!Harry by any stretch.

There's no Memories of (James Potter/Tom Riddle/Merlin/Harry Houdini/Whoever) granting the protagonist extra skills or a personality transplant. Yes, canon!Harry has been replaced by OC!Harry but that's not so much a cliche in fanfiction as an inevitability, since canon!Harry isn't an actual character, he was only a mobile plot device to whom plot points/events would occur and he would then react to and interact with those plot points/events. In no way is canon!Harry an actual, usable, character in fanfiction (nor was he an actual character in Rowling's works) so doing *something* to change the protagonist from canon!Harry to OC!Harry is just a necessity in almost every Harry Potter fanfic. It's *not* a cliché though. And having OC!Harry be developed by way of living a dozen years in another plane of existence and therfore growing up into a very different person than canon!Harry is also not a cliché. In fact, it's sort of unusual.

The story's premise isn't time travel/redo, so the cliché premise that afflicts a good 30% of ALL Harry Potter fanfic is avoided there.

What else...there's no harem, so that clichéd plot device is missing, a plot device which afflicts a good 30% of all Harry Potter fanfic. By the same token, the clichéd story premise of transforming the heterosexual characters of canon into homosexuals in order to present a story with pairings utterly impossible in canon is skipped, which is a solid 40% of all the HP stories on this site.

Is it a cliché that OC!Harry is dedicated to his Good Alignment so firmly that he won't even dally with the very willing female lead in the story? I think not.

Manipulative!Dumbledore isn't a cliché so much as he's canon!Dumbledore viewed through the eyes of someone other than tragically naive canon!Harry. The story doesn't present Dark!Dumbledore or Evil!Dumbledore (or the even more clichéd and unbelievable Good!Dumbledore) so there no case that can be made that the story's Dumbledore is a cliché.

Bully!Snape or Spiteful!Snape? Not a cliché anymore than Manipulative!Dumbledore is; anyome complaining of the portrayal of Shape should read the above paragraph about Dumbledore. Same exact situation. And not a cliché.

Hell, as I said at the top, this story is amazingly, wonderfully, cliché free (or at least cliché light), to the great credit of the author.

Anyone complaining about clichés in this story should probably re-familiarize themselves with the actual definition of the word "cliché". OR they should confess they're put out by the lack of HP/SS or HP/DM slash featuring a good-intentioned-yet-error-prone Dumbledore and the spirit of Lord Voldemort teaching NotEvenCloseToFreakingCanon!Harry Elemental Magics and Super!Warding and Super!RuneMagic alongside Harry's tolerant and beautiful bookworm friend Hermoine Granger and her loyal boyfriend and Harry's loyal best mate Ron Weasley, while also striking up an alliance with the super competent warrior race (yet also possessors of Enchantment Magics far superior to what Wizards could ever aspire to as well as Warding and Exorcism magics that put mere Wizards and Witches to shame) of the Goblins of Gringotts by the super secret method of being polite to the bank tellers, and invoking the secret magical powers of the British Royal Throne to overrule and replace any troublesome mandates from the Ministry of Magic, putting down the resulting ineffective and incompetent protests of the Pureblood Aristocracy by the simple, expedient, placement of a squad or three of British military special forces in Diagon Alley and in the Ministry building... (or any of a dozen other Easy Street Plots that robst and others around here are well known and bizarrely beloved for).

Clichéd my pale, white, ass.

This story is excellent, author, and I sincerely hope that I will find a nice long sequel on your stories list when I finish this all-too-short fiction!
erik chapter 10 . 7/7
A well written and entertaining take on an older Harry.
Jostanos chapter 10 . 7/2
Alas, poor White Bee, your plans have been foiled by a Ranger Raised Harry.
He _will_ kill you if you try to summon him again, and trust me.. the world would be a better place with out you...

I wonder what alignment you actually are, Dumbledore..

Certainly not Lawful Good or True Neutral.
orion0905 chapter 10 . 6/29
Pity, no second part, oh well good story and I hope you return to finish what you started.
Scott Peimann chapter 10 . 6/4
Tom (I presume from one of your other stories)

Many thanks for many a good read. There were a few errors and misspellings, but nothing egregious.

Kind Regards,
Scott Peimann
timmy1022 chapter 10 . 5/22
Knew it, I'm happy the three of them went together. I would love to read more but since the last update was 2013 I guess I'll have to imagine my own ending.

I love your writing.
timmy1022 chapter 8 . 5/22
Reading about Luna being bullied just breaks my heart. Poor girl.
timmy1022 chapter 4 . 5/22
So many laugh out loud moments. I love it.
Eldersprig chapter 10 . 5/5
Great story. Not the alternate world part (which is fun), but the adult Harry vs Dumbles. Surprised he didn't do anything about Malfoy before going home.
Guest chapter 10 . 4/29
A part two, well guess I'll be salivating for it till you deign to make it.
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