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AgathaRoesler chapter 41 . 6/23
Giiiiiiiiirl I dont know if it was your intention
But leeet me tell you
I CRIED A LOT in this story
I devoured her in just one day.
THE ANGST and agony, my god,
It was the biggest love ever, and yet, so "human" with the
Thank you very much for writing this fanfic.
Sending you all my love
readicted chapter 41 . 5/21
Two of my favorite lines in this fic are "I would have you no other way;" and "I love you as you are." Few words that carry so much meaning and encapsulate such a depth of feeling. There's no need to say more. It's all conveyed in those two succinct and perfect phrases. I have enjoyed this unusual telling of Edward and Bella's story. You managed to give homage to the Canon, while diverging in unexpected, but not implausible ways. Oh, I was was pleased that Bella got her apology from Tanya. I was also very pleased that she gave Edward the heartfelt apology he deserved. Jacob really did end up sacrificing everything. Well not everything because he's standing on principle and the confirmation that he was right in his convictions. Still though, it came at great cost to him, and that sucks. Silver lining though, he gets to choose his own path forward. He's got options that would not have been accessible to him if he had to stay tied to the Rez. First stop, Hawaii to spend time with his sister. Sounds great. Thank you for sharing your story.
readicted chapter 39 . 5/21
I have never read a version of Bella's transformation quite like this one. I love the line, "Taking refuge in his embrace as the fire consumes them."
readicted chapter 38 . 5/20
Jacob put himself at odds with the pack and the elders multiple times now to do what he thought was right. Perhaps to attone for the great wrong he felt they'd committed against Edward and Bella. There's no running away for him either. If he's at odds with the pack, the elders, his family, he has to face up to it every day because he must stay and fulfill his duties to his tribe, his family. These are the actions of a principled young man, growing into his maturity and showing his leadership.
readicted chapter 37 . 5/20
It was incredibly kind of Irina to accompany Bella to nearly the border. I wonder if it wouldn't have been quicker to allow Irina to drive the entire way-as far as she was willing to go. Every second of the utmost urgency no matter how much Bella felt the need to drive. I wondered if the fire Alice saw wasn't a bonfire and if Edward goes dark because of the presence of wolves. Surely the wolves would be hostile toward his trespassing, but Jacob and Quil maybe, are somewhat sympathetic. I'm holding out hope for Edward because Bella didn't take notice of a strong sweet scent near where the pyre was. Maybe Jake intervened and let Edward go. Maybe he's by Charlie's house? But Bella jumped! This is like a cross between Romeo and Julliet and a combination of Bella's and Esme's canon cliff jumps.
readicted chapter 36 . 5/20
He must have decided to go to the Rez in search of Jacob and Bella. I haven't been in a place where I could get online to review the last few chapters, but from the very, very beginning the couple seemed doomed by lack of communication. Bella is afraid, and for a professional with a background in counseling, very unskilled in interpersonal interactions with those in her life, including Edward. Edward was not much better. They danced around the tough discussions. They never spoke about what they wanted, what they hoped for, what they were to each other. That good bye note was curt and cruel-devoid of any sense of sentimentality. She was rude to Irina as well. It was pretty damned awful. Not a word spared for the kindness, generosity and hospitality of the others, nor of the care and concern the family has shown her. No words of thanks, or for Edward no kind of explanation. I was impressed that Jake would come all the way on his own to say he was sorry and that he believes they were wrong in how they handled things. Tanya may be somewhat redeemed here in this chapter, but she has never acknowledged her role in any of this mess. While it was ultimately Bella's own insecurities and inability to voice her thoughts, feelings, concerns and fears to Edward, it was Tanya's careless, hurtful words which initiated this downward spiral. Bella deserves an apology from Tanya.
