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Random Person chapter 1 . 3/15/2016
Name: Zara Kalico
Parent/Godly Parent: Albert Kalico and Hecate
Siblings: Adopted sister Jenra
Personality: Sarcastic, Maybe Grumpy, but very loyal, would never EVER let her friends down, Careful at new places
Appearance: Long black hair to her ribs, majestic gleaming purple eyes that seem to watch your every move very tan skin
Favorite Weapon: Small knife that she keeps on her leather belt
Favorite magic weapon: Knife she can mind control, but it takes energy, spellbook
Friends: (Human) Grace Albatroz, Gracie Albatroz (Half-Bloods) Sophia (Apollo) Izzy (Hermes)
Like/Dislike cabin: Like
Like/Dislike cabin mates: (Cabin mates) Alice (Like) Remmy (Like) Jack (Dislike) Kat (Like) Troy (Like) Jayla (Like) Jared (SUPER like ;)
Favorite camp activity: Arts N' crafts
DowntownMusic101 chapter 1 . 3/15/2016
Name: Rayna Collins
Parent/Godly Parent: (Human) Kate Collins (God/Godess) Posidon
Siblings: Her adopted brother and sister Jake and L.A.
Personality: Sarcastic, can always make people laugh, a little envious of 'Normal' kids
Appearance: Light brown hair to halfway down her spine, and tan skin. Eyes the color of her hair and likes to chew her nails
Favorite weapon: A bracelet that turns into a sword called φλοίσβος παλίρροιες (Roaring Tides in Greek)
Favorite magical item: You pick! I have no idea
Friends: (Human) Jared, N'dea, Crystal, Cyrus, Noe (Half-Bloods) Alice (Hekate) Ramona (Apollo) Nola (Athena)
Like/Dislike their cabin: Dislike: Only Percy to keep her company... D;
Like/Dislike cabin mates: Like: Percy's really nice
Favorite camp activity: Capture the flag
FlowQueen chapter 2 . 6/27/2012
oh! Tazmines signature style is black skinny jeans,dark purple t-shirt,purple and black converse tennis shoes,and the charm braclet her mom gave her for her 10th b-day (description below)

it has the following charms:

a bat

a motorcycle

a ghost

a zombie

a sword

a snake

and her anitials TKJ (Tazmine Kayla Jamison)

Also, Tazmine grew up in the projects of Baton Rouge, mother never got married because she loves Hades. One day a pack of hellhounds came for Tazmine. Her mother nearly died trying to save her. She sent Tazmine to Camp Half-Blood. Now Tazmine is a summer camper. Her mom keeps finding schools for Tazmine to attend 'til she gets kicked out.
FlowQueen chapter 1 . 6/27/2012
Name: Tazmine Jamison

Parentage: Daughter of Marisa Jamison and Hades

Siblings: Nico di Angelo and Hazel Levesque

Personality: Tazmine is like Hazel and Nico combined. She's fun-loving and fearless with some emo-ishness.

Appearance: Tazmine has long black hair with deep purple highlights. She has milk chocolate skin and dazziling brown 5'5 and very skinny.

Fav. Weapon: Her favorite weapon is a Celestial Bronze fencing sword her best friend made for her.

Fav. Magic item: A helm of darkness very much like her fathers'.

Friends: Isis Jones (bff)

Cabin: Taz loves the cabin she shares with her brother

Cabin mates: Taz likes her cabin mate

Fav. activity: Tazmine love playing capture the flag.

Other: Tazmine is 14 years old. She has never been liked by many mortals. ADHD and Dyslexic. Been kicked out of 15 scools since 1st grade.
TaylorTheGleek chapter 1 . 4/6/2012
Name: Nora Mes Rouge

Parent/Godly Parent: Apollo

Siblings?: Gorge Ali (older brother)

Personality: sweet and kind. She is always looking out for everyone else. Though she kind of looks like the little sister type because shes small. Strongwilled and level headed. Can be very aggressive and protective. Observant, never leaves anyone out. Because shes small she can climb trees easily and sneak into small places. Sneaky.

