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derpy chapter 1 . 6/19/2014
U have made me sad this story was good almost cried don't know how gotta watch pinkie apple pie to cheer myself up
Guest chapter 1 . 4/13/2013
Whitby, Ontario, Canada:
Reviewed: A. George Dave Prince

Stellar ship: Friendship Sphere of Heart: Combination:
Feathering: Care Heart Family:
Rainbow Bright and the Children of Colour
My Little Ponies: Planetary World of the Thorough Breeds:
Aliment Universe:

Authorship from the Care Bears Movies:
Combined: One and Two:
Nevada Production: Samuel Golden:
Max the Mutt: Animation
Care Bears: The Movie
Care Bears: The Next Generation
Book Title:
Care Heart Family
Revised By:
A. George Dave Prince
Care Heart Family
Many stories are heard about the Care Family how they, sang, danced, played. Their real job is a heavy but easy task. This is to care for the world as they care for each other to be responsible.
That is a distant thing in today’s society. Caring now seems to be unreal. The Care Heart Family has a rare quality to show their love, kindness, and understanding. They know they can’t help everyone but they do their best to keep mostly keeping children happy.
Here I give you a list of the Hearts.
Care Heart Bears and Care Heart Animals
Parents: 1. True Heart Bear: Lady, Noble Heart Horse: Man
The Hearts Children who became full grown adults.
2. Tender Heart Bear: Man, Cozy Heart Penguin: Lady
3. Fun Shine Heart Bear: Lady, Playful Heart Monkey: Man.
4. Champ Heart Bear: Man, Proud Heart Cat: Lady.
5. Cheer Heart Bear: Lady, Brave Heart Lion: Man
6. Good Luck Heart Bear: Man, Lot a Heart Elephant: Lady
7. Share Heart Bear: Lady, Loyal Heart Dog: Man.
8. Wish Heart Bear: Man, Gentle Heart Lamb: Lady
9. Harmony Heart Bear: Lady, Bright Heart Raccoon: Man.
10. Birthday Heart Bear also known as;
10. Conference Heart Bear: Man, Treat Heart Pig, Lady
11. Bed Time Heart Bear: Lady, Swift Heart Rabbit: Man
12. Grumpy Heart Bear: Man, Kind Heart Beaver: Lady.
13. Friend Heart Bear: Lady, Reason Heart Squirrel: Man
14. Secret Heart Bear: Man, Faithful Heart Kangaroo, Lady

The Parents:
Cheer Hear Bear: Lady, Brave Heart Lion: Man:
Grand Children Panda’s and Koala’s

16. Hug Heart Bear: Girl, Perfect Heart Panda: Boy
17. Tug Heart Bear: Boy, Polite Heart Panda: Girl
18. Fair Heart Bear: Girl, Moral Righteous Heart Koala: Boy
19. Cure Heart Bear: Boy, Delightful Heart Koala: Girl
They are known as The Care Heart Family. There is a lot More Bears:
Amigo Bear Man,
Oopsy Bears Man
Thank You Bear Man:

Chapter 1
Welcome to
No Hart’s

Who does the mansion belong to?
The Mansion belongs to Professor Cold Hart.
His daughter adapted quickly. Her friends came over to stay at her place since there was no objection to her father being mad.
### Professor Cold Hart: twenty-nine years old, was married until Mrs. Hart died, Wavy hair, short man,
Five feet nine inches tall, icy chill white complexion, medium build, He owned a boarding school,
The School tried to call but Professor Cold Hart was obsessed with his experiment.
The School took the children towards camps site. He changed ever since Mrs. Hart died.
Rather than Taking care of Screechy Cold Hart decided to take love and kindness turn to disobedience to turn against caring.
The daughter searched in the basement packed in with junk.
Secret entrance side paneling opened through a block wall.
The computer screen scan her and saying Mare morning Screechy”.
There were lab equipment, magic equipment, and a many shelves with Books. A book stood in the middle of the hall on a plat form.
The book covered with dust read Dark Magic. She read the pages and found a mirror appeared magically in her hands. The book reads stated in the pages when you scream and yell the mirror reflection will brakes, shatter in piece that’s why her name is
Screechy: {Her real name Shannon Hart: seven years old, a ponytail at the back, Four feet seven inches tall and white complexion.}
She threw the mirror away at the tip of the mirror stood a wooded tip. The she energy shot her as she jumped for cover.
She picked up the mirror and looked through it. What she saw gave her a warm feeling inside to her that was scary.
She saw soft furry Heart Bears and Heart animals. What or whoever they are her dad will take care of them.” She thought to herself.
Professor Cold Hart experimented with whether. He did not seem to notice that his whole house was changing. Children would go by and call the house haunted. Those whom were brave enough would get themselves hit by Screech’s new power ran out of the house.
The house turned into a cloud. Professor Cold Hart decided to test his uncaring on Circus Audience.
With some assistance from, Nicholas Apple Wood, powerful new book, and Frost Bite the assistant to change the children hearts from happy to mean, much more later on in the story.
How the Care Heart Parents met?

