Reviews for Dragon Claims and Human Change
NotSoNormalLady chapter 16 . 9/5/2015
Thank you for writing this! It was very interesting and sweet
Mirage chapter 16 . 7/24/2015
like this Story really much, and the Pairing, and that the two did not loos any part of them, but did loose each other for soome time only that they can beome part human is interesting and great
hope there will be many more Storys like this in the future!
Guest chapter 16 . 5/3/2015
Sssssoooooo! Cccccuuuuuuuttttttteeeeee! -!
Jissy2013 chapter 16 . 1/28/2015
Love it :-)
Jissy2013 chapter 15 . 1/28/2015
Love it
NanneroftheWE chapter 16 . 1/2/2015
I really enjoyed this story! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!
AnotherGenericNerd chapter 2 . 12/29/2014
Interesting… I'm a bit too flustered to read the next chapter so I'll come back later? I'm kind of embarrassed now whoops xD
xxsnowfallxx chapter 12 . 11/20/2014
ivanganev1992 chapter 16 . 10/31/2014
It was nice . The sad part of the two lost lifes of the messenget and Gronky hurt . But the sweet result made the story so sweet .
DiverVicky chapter 1 . 10/7/2014
Cool! But Hiccup not have 16 years, have 15... chapter 16 . 10/3/2014
i like this universe but i really wished vidar survived i really like that character as well as yvon and gronky these seem like really nice guys.
Fireball the golden Night Fury chapter 16 . 9/26/2014
Very cute story please make another!
Fireball the golden Night Fury chapter 9 . 9/26/2014
dragonlover1995 chapter 16 . 9/21/2014
Oh my goodness. This has to be one of my most favorite fanfics ever! The story line is incredible. The way he builds up the romance throughout the story and develops the love and emotion in the beginning and then twists and pulls at it in a way that keeps the reader intertwined and begging for more was beautiful. I couldn't stop reading it and I ended up staying up all night. It kept me wanting to know more and more. I love this story!
3546567668787 chapter 1 . 8/10/2014
Do a sequel pleees
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