Reviews for Amy's Protector
Guest chapter 9 . 4/9/2013
Please update I love this story!
LoveHermione chapter 9 . 2/13/2012
Love it! I am in need of more. Especially if there are going to be more "encounters" like this one. And I am in total agreement that we need more Amy/ River, dispite the ... ahem revelation. Thank heaven for AU!
Chloe the Walrus chapter 8 . 12/30/2011
Wow this story is good! I really hope you update soon!
Chloe the Walrus chapter 8 . 12/30/2011
Wow this story is good! I really hope you update soon!
Anon1 chapter 8 . 12/16/2011
Please update! This story is so good!
RandomDancingMatryoshka chapter 8 . 12/4/2011

Nice to know that I helped to motivate you :D

Anyway, that chapter was really good. I liked how you dealt with their emotions :3

Can't wait for more~~~
fishxcustard chapter 8 . 12/4/2011
CLIFFHANGER NO! ooh I hope you update soon...

I love this series too much.
fishxcustard chapter 7 . 12/1/2011
I wish I'd found this story earlier, it's so good! Please keep writitng!:)
MelodyWilliams chapter 7 . 12/1/2011
Moooore please moooooooooorreeeeee
doctorriversong1 chapter 7 . 11/28/2011
*snogs you Viciously* I am i love with this. Please write more... PLEASE.
RandomDancingMatryoshka chapter 6 . 11/15/2011


Sorry I haven't reviewed for a while, but I had a lot of homework TTTT So yeah.

You're really good at writing sex scenes, not many people an do them that well. (my god, I sound like a real perv, don't I?)

Yeahhhhh...Anyway, thanks for writing, and I look foward to more soon~!
Guest chapter 3 . 11/8/2011
This was really interesting!

I'm so glad that I stumbled across this. Please write more soon!

I'm really excited about what will happen next!

Please excuse my english, I use a translator. m
RandomDancingMatryoshka chapter 2 . 11/6/2011
Gosh. Poor Amy :( She must feel terrible after doing that to River. Anyways, can't wait for the next chapter~ MORE AMY/RIVER :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Lol. Anyway, thanks again for writing.

(Sorry if I sound a tiny [lol, a lot :D] bit hyper...but I just this sugar-filled drink called bubble cup. :D)
RandomDancingMatryoshka chapter 1 . 11/6/2011


Thank-you SO much for writing this!

I swear, River/Amy is one of my favourite Doctor Who pairings and, well... after AGMGtW, there's been very little of this pairing (understandable, I guess...but it's not really awkward or anything.)and I've taken to re-reading the few stories that were on here previously (lol, they were kind of getting boring after the 27th read-through).


We need more Amy/River, even if some people find it awkward :D