Two distance travelers from the Planet of Care A Lot pixels transferred to Planet Earth stranded.
In the forest both found a cave before the rain came down. Sky cloud of Care Lot remained them of their home. Stay in the troposphere sky clouds temporary. Innovative Invention Bright Heart: and Grumpy’s Rainbow Rescue Beam.
They did not trust each other first. The storm rain was pouring. The Bear could not leave the Horse out in the rain. She let him inside the cave. They learned to trust each other. The star was touched by their love he transformed them by naming the Bear: True Heart Bear, The Horse: Noble Heart Horse.

They could walk and talk like humans only they were horse and bear.
The whole Care Heart Family was born at sea. A long the river beavers helped
The Hearts chop down a tree. They built a wooden ship and sailed off to find a new home.

Frost Bite

Frost Bite: little shorter than Cold Hart, four feet straight brown hair, thirty years old, medium build. Does whatever he was asked and always looking for trouble.
Let go back before the house is lifted in the air. Professor Cold Hart did not like anybody. He decided to find someone that could keep up with him. Screechy loved her new powers pointing the mirror holder and zapping people.
When Frost Bite came she thought she could get rid of him. At First she had him zapped. Frost Bite went to a big mirror and teased her. Screechy was zapped by the mirror’s reflection.
She started to scream. This threw Frost Bite off balance. Professor Cold Hart saw what happened.
He asked Frost Bite to be his assistant from their trouble began. Frost Bite also worked with weather.
Professor Cold Hart did not pay much attention what happen in his house.
Frost Bite studied the Professor’s work and was an admirer of his dream.
The Care Heart Parents came to Cape Hope Town near the forest near the children’s camps.
To help other children who needed to learn about caring.
There was one particular boy who was ten years old: Five feet, curly hair, slim, white complexion,
The name was Nicholas Apple Wood, an Orphan.
He worked as a magician assistant. The magician Fettuccini Quocadopolas: Brown hair, husky, Five foot nine inches, and light skin. He was always dissatisfied and unhappy with Nicholas work. What Nicholas needed was a friend.
The Care Heart Parents happen to be in the area as they wondered in town. They felt a child needed their help.
They were not sure to who they were looking for but determined to find him or her.
The closer they get impulses become stronger near to the person who need their help most.
Professor Cold Hart consulted his book to find away to get rid of all the caring in the world. The book told him to go to the circus, Find a little child as dark as Professor Cold Hart and can read magic. He was warned if he cared enough he would change back to normal. Frost Bite was hired to find a young child. Nicholas Apple wood was their target. They had to pursue him to join Professor Cold Hart.
The Care Heart Parents found the child they were looking for Nicholas bumped into people carrying a box into the auto home. The box fell by accident. Mr. Fettuccini Quocadopolas not pleased asked him to find something he could use for his magic act and he asked him to clean the mess up.
The Care Heart Parents responded to Nicholas that this acciendant happen. It is not his fault.
This was an Incident that could not be controlled. What Nicholas could do is gather the pieces what left and try our best to fix the problem and find some he could use.
Give yourself a little prayer and lay all your burdens on the Lord. Heaven cares, Heaven is listening, Will not hurt. He is Gloomy however someday people like Mr. Fettuccini Quocadopolas will accept you for who you are. He will open his eyes.

