Reviews for Crimson & Azure Thunders Collide Kishin vs Ryujin!
boyxaudungcoi chapter 1 . 6/18/2012
Saeki-Yagami chapter 1 . 12/31/2011
Hi, there! Long time no see xD

I'm back (Well, sort of) and I'm soooo glad to see that you have been working on new fics for my favorite anime! That's amazing, I can't thank you enough for the contributions that you have made so far, and I still have to read your other stories, as well.

Although it's a little late for this, rest assure that you can use the name Kasumi at any time, since I don't hold any copyrights for that name at all, LOL. Don't worry, I'm glad that you liked my story and I truly feel honored that people take their time to read and review what I write. Much appreciated. I haven't logged in to this website for a couple of months because I've been dealing with some personal issues.

Anyways, let's review this. After I read "The Kishins & An Egg" I liked your writing style very much (It's straightforward, agile and funny). Once again you managed to put out a great story. Man, the dialogue between Asura and Zenki was the highlight, although I liked the interactions between Chiaki and Goki. Again, you kept every character adjusted to how they really are, so that's another plus for you. I wasn't sure of what to expect at the beginning (I was a little confused at first), but then it all made sense with Ryu's transformation and how Kasumi explained everything. I never saw that coming xD

I guess the anvil stuff always works great in a funny story, my only recommendations is for you to avoid the smileys and some unnecesary info that doesn't relate to the story. Other than that, everything's fine, I had a great time with this. I'm sure that I'll love your other stories.

Happy New Year! )
AzureKnight2008 chapter 1 . 12/3/2011
Hi there, it's AzureKnight2008, now it's time to VOICE myself! :fistonair:

The story is pretty normal from the outset, with the author (you!)'s little summary of what our main characters had been doing all along. I think it's cute, seeing that you were able to bring out the common issue in the Enno Shrine, that is to say, Chiaki would be aided / accompanied by Akira in everything whereas Zenki would give his complete ignorance and idle the day away. I love it when Chiaki and Akira are so close together, not in fighting but in every other things too; they really look like a loving couple, don't they? X)) So much a pity and nonsense as KDZ fans often overlook this fact and keep on rambling about ZenxChi.

So... What about "Kasumi" in this fic? Well, she proved to be a "bubbly" type, which is far different from Saeki's "El legado" in which Kasumi was portrayed as absolute mature, thoughtful and mysterious. It can't be helped since they're two different persons b/c as you have said, you only borrowed that beautiful name of Goki's 1st love, one that you really like, and brought it into your own fic. Then, the actual story began with the meeting between our protagonists and "Ryu" - the boy believed to be a descendant of Dragon Lord Asura, sounds similar to Akira hm? :smirk: However, I think there's an issue that set these two demon lord & dragon lord descendants apart, that is, whereas Akira and Goki has become one, Ryu and Asura are still two different souls living in the same body, Ryu only "houses" his ancestor's spirit and that's why he has become rather violent, rough and war-like unlike his normal self of the 18-year-old guy who is very good-hearted and friendly. Do I guess it right? :-)

Moving on to the epic fight between two mighty gods - Zenki vs Asura. I must say I was quite stunned by the scene, and by the creativeness you had in it. Let's say this is the first time I ever read a fic that involves this "WALL-BREAKING" issue and I could not help laughing my head off many times because of it. It's like I'm watching some American cartoon, but WAIT! You're a real American and that's why...XD Hahaa well... Zenki and Asura were nuts for fighting without awareness of the "damage" they were doing to the world, I especially like the part when they kept slamming each other onto hard objects while shouting themselves being some ROCK fan, that was ridiculous! If it were not for their friends - Goki, Chiaki and Kasumi's timely interference, who knows how many parts they were to break this earth apart? I guess I couldn't ask for a better GoxChi moment in this fic and I'm glad a KDZ fan has accepted and portrayed him the way he's supposed to be. Your effort deserves a merit! :thumb: I hate it the most in other KDZ fanfics when Akira/Goki was awfully OOC or just a mere sidekick without any moment to shine, which is so unfair to such a character whom KDZ creators have dropped so many hints to his potentiality as a powerful warrior and as the young priestess' true companion. He would even give up his life to save hers whereas Zenki would not, it's a hint of true love. ;D Well, I couldn't help a couple of giggles at that point when Goki, Chiaki and Kasumi landed "safely" in TOTEM order... ouch! who gave you that such funny idea? XDXDXD It must have been hurt a lot for the lowest man on the totem pole, all right.

At last, thanks for writing such a nice fic, I could always enjoy it in a very relaxing way. :smile: Keep polishing your writing with more and more ficcies for this awesome show!
CallmeBAka chapter 1 . 11/28/2011
This is the craziest fic I've ever come by!xD mean it in the good way yeah!everything was breathtaking alright I really LikE it!yeah keep it up!xD
Uzumaki Naruto chapter 1 . 11/23/2011
LOLZZZZZZ!ticks are running up and down my veins!xD so what we have here? two brawny giant in a duel to the death to gain number one position? LOLZ the fight was superb! oh, the new gal was cool too she could be Chiaki's best friend.

I love it when Goki protected the two girls,he's definitely the best guy for girls.
Yuna chapter 1 . 11/20/2011
I love this funny one-shot. Now we have more friends and that means more fun! Poor little Zenki, he has a fate with an anvil.

Edward chapter 1 . 11/13/2011
ahahaa...this was so crazy bwawahahahahaaaa!can't help can't help!Zenki versus Asura was epic-punching and smashing and nut cracking!Goki and the two girls were cool I like it when he shielding them as he always does!


Looking for more.
WWE chapter 1 . 11/13/2011
HILARIOUS!nice shot dude!
Rurifula chapter 1 . 11/9/2011
Long time since I last read sth this funny, you know how to put Zenki characters in accordance with their personality and I really like. What Zenki and Asura did was horrible, it's a relief their friends stopped them in time.:z but that Goki saved Chiaki from death was so amazing, they're a handsome I read about Kasumi in El Legado also, it's hard to find good stories of Zenki series like these on the more!
L chapter 1 . 11/7/2011
AWESOME shot that breaks the earth in half.I LIKE! ;]