Reviews for The Heart that Truly Loves Never Forgets
TheMrsW chapter 50 . 6/3
Loved it. Thanks for sharing!
Also - if I was B, I would have "If Found, Return to Bella Mason at 555-555-1234" tattooed across his chest before I let him leave again :p
TheMrsW chapter 45 . 6/3
Woohoo! Lol
TheMrsW chapter 31 . 6/3
Killing me. Killlllinnnnggg me.
TheMrsW chapter 26 . 6/3
Well, I'm taking comfort in the last name not being the same
TheMrsW chapter 18 . 6/3
I'm just hoping you wouldn't be so mean as to have E married back home. A gf I can handle. Married might make me cry
TheMrsW chapter 6 . 6/3
Woohoo! ;)
TheMrsW chapter 4 . 6/3
How precious! Oh handy Mrs Cope.
TheMrsW chapter 3 . 6/3
Wahh! That's all I've got. Poor E.
TheMrsW chapter 1 . 6/3
Now this is exciting. I'm guessing the stolen wallet on James is going to have people thinking E kicked the bucket or something similar. It'll be fun to see where this goes.
lynne0731 chapter 50 . 2/24
Love it
Jasveen chapter 50 . 11/16/2014
i loved it read it in one day haha could'nt even work
TwiSNFan chapter 50 . 9/9/2014
That was a very sweet story. Thank you for sharing it with us. :)
TLammy chapter 50 . 3/22/2014
Someone mentioned your story on facebook. Glad they did I enjoyed it.
sparkledamnu chapter 50 . 3/22/2014
I found your story in a Facebook group page where people help find what they term "lost" fics. It's usually just they can't remember the name of a story that they loved and would love to reread. After finding the name, I was drawn in by your story line. This is my first amnesia fic and I hope others that I plan to read measure up to the high bar that your story set! :D

Your writing style was excellent and kept me glued to my computer until I finished. Edward/Tony was so well written. You put the reader right into his dilemma. I also must say that I loved Bella's fortitude and willingness to regain what she had lost. HEA's make me warm and tingly!

Thank you for writing such an intriguing story for our fandom. I look forward to reading future stories from you.

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BMSCullen chapter 50 . 1/22/2014
Wow, this story is amazing! I've just finished reading it and I'm so in love with the characters you have created and shared with us all. I've read a few of these amnesia style stories and I am kinda drawn to them, but your story will defiantly top that list! Xx
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