Reviews for Autumn's Advance
Queen of Spiritual chapter 1 . 1/25/2012
This is a sad story so far. I do know a little about cancer myself since I had 3 grandparents who died from it but 2 of them died from it before I was born in June of '86 so I really didn't know them very well at all and don't remember them. One grandparent died of cancer on my mom's side and the other two died of cancer on my dad's side and the other died of a heart attack, which was my mom's dad so I have no memory of him at all. I wonder where you're going with this story's plot. Are Harvey Junior and his siblings your own characters for this story? Good luck on having Harvey Junior survive till his 40th birthday or not. It would be nice if he did.
LAeyeball chapter 1 . 1/15/2012
Dear CNJ! Hey, its been a long while since anyone has published something so true to the series, here! I am a HUGE long time fan of C&L (really, since the show 1st aired) and check here from time to time, to look for new blood. And you have hit the spot - you're right on the nail! Please please continue to add to this fic, and hopefully we'll read much more cl from you in the future!

I salute you in this endeavour...

Cancer is an atrocious killer...

If it has touched your life then I feel deeply for you.