Reviews for The Sith & The Senator
Guest chapter 36 . 9/4
Well I would never have one in either seeing how Padme thinks more about obi-wan than Anakin and how you know Anakin is made to be a monster, in yes truly believable that Padme would marry Anakin. Great job. Waste.
Guest chapter 10 . 9/4
More Padme and obi-wan joy. Well at least Padme and Anakin spent time together tho I kinda wish Anakin would just date some other woman.
Guest chapter 9 . 9/4
Yeah no way obi-wan is gonna die. Pretty much no one will ever kill him off
Yes other is good to see Padme her unwanted yes such wonderful romance to come.
Guest chapter 8 . 9/4
Here we go again, Padme wants obi-wan, yes that makes me look forward to reading the coming romance and Anakin, now I am just going to be thinking don't do it Anakin. I really hope he just used Padme for information or something and not actually end up in love. He deserves so much better than someone who wants Kenobi.
CRaZy LiTtLe MiNd chapter 29 . 8/24
I love how you portrayed, his anger and his frustration with what gun Ray did to Padme.
Revenge of the Sith is one of my favourite movies. It’s actually one of my favourite love stories, and when Aniken is killing the separatist, you can see the pure hatred and anger he has towards them, and how much joy it gives him to kill them because of what they did to her And I can just see you in his mind thinking this is for my wife I’m showing you no mercy. This is for her.
And you captured all of that that is hard to do for a lot of writers. I am enjoying this so much the reason I don’t comment like on all of the chapters and stuff is because one I’m bingeing through this book really quick, but to I am listening to it on audio form as I go around doing my house work and watching my children. You are an amazing writer and I know I’m saying this years after you have completed this book I just really really really enjoying this fix.
CRaZy LiTtLe MiNd chapter 19 . 8/24
It would’ve been hilarious if after she threw his light sabre over he just like leaned over and called it to him and it just came right back and what was that for? But I understand what you did and why you did it for the story arc it was well put
alheisel99 chapter 36 . 8/14
This story was so good OMG. I will never be able to read another fanfiction again without being disappointed because it wasn't written well enough! I also LOVED how maul was apart of the family in the end! Good job!
TheFiction101 chapter 36 . 6/15
Way to end a perfectly good fic so terribly. Like how the f you get here 30 chapters in and you just self sabotage your story so badly. I honestly have no idea why anakin cares about padme at all other than the fact that she is hot. And on the other side the fact that padme would forgive anakin in less than a chapter for him force choking her is absurd. Honestly the heck was this ending. Terrible
TheFiction101 chapter 33 . 6/15
The obsession with a love triangle with obi wan kills this fic terrible writing makes love triangles even worse than they normally are. Cringe
This chapter 36 . 5/20
This would have been much better as an AU without the ridiculous romance and without the AUAnakin even knowing the jedi Quigon and Obiwan, also he should have broken perhaps in a later age, say 18 after being ruthlessly trained for a decade rather than at 14, so about halfway through episode two or even three.

I think au Vader wouldn't choose politics but the army and takeover in a similar fashion to Palpatine, i also don't think you can be a proper sith with the school boy behaviour of falling in love and being as emotionally immature and manipulated as the character's presented here, it reads james bondy/noirly, but AUAnakin Vader manages to come across as gullible, whiny and easily manipulated for a dark space mage exempo, not to mention with not ignoring the eu you open the possibility of immortality and enough lightning power to destroy planets and the apparent badass Sith is moaning over some pampered girl that plays hard to get? Point is a Sith and Jedi characters should be religious fanatics times 100 and beyond such plebian concerns of the flesh, children and love, Jedi would meditate it all away and Sith would respect and treat every being weaker than them as a thing/toys and children etcetera, hell full-blown Sith AuAnakin wouldn't be a split personality disorder exempt, but a full-time jihadist, he'd probably only have children to takeover their bodies like Palpatine and his eu clones, he should love only one thing himself and his power.
beta tester beater chapter 18 . 5/11
Wanting his soul is interesting
roseee99 chapter 19 . 4/29
Bruuh I was hoping for sexy times :c
roseee99 chapter 7 . 4/26
The name Matilda for me doesn't really go with star wars
Miraonly chapter 1 . 3/25
So beautifully done!
Erizar chapter 23 . 3/5
This and the previous chapter was were very good. I didn't really see how you could reconcile the characters, but your solution gives them both the prompt they need for change.
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