readicted chapter 31 . 5/19
Such a melancholy chapter. I was feeling a bit down already and this was a killer. I figure Edward and Bella will find their HEA, but I can see why Bella is full of defeatism and dispair. Tanya is graceless in her envy, and I find myself exceedingly annoyed with Edward for exposing Bella unprepared, to this hostility. It's Tanya's home so it's not like they can just tell her to F-off and get over herself. They are making use of the Danali's hospitality in their time of need. But to subject Bella to that without any real warning or guidance on what she might encounter is unconscionable. And while Tanya is under no obligation to like Bella and is obviously feeling jealous (rejected and indignant that Edward would prefer this "unremarkable" human to her), Edward should've been a bit more vocal in his rebuke of her behavior. If he had handled the situation better, he could've spoken with Tanya privately. Allow her her say, then told her he valued her close friendship, but that he won't have his companion disrespected or made to feel unwelcome. If she was unable to extend cordial hospitality to Bella, he'd be disappointed but would understand that it is just too much for her. He should've then advised that he would find somewhere else for him and Bella to stay. There is no way with Bella being surrounded by vampires, and all that other stress from the drama back in Forks that she should be expected to endure the treatment she's bee. Receiving. I think it's also unkind to subject Tanya to having to host her romantic replacement in her home, when apparently she's still not over. Neither woman is in a comfortable position. The thing is Tanya makes herself seem so small, petty and ugly by behaving in a mean-spirited way. She's a bully. She certainly could've pulled Edward aside to say whatever she felt, out of Bella's earshot. Her issues are really with him and his choice, not with Bella. And I get loyalty to their sister, but Kate and Irina should've privately rebuked Tanya for showing her azz! No one says she had to be overly friendly to Bella, but she could've been cordial. Distant, but polite. Bad form. Esme's story was very sad and I am surprised that Edward tried to assert his will over Esme and Carlisle's decision. So much so that they almost came to blows and that he left them.
readicted chapter 28 . 5/18
It surprises me that Bella and Edward are still so hesitant and unsure around each other. They seem to spend so much time in tension-filled silence, afraid to give voice to their thoughts. Yet they are moving forward together by choice-each dropping everything to ensure they can be together. Their first time was lovely, except...It happened with the sisters in earshot (I think.) Bella was very much hung up on Edward's one partner. His vampire partner. But as old as he is, surely she had to expect as sexual history. Even just one partner is quite unexpected for one who's walked the earth as many years as he. Her reaction makes me wonder about her sexual history. If she's not a virgin, then she herself has very limited history. Jealousy is natural, but she was freaking all the way out. Of course Edward wasn't helping by acting all weird and tense every time "the sisters" or "Tanya" was mentioned. I was like WOW, when Bella scrambled out of that tub and claimed her man, lol. I thought Edward would express so hesitation, or slow her down to ask her ad nauseam if she's sure. Nope! Edward was all hells-yeah I can't wait to get inside you! Nice twist. I guess Bella has to emerge and meet Tanya now. Hope Carlisle and Esme stay safe all alone in Forks.
readicted chapter 27 . 5/18
How awful that Bella should have to uproot her life so suddenly without even being able to tie up loose ends and pack up some keepsakes or supplies. What about her internship? Marjorie will worry when Bella just doesn't show up. Maria will recall that Bella asked for Edward's number before disappearing. Will her neighbors report any suspicions activity? Her vehicle is still at Charlie's. Perhaps even Edward's case file. Will they see that both she and Edward traveled via airplane to Chicago and that he is also missing? All of this looks like Bella ran away with her troubled seventeen year old client. And she's off to remote Alaska of all places. To join the Denalis, one of which Edward has a romantic history and Jasper, who'd like to drink her. Oy! Why couldn't they have traveled somewhere else, ensuring that they were not followed?
readicted chapter 25 . 5/17
Oh hell. As soon as Bella mentioned Edward going to feed when they were in the car on the way to Charlie's house, I just figured this would end with a kidnapping. Well I was partially right. Bella left with Sue voluntarily, but she's being held captive against her will on Quileute land. I get why Bella felt compelled to show Sue, Harry and Billy that she was ok, she trusts them. She may feel like an outsider, but Sue, Billy and Harry have been kind to her. Sue, in particular, seems to care for her. They all seem to genuinely want to protect her. They are instinctively genetically programmed to protect the local humans from vampires, even ones that seemingly do not wish or need to be protected. This doesn't seem like it will end well.
readicted chapter 24 . 5/17
What harm can come of it? Oy. Interesting that Bella assumes that one of the Danali sisters is The One Edward was with. I didn't think he said he was only with one individual. He just said not with a human. Right? Maybe I missed it. I, like Bella, will assume it was just the one and The One is one of the sisters. Edward certainly is behaving like it. Some how I don't things are going to go as Bella expects. I think the Quiluetes will try to kidnap Bella.
readicted chapter 19 . 5/17
Your version of Edward's origin story is very interesting. I naturally assumed that Carlisle was his sire.
readicted chapter 5 . 5/14
This made me sad-her wanting to connect, but not knowing how. Feeling like an outsider even amongst the group that she was around the most during her time in Forks.
irelandk chapter 41 . 12/12/2017
Paulena82 chapter 41 . 12/12/2017
great story. love it
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