Reviews for Pacifist Victors on a Champagne Battlefield
TacoKing23 chapter 1 . 9/25/2015
That was a fun story.
Foxpilot chapter 1 . 11/2/2011
You need to cut down on your symbolism. You're starting to sound almost too wise to be fun. Almost.

I think I know which troll you're talking about this time. I followed that with a bemused smile and a certain wonder if I should actually bother with saying anything. Written words, especially on the Internet have a strange power, almost like a random number generator at times: They can bring peace or exacerbate a situation. I'd be willing to bet the victims/arguers who read this are cheering for that you're vindicating them. As for the troll, I'd worry that this could be perceived as a type of whining, which is tinder for the fire. However, there is no guarantee of anything, like there was no guarantee of your Pokemon hitting in the original games. (Apparently there was some glitch or something that made even 100% be only 99.6% or the like.) Maybe the story will be too thick symbolically to cause any feelings other than the satisfaction of reading a good story. Maybe nobody cares anymore and we can all move on. Or maybe I'm juxtaposing my feelings onto others and making myself sound like a complete jerk. Who knows? That's up to the individual, I guess.

As always, the writing is almost completely immaculate; laden with description, metaphors, and symbolism; and flows excellently. You really need no help with that.

I do wonder, though why you think Falco's fighting style is "graceful" is beyond me. I find that it's more fitting of the ruffian, street-fighter form that would befit Falco's roguish past. (Bicycle kick and split not withstanding-he had to learn -some- tricks from being in Star Fox.) Most of everything else, though, I can at the very least imagine as something he would do. Falco, despite all appearances, is loyal to those he trusts, confident to a fault, and willing to take on any challenge. He's also easily bored, though, so repetitive actions are below is interests. Dancing may be a bit of a stretch, but it's preached endlessly that fighting and dancing are connected.

I've noticed you're really fond of Sheik. She's been in many of the stories from you I've read and often takes a prominent role. As a person who believes that Zelda and Sheik are one, I generally find it hard to think of the two as separate people. However, there are some exceptions I'm willing to note, and you're certainly one of them. Of course, since Sheik invariably derived from Zelda, there is often a little of the delicate (ha!) princess in her. This shows through at the end, but is quickly replaced with the hardiness we've come to expect from the ninja. Plus, she stays mostly mysterious through the tale, revealing just enough to be interesting without showing too much. You really know how to write for her.

It's said that when war breaks out, everyone loses. I personally don't agree with that. There is always a winner, though that winner may be a small group within a nation or even an individual. That party will either secret itself away and enjoy the victory or spread word among the masses in an attempt to instill patriotism befitting the party's desires. In this case, the troll is the winner and he is doing the former. He's grown bored of taunting and is now enjoying himself, shallow victory or not. No real point on dwelling on it, though. What's done is done and there'll always be something else on the horizon.

I do wish I'd known the troll secret many years ago. Thank you for spreading it a little more, because frankly, we need it.
Autistic chapter 1 . 11/2/2011
May not have been one of my better ideas to review a fic that was inspire by a song that i probably haven't even listen to yet...But this was just to good a opportunity to be the first one to review this story.

For starters...There isn't very many ssb fics that are about Falco.(Much less do they portray him as the person who comforts someone.)But you have written him so that he fits the role well. While still being...well, Falco.

Sheik portrayal was also interesting, because it seem so realistic. In fact how she characterizes in this fic is something that i really should remember for some of my future stories.(But i don't think they will star Sheik...I will not explain further.)

And Bowser role as the "insulter" was very...fitting.(Seriously. You should see how insulting Bowser was in Mario and Luigi. Bowser inside story.)

But enough with the comments on the characterization. Let get to the actual review.

The story was very enjoyable. The conversations between the characters seem pretty realistic.(So were the characterizations.)There were frienship and angst, yet you convey them in a way that you were able to add in a bit of writty humor here and there.

The dance scene was a little hard to understand, But again, it may not have been one of my better ideas to review a fic that was inspire by a song that i probably haven't even listen to yet.

And above all else this fic has a really good moral...a moral that i hope more then just the victims of the troll war will find some (As you put it.) verbal healing from it...A moral which i hope to remember in the future.

Anyway, Autistic out.

P.S. I think i have an idea who your talking about when you say "Particulaly Falco, who was inspired by an ingenious inspiration whom i hope is reading this story now- You may know him as well."- but i'll wait for the guy to review.

P.P.S. Judging by the fact you were able to write this. (And a few lines in your authors notes.) I say that it looks like you are starting to get over your writers block- Now let just hope it doesn't worsen before it gone.

P.P.P.S. If i have jinx you in any way...Then please forgive.