Reviews for Death and her Surgeon
Draculella chapter 36 . 9/4
Well I'm still reading this and wondering if there will be any more chapters. This is one of the better OC's I've seen done and I love Law. I'm looking forward to the Rear-Pain-In-The-Butt's demise, preferably in front of everyone. Definitely going to add this to my favorites. :)
Admiral Emily chapter 36 . 8/16
Wait...year long wait?! EHHHHHH?! Ma-inda...(well, whatever) Chappy was great, I can't wait till the next chapter comes out! By the way, when is the next one coming? :3 Sorry, I know authors hate it when we readers ask that , I wish good luck to you and Law-kun and Kyra-chan! GAM-BA-RAE! (Gahm-bah-ray aka hang in there)

Admiral Emily chapter 34 . 8/16
Nice going, Kyra, Law. Just nice. Aaaaanyways sugei chappy like always, yup. Kuso Doffy, that little shit! :3 Appreciated the chappy, musta taken forever to write. Ohohoho, 'm eager to read to the end of this story. :D *piles enormous mounds of cookies on you* Good Luck!
Admiral Emily chapter 33 . 8/16
Ah, Kyra, Kyra. Being a little emotional, are we? Though I suppose I can't blame her. By this point I've run out of compliments(or maybe I'm just too tired to think, lol)...have a cookie instead? I like the Kyras past thing. Very nice. For now, have another cookie and jya na~!
Admiral Emily chapter 32 . 8/16
Oh, Torao. Shouldnta sent her away if u were gonna worry about her. Tsk tsk. Chappy was OBVIOUSLY (geezI'mrunningoutofgoodthingstocallit)fabulous:3 Also, if I were Kyra and Luffy did that to me I'd probably punch him until he- nevermind. Screw the plot of Piece, Luffy can just- again, nevermind. This chappy is a super accurate portrayal of what the real Luffy would do- annoy the hell out of everything in a 50k radius.
Admiral Emily chapter 31 . 8/16
No worries, 'm not out to kill u. Ohohoho, this chappy was great, as always. Sometimes I imagine myself being in Luffys crew, then I think about it and this chappy described perfectly why not. Poor Kyra. :( Oh well.. Pleasepleaseplease continue the wonderful work! ~
Admiral Emily chapter 30 . 8/16
Oh, damn you Law. And . Nonetheless, the chappie is astounding, as usual. As you probably noticed, yes, I am writing reviews one after another. That's because I already read the entire thing in the span of a day...not lying, I swear! I bet you put magical icecubes(oh I dunno anymore) in my drinks to compel me to read..or it's just REALLY freakin good. :3
Admiral Emily chapter 29 . 8/16
Ohohoho I see Kura is getting a little restless there! Just wanted to congratulate you on another chapter done, must be terribly agonizing to have to sit and write such a long chappy like this, not to mention that you have to make it interesting too! It's SUUUPER~
Admiral Emily chapter 28 . 8/16
:3 Very, very good story! Actually,more than good! It's amazing! Sorry I haven't left reviews on the other chapters. Will try to review all of them :3 Good Luck!

Gem chapter 36 . 8/10
Love this story, always waiting for the new update. Hopefully you can return to it again soon :)
Jhessika chapter 36 . 7/1
This is a great story. I just found it a couple days ago, but have really enjoyed it. Obviously it's been a while since you updated, and I don't know if you ever will again, but if you do I'd love to read it. Sorry that life's been rough for you-I know what that's like.
Ayronya chapter 36 . 5/23
This story transcends fanfiction, amazing!
Karo chapter 36 . 5/20
I really hope it'll continue. I'm waiting for a new chapter like a dog for its master. Srsly. Please don't abandon us. This story is probably the best OP fanfic I've ever seen, keep it up!
ravenkel2161 chapter 36 . 3/27
Okay, so now this fanfic completely sucks (no it doesn’t suck I’m just being over dramatic. In truth I love this fic). One is because it’s right to the point where it’s supposed to start climaxing. Two it hasn’t been updated for over a year. Ughh that frustrates the hell out of me. Three is because here I am reading thinking hey this is a pretty ok fanfic, starting to getting really involved and like cheering for them to go kick Merrick’s ass. Then bam NOTHING. Well damn, so now here I am sitting her think like what am I supposed to do? Any who I would really appreciate it if you could like maybe finish. Like pretty pretty pretty PRETTY PLEASE with shit tons of sprinkles on top finish it!
stace and lottie xoxox chapter 36 . 3/25
One of the best fanfics I've read! Please please please update!
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