Appearance (needs to be detailed):

jet black hair – thick and short, about hands length with a sweep fringe.

Light brown skin.

Big green eyes.


Round face.

Considered short.

Small figure, but strong

wears shorts and singelets and boots.

Likes wearing head scarfes or bandanas.

Favorite weapon: bow and arrow (Apollos the god of

Favorite magical item: the gold coin on her necklace that she uses to call her brother. Practically just glows when one needs the other.

Friends(if any): I think I'll leave that up to you, you can make her friends with other characters or just make up her friends. Or you could use her brother as a friend. He looks just like her but tall and much broader than Nora.

Like/dislike their cabin: likes everyone in it. I dont know what 'it' is though. Maybe you can put her in the same cabin as someone else.

Like/ dislike cabin mates: gets along with everyone :)

Favorite camp activity: archery. And capture the flag.

Other: she likes climbing trees. Practising her archery.
Kingsdaughter613 chapter 1 . 11/26/2011
Name:Vicis (VeeChees)

Parent/Godly Parent: Kronos, unknown woman from ancient Italy.

Siblings?: Two: Kronia and Pyra

Personality: He's smart and responsible. Unfortunately he inherited his father's temper. He likes to know as much as possible about his opponents before making a move. He holds grudges, but also remembers when anyone does anything good to him. He HATES Percy Jackson. He is very protective of his sisters. He enjoys painting, which usually surprises people when they find out. he often seems and acts harsh, but he does not intend to be. he does not quite understand how most people view things. He trusts no one but his sisters.

Appearance (needs to be detailed): he has shaggy black hair, reaching his shoulders. his skin is olive. His eyes are golden. He wears a traditional Greek tunic and sandles. Around his neck is an amulet in the shape of an hour glass. He has several scars on his back, as though from a whip. (Kronos is an awful Father.)

Favorite weapon: A scythe.

Favorite magical item: His amulet. It helps him stop time.

Friends(if any): His sisters.

Like/dislike their cabin: He doesn't have one.

Like/ dislike cabin mates: Above.

Favorite camp activity: Capture the flag. (But no one wants him to play. he freezes time, and has the flag on his side of the river before anyone can blink.)

Other: His powers are over time. He's from ancient Greece. Kronos froze him and his sisters for years. They were woken up during his recent bid for power. Vicis and Kronia went searching for Pyra, who was not kept with them. Later they found her and headed for camp.


Parent/Godly Parent:Saturn

Siblings?:Vicis, Pyra

Personality: She is very cold and calm. She often acts as though she is better than the people around her. She prefers reason and logic to jumping in. She thinks before acting and shows little emotion. She is very just and fair. She does not like Percy Jackson, but she does not hate him either. Despite her blindness she is very aware of her surroundings. She is also not above using her apparent blindness to her advantage. She trusts no one but her siblings.

Appearance (needs to be detailed): She has golden hair, bound by golden wheat sheaves. Her skin is a deep bronze. Her eyes are hidden beneath a blindfold. She wears a Greecian toga and amulet is in the shape of a scale.

Favorite weapon: Sickle

Favorite magical item: None.

Friends(if any):Siblings

Like/dislike their cabin:She doesn't have one. (And this would be the wrong camp anyway...)

Like/ dislike cabin mates:above

Favorite camp activity: None, really. Most are not geared to a blind girl.

Other: Vicis and Pyra are her triplets. Look up super fecundation for a better explanation. her powers involve agriculture and justice.


Parent/Godly Parent: Prometheus

Siblings?:Vicis and Kronia (half)

Personality: She's bright and vivacious. She likes to talk and is nearly always cheerful and happy. She is very hopeful. She loves to play tricks, and considers her father the REAL Greek trickster. She also loves fire. She adores learning and reads everything she can get her hands on. She also enjoys: Writing, math, science, medicine, and inventing things. She is a very good thief, but generally avoids taking things. She is very witty, and always has a good joke. She is very friendly. She trusts:Kronia, Vicis, Prometheus, Heracles.

Appearance (needs to be detailed): She has curly red hair, and her eyes are violet. Her skin is browned from the sun. She wears a short Grecian dress and sandles. She has marks around her wrists as though from chains. (Grr.. Kronos...Grr..)