To win friends you must be yourself and share your feelings express yourself.
If abused tell somebody, from the authority letters

IT almost worked if Frost Bite appeared out of nowhere like a magician. His idea to win friends was to use magic. Professor Cold Hart book appeared in a box and secretly told Nicholas to open the box. Frost Bite locked the Care Hearts in individual cages as they tried to stop Nicholas from making a big mistake. Nicholas opened the box. The box shined a Dark Orrin surrounding the book. (Surrounding soul of the spirit)

Mr. Fettuccini Quocadopolas tried to find out what was wrong. The door was lock.
Frost Bite put Mr. Fettuccini to sleep. Nicholas was amazed. To win more friends he had to do magic at the fair. They will love Nicholas so he thought.
Nicholas did his magic trick and fumbled. The audience laughed. Frost Bite told him to take revenge on the people of the fair. Nicholas read the book and darkened the Audience hearts.
Frost Bite deceived Nicholas by making him think no one cares about him.

The Care Heart broke out of the cage and saw the change in the children’s hearts. The Star saw what happen and lit up the sky to turn the children to normal. Nobel Heart Horse found a key in the same box

Nicholas opened. The Care hearts kept the key for safe. They knew the key come in handy so
Autogirl91 chapter 1 . 10/19/2012
UGH!Only MY reviews gets cut off.I was trying to say I bawled AT THE END!
Aurogirl91 chapter 1 . 10/13/2012
Sweetest Pinkie Pie story ever. I bawled at the 'em up.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/13/2012
And the prize for best line the fic goes to: "*Sniff* 'What? It was sweet.'" I literally LOLed.

You DO realize that I am now obligated to put together some music and try to turn at least one of these songs into a Youtube video right? ;p

But seriously, well done! I was quite literally hearing their voices as I read it. The only point where I couldn't really "hear" them was when Pinkie was getting wistful. I can't remember any point in the series where she's wistful (or anything even close), so that was a bit strange. But the song made it AAAAAALL better. :D You have talent.
Lantern chapter 1 . 1/30/2012
Great story, I absolutely loved it. Pinkie Pie has such a great personality which you portrayed extremely well. I loved how different episodes mentioned throughout the conversations between her and her grandma.

Throughout the entire thing I was reminded of my grandma, who I loved visiting and could talk to about anything. She taught me a lot about life, just like grandma Pie did for Pinkie. Their laughter and jokes reminded me how many smiles and laughs I share with my own grandmother.

My grandma passed away almost two years ago, and Pinkie's lullaby at the end brought me to tears. Probably most emotion I've felt from a fan fiction, thank you so much for this.
pinormous chapter 1 . 1/3/2012
Great story again! Fluttershy's Poem made me tearup a couple times, but always gave me a smile and a warmth in my heart, and you did it again with Pinkie Pie's Lullaby!

I actually live in SLC, and in brony conversation, we do call it Salt Lick City; so to see my town in a fanfic was pretty cool... now I just have to find Granny Pie's cottage. ;)

Keep up the great work!
AlicornCapony chapter 1 . 11/25/2011
Wonderful! The end was so touching. Can't wait to read the next installment in this series; your stories never disappoint!
jman377355 chapter 1 . 11/19/2011
Very touching and well-written. Looking forward to more.
Canadian chapter 2 . 11/19/2011
Silly Aquarian Poet, Thanksgiving was a month ago.
anonymous chapter 1 . 11/19/2011
Wow I really loved the story it seemed like a writer of the show itself was making this it was great! Also on a side note I really loved the poems and songs.
Cuppycake Batter chapter 1 . 11/13/2011
That was beautiful, and soooo sweet! It reminds me of how much I love my grandmother and it was written perfectly...I LOVE IT! :D
Bookwyrm87 chapter 1 . 11/11/2011
So not fair. I just got tag-teamed by your story and that leaked Pinkie Pie song. Just as Granny Pie is telling Pinkie about how happy she was to hear Pinkie was the Element of Laughter, the song kicks in on my playlist, and I start bawling. So not fair. That wouldn't have happened if you hadn't been able to build up to that point. Very emotionally driving. Wow, thank you for this read.
Kobrakin chapter 1 . 11/11/2011
Absolutely beautiful, sir. Brought me to tears near the end. FIGHT THE GRIMDARK! D
Draco Dei chapter 1 . 11/10/2011
"Oh… r-right. Take care, dearie."

-Why are they nervous? She's LEAVING. Or are they worried about Gummy, and where she might have left him so he could "take care of things"?

"See you guys in a week!"

-At first I thought that it was odd that she would need to find streamers before she could go, but then I realized that this IS Pinkie Pie we are talking about here...

