Reviews for Of Age
Undertheskys chapter 43 . 2/20
Yaaaay they got married! What a great story, loved it. Definitely will read it again
Undertheskys chapter 41 . 2/20
Man if i read a little more i would've known they got her back... silly me
Undertheskys chapter 41 . 2/20
Wow secrets out. Hope they get Kuri back soon
Undertheskys chapter 37 . 2/20
Ohhh poor Kyoko
Undertheskys chapter 33 . 2/20
Im just happy Kyoko is okay and doesn't have amnesia
Undertheskys chapter 30 . 2/20
Yaaay they made up
Undertheskys chapter 26 . 2/19
Yaay he told her who he is and she accept him
Undertheskys chapter 25 . 2/19
He's finally going to tell her huh..
Undertheskys chapter 18 . 2/19
Im so glad Kyouta will do it!
Undertheskys chapter 15 . 2/19
Ohhhh that was adorable
Moko chapter 44 . 1/18
That was an unbelievably and freakishly good story! I can't believe I read the whole thing. One of the best long fics I've ever read!
Moko chapter 19 . 1/17
Ahhh! Book of a Thousand Days! I love that book! What a perfect role for Kyoko!
Darkest Melody chapter 24 . 12/7/2016
To honest I am not a fan of the movie script you have her doing, read like a belly wood script then a American style movie.
Guest chapter 31 . 12/4/2016
I'm sorry but I won't continue to read your story ( chapter 31). Even though I loved the story in the beginning you kind of made me hate the story after chapter 29. Why do you suddenly bring sho in this whole mess? Weren't there enough problems already? I honestly was pissed when she suddenly still had feelings for sho after he tried to kiss her! ( cue furious emoji)
Michiyo chapter 43 . 11/24/2016
You have written such a wonderful story! I enjoyed it a lot! Thank you for sharing!
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