Favorite weapon: A revolver w/ Celestial bronze bullets.

Favorite magical item: Her belt. it is made of a fennel stalk. Inside there is a : calculator, which can calculate ANYTHING, a book which will always have room, a bottle of HOPE, a packet of herbs (whichever she wants), a flashlight (torch if you live in England), a lighter, a packet of seeds (which are whatever type she wants), a container of bullets, and a patent form. Oh, and some modeling clay.

Friends(if any):Her siblings, Heracles, Luke Castellan, Connor and Travis Stole.

Like/dislike their cabin: She likes it just fine. She just wishes her sibs were there.

Like/ dislike cabin mates:She's the only kid in Heracles' cabin...

Favorite camp activity:Playing tricks w/ the Hermes kids!

Other: Her powers involve the arts of Civilization, so she can read anything, even if she can't speak the language! She is also good at math and science, and can invent things for similar reasons. During the war with Kronos, she was kept captive in Elysium to be used as hostage against her father. After Kronos' defeat, no one knew where she was. Luke, who had gone to Elysium, knew though, and helped her escape when the doors of Death were opened. Heracles then helped her be reunited with her triplets. Heracles was tricked by Prometheus (who is his friend, sort of), into promising to protect Pyra. Pyra sees him as her big brother.
myW0NDERWALL chapter 1 . 11/11/2011
Name: Rebecca Jean

Parent/Godly Parent:Apollo

Siblings?:Mortal: Laura (13) and Raymond (16)

Personality: brave, outgoing, cleaver, witty and smart, but can be sarcastic. funny

Appearance (needs to be detailed): long redish brown hair with choppy layers and side bangs. Pale skin with freckles. Average height and weight, with a scar along her stomach going diaganle from her left rib cage to her right hip bone. Almond shaped green eyes that sparkle. Overall, pretty.

Favorite weapon: Sword named Selene (roman verson of Artemis), from her aunt Artemis.

Favorite magical item: her bracelet that is her sword (Selene) and her shield. If she pulls the charms the weapons appear in her hands. she can choose both or just one.

Friends(if any): you can pick

Like/dislike their cabin: umm people who are realy rude and think they are oh so popular or cool

Like/ dislike cabin mates: you can choose all this stuff

Favorite camp activity: capture the flag and campfire

Other: can she be in a romance?
Guest chapter 1 . 11/8/2011
John smith
Relina-Chan chapter 1 . 11/6/2011
Name: Damien Hallow

Parent/Godly Parent: Mortimer Hallow / Asteria, Goddess of prophetic dreams, astrology and necromancy. (Asteria is the daughter of the Titans Coeus and Phoebe and the mother of Hecate)

Siblings?: Sort of Hecate.

Personality: Indifferent to most people, but sarcastic if the moment calls for it. He doesn’t talk much, but if you get a conversation up and going he’s a waterfall of words. He has abandonment issues, so if he gets a friend he gets nervous when he hasn’t seen them in some time. He doesn’t easily get friends, because he tries chasing them away so they won’t leave him. He doesn’t smile much and if he does it is a smirk. He is very serious for his age, but if you’re lucky you can see him do some very childish things when he thinks people aren’t watching.

Appearance (needs to be detailed): Has short black hair, which is combed back. He has dark blue eyes and faint shadows underneath them from lack of sleep. He is lean and fast. His lips are a light pink and his skin is lightly tanned.

Favorite weapon: Short sword.

Favorite magical item: A binocular that can see the stars even at day.

Friends(if any): Not anyone at the moment.

Like/dislike their cabin: (How it looks?) Loves the stars on the ceiling and the soft bed, but is a bit creeped out by the bones that lie around and is included in the decoration.

Like/ dislike cabin mates: (No cabin mates?) Has no cabin mates and is sort of glad of that, but it gets lonely.

Favorite camp activity: Climbing the Wall and Capture the Flag.

Other: Is 14 years old and loves watching the sky. Can summon skeletons and decomposed bodies to fight for him (a bit like Nico), can’t get lost because he knows how to read the stars and sometime has prophetic dreams.

