Reviews for The Sith & The Senator
Devilking1994 chapter 36 . 7/5
God damn it ya got me with that twist I wasn't expecting that at all
Devilking1994 chapter 35 . 7/5
After an entire story of character development for Anakin I don't think he would make this choice
This just felt like a waste of a good character
Devilking1994 chapter 6 . 7/4
So far Anakin has shown no real character just feels like a cookie cutter Sith but Padme is a lot better in comparison to him
Devilking1994 chapter 3 . 7/4
Why would Vader care about what some long dead Sith thought? The Sith failed every time they tired to control the Galaxy and he's going to take advice from one of these fools? I thought Vader was done being foolish after he nearly died?
Guest chapter 35 . 6/8
Twist haha anakin goes back on a dozen chapters of character development because he lost what a fucking disappointment
Dawnz1237 chapter 36 . 5/25
Brilliant story! I love your writing!
Sasha chapter 4 . 5/17
Sasha chapter 2 . 5/17
WOW! This is amazing! You are such a great writer! I love the imagery, the thoughts you give, all the tension that builds up during the conversation with Mon Mothma! You really have a talent for writing! :)
Guest chapter 17 . 4/26
master of circlets HAS to be based on LOTR. please tell me it is.
cheire1012 chapter 36 . 3/28
I don't know if you still read these english is not my native language,but I still want you know.I love your story! This is one of the best Anidala I have ever read.I hope you'll keep writing.
Cheire chapter 1 . 3/26
What an amazing story!I love it so much
Cheire chapter 8 . 3/23
my favorite anidala story
brayan115 chapter 36 . 3/14
magnifico me encanta
HughJasz chapter 36 . 3/9
I thoroughly enjoyed this story but I felt that the twist ending where Anakin decides to go through with his Sith plans made for a worse ending.

The whole coup plot needed to happen as it had been built up since the beginning but I feel as though it was resolved too quickly and completely unnaturally. The Jedi would likely never accept a dictatorship run by a Sith, even if he is "capable of love". The ending was rather bittersweet to read considering Padme's lingering distrust of Anakin after what he had done, honestly I feel like Anakin didn't deserve his redemption due to the way he handled it in the slightest. The whole thing seemed rather forced.
vera841 chapter 2 . 3/7
Padme is more edgy than a pile of knives.
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