Reviews for Why Didn't You Trust Me?
AshMeadow1014 chapter 9 . 2/12
such a pity the story was progressing gosh darn the hypocrisy of these people.
fbfbg chapter 3 . 5/30/2017
wow this story is garbage
h0neybunny16 chapter 9 . 4/7/2017
uh oh... i know that look... well the familar smirk anyway... Lucius is probably alive isn't he?
ugh... i feel bad for Hermione :( at least she has five people who don't believe she betrayed them although ... i wouldn't be a bit surprsie about Ron but, with Harry... that's just... it gave me some ideas for my story. hope you update soon :)
Quileutepack.Seth16 chapter 9 . 10/6/2016
oh dear... this story literately made me cry i don't know why but, it did.
it was just so emotional for me that Harry and Ron would think that Hermione would betray them like this and yet ... Draco was right. Harry and Ron did gave Draco a second chance and yet they can't give Hermione yet. they're hypocrites if you ask me.
anyway plssssssss update soon
Guest chapter 9 . 10/5/2016
Oh my this story has me hooked please please continue this ! My name is Sabrina and I can't remember my pass code . So please continue .
BunnyMeowMeow chapter 9 . 1/25/2015
Cirdan Mawish chapter 6 . 1/2/2015
And the OOCness of no-one believing her but Snape is too big to be put in words...
Cirdan Mawish chapter 4 . 1/2/2015
This fic looked promising at the start, until I got really pissed off with the Order members expecting Hermione to just forgive them and guilt-tripping her into not only helping them, but actually risking her life and having to do things she hates. And then she f*cking goes along with it! And why the hell does she allow Sirius to loiter around in her home, when she's clearly uncomfortable with him being there?! And then he starts stalking her and still she does not tell him to go away! And they act as if she has an obligation to help people! Plus, when she goes unarmed to meet people who are all armed with deadly weapons and some of whom hate her and expresses a fear for safety, she is told that she must " learn to tolerate people in the wizarding world"!
Not to mention their whole plan is ridiculous! Even if their success hinged upon having a spy, there are no doubt many other unwilling Death Eaters, who would not only would be more trustworthy than Harry's friend and potentially pure-blooded, but also would not need to be torn out of a completely different life and made to forgive the wizarding world! I mean, this is as Plot Device-y as it gets!
I don't remember the last time I was so angry about a fic. If this was your intention, I salute you, but otherwise, I really hate the way you think.
SereniteRose chapter 8 . 8/27/2014
Great story, I hope you add more chapters. Both Harry and Ron are acting like assholes espcially Harry.
Brian1972 chapter 4 . 8/9/2014
If Sirius, Arthur and Albus where sincere to make amends they would offer publicly announce her innocence and the miscarriage of justice not matter what. No one so far has actually apologized! Sirius even demanded her to stop acting childish. Do they really think this is a good way to get her on their side? They show that they just want to use Hermione. I hope she won't let them play her like that. She should formulate demands/conditions and ransom so that she will see them fulfilled.

But the greatest betrayal was by her closest friends even with the trial in place they could have stood by her and they did not so I hope it won't be an easy forgive especially with the usual non apology Ron and Harry are used to.
Brian1972 chapter 3 . 8/9/2014
The summoning is a stupid plot. The reason is simple the British MOM has no sovereignty in America. If they summon her at all they would go through the local officials and those are usually very hesitant and would schedule their own interview first.
Brian1972 chapter 1 . 8/9/2014
Why does Dumbledore say he forgives her now, if there is nothing to forgive since she never did what she was accused of?

Nice start pity that she has to come around for the story to evolve. After she believed in several of them without hard evidence they should showed her the same trust.
willam and jack and jake chapter 9 . 4/20/2014
very interesting i can't wait to read more
willam and jack and jake chapter 8 . 4/20/2014
i wonder they he is sorry
willam and jack and jake chapter 7 . 4/20/2014
nice nice
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