[If you need me to change something just give a PM :)]
Hadeschild1996 chapter 1 . 11/5/2011
Name: Jason Necro

Age: 15

Parents/godly parents: Amy jones (originally Necro)/ Hades

Siblings: step brother john jones, Nico di angelo

Personality: quiet, loner, rude, and dislikes everyone but immediate family

Appearance: 6"2 athletic build, black hair colour, style like he just got out of bed, black eyes and always is seen wearing black and can't go any wear without a black hoodie

Favorite weapon:stygian iron sword (english name: blackdeath greek name:μαύρος θάνατος)

Favorite magical item: blackdeath sword

Friends(if any): not really

Like/dislike their cabin: likes he loves the color black and the skulls are a nice touch

Like/ dislike cabin mates:likes

Favorite camp activity: sword fighting and free time

Other: ran away at 9 because of constant attacks but still visits meet his father but wishes that he had. Dislikes Aphrodite campin because they are always gossiping or doing makeup. The first monster he fought was a hell hound as his father wanted to test him.
The Princess of Stars chapter 1 . 11/5/2011
Name: Light Mariani

Parent/Godly Parent: Athena, Raffaello Mariani

Siblings:Athena cabin, Joey (11-year-old stepbrother), Tamy (10-year-old stepsister)

Personality: grumpy at first, but really nice in the end. Determinated, tough, outgoing, cunning, smart, funny, loyal, loving, kind, generous, a great leader, charismatic, talkactive, reflective but at the same time impulsive. He has quiet a temper (get on his bad side at your own risk),strangely, he can be obtuse at times.


-Hair: blond, short(but long enough to cover half ear), wavy hair that make part in the middle

-Eyes: slanting sky blue iridescent eyes (they change from diferent shades of sky blue to different shades of stormy gray, depending on his mood)

-Skin tone: tanned

-Hight: 6'3"

-Body: athletic, muscular, long-limbed

-Scars: one big scar on the left side of his chest and another on his upper left arm to his shoulder (provided by his first monster)

-Camp clothes: skinny camp t-shirt, blue jeans, ASICS shoes

-Normal clothes: red leather jacket, black skinny V-neck t-shirt, blue jeans, black vans

Favorite weapon: Celestial bronze sword

Favorite magical item: his sister's, Annabeth, Yankee's cap (he often tries to steal it, but usually gets caught in the act)

Friends: Annabeth, Percy, the Stolls, (PJO characters in general), Alexandra (daughter of Poseidon and love interest), Liam Silver (his brother).

Like/dislike their cabin: He likes his cabin

like/ dislike cabin mates: He likes only Annabeth of all his cabin mates,because they still think he shouldn't be friends with Percy and Alexandra because of Athena's and Poseidon's feud, saying that Annabeth's relationship with Percy is different than the one he has with Alexandra when it is not.

Favorite camp activity: Capture the flag


-Athena named him 'Light' herself

-Unlike other Athena kids, he loves pranking other campers

-He is a great observer
NoelAnderson chapter 1 . 11/5/2011
Name: Kristen Crew

Parent/Godly Parent: Ares

Siblings?: no non demigod siblings

Personality: she's sarcastic and pessimistic, just as her half-siblings, but she sin't bloodthirsty and rash. she is a smart opponent and a clever student. her anger can still get the better of her, she just has a but more control then other children of Ares. While she has a better control on her anger, she has a major problem with keeping her mouth shut. when she has something to say, she says it without a second though

Appearance (needs to be detailed): she is tall and lean, not as broad and muscley as her siblings. she has platinum blonde hair that reaches to her mid back. she has bangs that she always sweeps to the side behind her right ear. she has dark, dark blue eyes and pale skin. her cheeks are always rosy to the point where she looks flushed. she has a few light brown freckles on her nose

Favorite weapon: she has a throwing knife that had a red hot design of a hawk on the side

Favorite magical item: her throwing knife, it always comes back to her after it's hit it's target