Applejack's ears drooped at the impromptu interruption.

-Most interruptions are not carefully planned in advance. There are, of course, exceptions, but this does not seem to be one to me. As such, I must question the appropriateness of the word "impromptu". ;)

S'pose it's that time o' year again."

-I wonder if there will turn out to be an external reason for the selection of this "time o' year"? A traditional (and, if you consider her cutie mark story to be accurate, probably very boring) feast of thanks for the bounty of the rock fields?

"Her Granny Pie was the most famous baker in all of Equestria. Everypony's heard of her."

-Ah, so not THAT boring then...

"Well… no. But Pinkie Pie's told us a lot about her. And every time Pinkie Pie goes down there, she always comes back with a new, super-awesome recipe for Sugarcube Corner!"

-Or maybe she is visiting her grave and tends to come up with recipes, then tells a happier story? Or maybe the surprise this portends will be some unusual trait of a Granny who everything that Pinkie Pie has said about is perfectly true, just she left out some details that will prove interesting.

I still haven't figured out how, and it'd be really helpful to be able to.

-So is she a ventriloquist or not?

She turned back to the sight of the four remaining ponies, frozen in their tracks with faraway looks on their faces, pupils wide and mouths hanging open.

-They see somethng Twilgiht hasn't noticed yet? Some mystery they never thought to consider about the second suitcase?

"Granny Pie's cupcakes." The four reverently whispered.

-Ah... I see... although it could still be a private celebration of a dead relative... but probably not.

She even pays for the ride there and back!

-Probably not dead.

"Oh… so you're not even taking the train. Big surprise." Rainbow Dash observed, raising an eyebrow.

-Wouldn't it be easier to have the carriage meet her in front of Sugarcube-corner?

"And make sure to bring more of them back!" Rarity yelled out from the back. Her remaining friends turned back to give her a look, which she met coolly.

"What? You were all thinking the same thing." she insisted, idly running a hoof through her coiled mane.

-The fact that RARITY shouted this situation adds additional emphasis to the concept that Granny Pie's cupcakes must be the very nectar of the gods... in fact I wouldn't be surprised if she had both of the gods send servants on cupcake runs... unless she only bakes for family now due to being retired.

"I hope Granny Pie tipped those guys. Pinkie Pie knows a lot of songs for that thing."

-Similar thoughts occurred to me, but then I thought that Pinkie Pie is GOOD with it. In fact, I would think it would qualify as a BETTER task for it... I mean seriously, silence, or a live concert by Weird Al Yankovic(sp?) from the back seat, which would YOU prefer on a long car trip? And since it is only twice a year, it would get TOO old. And if she is too loud, then I suspect that half-way through the first trip they ever took her on with that instrument, they purchased some beeswax and put it in their ears, and made it a habit to arrive with this already done every time after.

There's oatmeal where there should be rye, they all turned out so awfully dry!

Oh Pinkie Pie, I cannot lie! These cupcakes just won't do!

-Neither oatmeal nor rye sound good in cupcakes to me, but then again, I can't even digest most (if any) forms of grass-stalk which proves I have a different digestive system, and thus probably different tastes.

A teaspoon less would make them cry, a cup would cause a rash!"

-Getting a rash from too much love? That sounded rediculous for a few seconds, then dirty, but I am sure that isn't how our pink party pony meant it (not that I can't see her serenading a hypothetical husband with the most erotic accordion solos ever conceived by an equine, but it wouldn't fit in this case).

*Sniff* "What? It was sweet."

-Ah, mixed reviews... that is plausible.

The two earth ponies held each other's gaze; one grinning, and the other grim…

Before both ponies broke out in a bout of giggles and snorts, and erupted into full-blown laughter.

-You managed to get me worrying that she was a great baker, but as grim as the rock-farmer she produced (if that was real).

How's my little party pony been?"

-Needs an opening quotation mark.

It was her Pinkie sense: Her mouth was drooling.

-That... probably doesn't really qualify as "Pinkie Sense" (not that anyone ever bothered to explain that to her probably).

cast a large shadow of a pony across the trinket-laden wall, the massive caricature relishing in a frenzied feast.

-Up until this part I thought we were cutting to Fluttershy for some reason... I guess Granny Pie looks after animals too, but with baked goods (although she may have adapted the Baked Bad's recipe for the birds...), rather than Fluttershy's raw vegetables, worms, and fish.