Friends(if any): if you mean cannon, then Clarisse(the only sibling she has that she kind of likes), Percy, Katie Gardner, Nico, and Beckendorf. if not cannon, then she has a best friend named Annalise Everett, a daughter of Hephaestus. (if you need a description of her, just ask)

Like/dislike their cabin: dislikes

Like/ dislike cabin mates: dislikes all but Clarisse

Favorite camp activity: knife throwing contests and hand to hand combat duels

Other: nothing else really, besides that she was born in Texas and has a light southern accent. her mother was killed by hellhounds so she stays at camp all your round
XxShadowsThatDancexX chapter 1 . 11/5/2011
Name:Rachelle (Preffers to be called Rae) Elizabeth Johanson. (Pronounced like Scarlett Johanson)

Parent/Godly Parent:Unknown mortal parent, Pan


Personality:She is very kind and gentle, not to mention calming. She is always there for someone when they need a shoulder to cry on.

Appearance (needs to be detailed): Rachelle has waist-length chocolaty brown hair, that is twirled like corkscrews. She has bright green eyes that have tiny blue streaks in them. She is about 5"3, and wears these pink and blue fingerless gloves alot.

Favorite weapon:Either a sword, or a bow and arrow.

Favorite magical item: She loves her magical sword, Lov, which is very long, and made of cestial bronze. She also enjoys her bow and arrow, which is also of cestial bronze, call Gras.

Friends(if any): Nearly everyone likes her, but often she has a rival or someone who hates her.

Like/dislike their cabin:Only person in the cabin...

Like/ dislike cabin mates: See above

Favorite camp activity:She loves to just sit in the strawberry fields, but also enjoys Capture the Flag, because it's in the woods.

Other:Rachelle is from Ancient Greek times. Her father, Pan, as she was dying, froze her in a jungle, only to be thawed out when nature was dying. She managed to get to Camp Half-Blood, but nearly died. She has no memory of before she was frozen.

(If this takes place in HoO, can she like Leo? If not, it's fine. :))
silvershark94 chapter 1 . 11/5/2011
Name: Jet Carden

Parent/Godly Parent: Carrol Carden(mom)/ Hephaestus(godly parent-dad)

Siblings?: only child on mom's side-not sure about dad's side

Personality: Ne, kind, giving, can be sensitive when nededed to be, and a little rebllious

Appearance (needs to be detailed): jet black hair spiked just at the top with sky blue tips, dark blue eyes, a white scar going across his left hand on the back of it.

wears: a black hooded vest over camp shirt, midnight blue baggy cargo shorts and black nike shoes

Favorite weapon: his 4ft bronze sword that transforms from a wristband

Favorite magical item: a 1ft high 2ft long bronze dragon that he made out of scraps f metal when he first got here

Friends(if any): he does just not sure who at the moment

Like/dislike their cabin: its intech

Like/ dislike cabin mates: he loves them all

Favorite camp activity: foreging

Other: not sure
waterpoloplayer chapter 1 . 11/5/2011
Name: Emma Stewart

Parent/Godly Parent: Trevor Stewart/Athena

Siblings?: Only her half siblings

Personality: Emma is very bubbly. She's one of those people that are always happy and make people around her happy. Even though she is one of the smartest people in the Athena cabin, she acts like a huge ditz because she says it 'gives her personality' and 'breaks the stereotypes of Athena kids'. She acts like one of those girls who looks at a guy and goes "Ooh, he's hot," even though those kind of girls annoy her. Every person she knows has called her stupid and/or some other form of it.

Appearance (needs to be detailed): Long, Blonde curly hair; tall, skinny, lean; Swimmers body; Really bright, pretty grey eyes; a very happy look on her face; She looks a lot like taylor swift

Favorite weapon: Sword

Favorite magical item: Her sword that collapses into her necklace. Her necklace is an old fashioned looking key to a small, pretty box (given to her by her dad) where the top is shaped like a heart.

Friends(if any): She can get along with almost anybody.

Like/dislike their cabin: Like.

Like/ dislike cabin mates: She likes them, but envious because they get all the praise from Athena

Favorite camp activity: Sword fighting. She's really good at it.

Other: She's 16 and I hope you choose Emma :3
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