No, I don't like surprises! Wait! I love them!

-Taking a cue from Rarity is she?

It was a book.

-Passing the torch? I had thought that there was a chance that Granny would die in her sleep before the end of this story... it is now much more likely.

"You got me… my favorite book." She whispered.

-Oh... belay that... I take it she wore out the original copy? Or did she only read it at Granny's or it somehow ended up with another of her siblings/cousins?

Without another word, Pinkie Pie zipped back to her spot next to the fire as the old pony sat down on a chair next to the table, taking the book and fondly caressing the illustrated cover as she the print aloud.

"If You Give A Gator A Gumdrop"

-And now we know why she favors gators...

who blinked and gave the sheepish pony a look.

-Shouldn't it be Pinkie Pie looking sheepish? And, not that it matters for this story, but would they HAVE the word "sheepish" in Equeestria? I suppose they have "Look a gift horse in the mouth" and "stubborn as a mule", so there is no reason they wouldn't.

"Both of you will rush into the kitchen, and you'll probably see smoke coming from inside of the oven. He'll give you a pair of oven mitts."

-And here I assumed that the removal of the cake from the oven had been glossed over, this being a children's story...

"He… lost all of his teeth. He can't chew them anymore."

-I always assumed that he was a toothless species (perhaps breed by ponies for pets, much as humans created various breeds of cats, dogs, and, indeed ponies). Then again, accidently glancing ahead a few lines I wonder if this is a joke on Pinkie Pie's part (hay! alliteration!).

"Heeheehee, exactly! And n-now he h-has no… no… " she chuckled dryly, wiping away tears of mirth.

-I wonder how she handled his biting tendencies before that? I suppose that if she retained the Earth Pony facility with animals, she could have done all right... or maybe she kept him in a cage prior to that?

looking down to her left leg… which had begun to twitch.

"Looks like the second batch of cupcakes are done."

-Well, no real surprise it is genetic... I wonder if whichever of PP's parents she was the mother of ever got combos? Because that would be interesting to see a stoic pony go through and then laconically interpret...

I saved Ponyville from a bunch of Parasprites, made a new best friend,

-No mention of "Purified Nightmare Moon back into Luna, thus ensuring that you, and all of Equestria didn't freeze solid while starving to death?"... must be something that Celestia requested they keep on the down-low to help Luna's public image...

"Go there? Why, I single-hoofedly catered the entire event for years!"

-This does not surprise me. As I said... "Nectar of the gods" (although I think of them as Archangels, with Luna being redeemed from a Fallen state by MORE than the effects of the Elements of Harmony, which only got rid of the possession, not paying for her sin).

"…You mean they were boring."

-I assume by this that Pinkie Pie has already BEEN to the Gala, or she might have not made the errors she did then, having been forewarned.

"None of my friends had a very good time there.

-And I see I was right.

"Well, I met a dragon,

-TWO dragons you mean... Spike and the one that Fluttershy shouted down...

little Miss Smith Apple,

-Now known as Granny Smith?

He built the entire Sugarcube Corner out of the stale and surplus goods from our little sweets shop down in Salt Lick City, you know.

-Wow, and it stood up?

Well, the original Sugarcube Corner. He hadn't thought of what would happen during the pegasus ponies' next monthly rain-shower.

-I guess not... I though he was a BUSINESS PONY... that implies FORESIGHT... then again middle managers often DON'T listen to the grunt level engineers if Dilbert is anything to go by (and it often is in such cases), and it does tend to bite them in the flank.

or Miss Tart back then,

-...was she a bit of a slut then? Or do I just have a dirty mind again?

"And that's how Equestria was made!"

"Wha… huh?" Pinkie Pie asked, shaking herself awake.

-Ah! THAT is why Pinkie Pie ends her stories that way!

"I never finished telling you about all the stuff that's happened in Ponyville.


"And then Whoosh! This HUGE rainbow came crashing down, and turned him into stone! KA-BLOOSSSSHHH!"

-Ah... quite. Somehow I assumed this was before that. Also, I am surprised Granny didn't ask her about that, since it I took the awards ceremony to mean it was a matter of public record... I mean, they got a HUGE STAINED GLASS WINDOW commemorating it! Equestria has
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