Reviews for Defend Me From My Friends
murphycat chapter 20 . 3/8
Fanfiction reviewers are mostly nice, and they should be. This is a good story and I have enjoyed it. The ugly snippy comments and criticisms are petty. If people want a complete story then read one, and don't complain about the posting times. It makes you look and sound like...well, you get it. This is the only ff that Ihave seen this type of nastiness. I wrote my one story for here and the next one will be published for my friends only because of this. So keep b*tching, those few who can't appreciate good stories. Soon, no one will post them here. We will post them in our private groups. Thank you for your fine story and taking the time to do it for free!
mommoo chapter 20 . 2/23
I know you have a life outside of Fanfiction, and I am not wanting to sound rude, but you did say this would be completed SOON.
FlarnChef chapter 20 . 2/10
Wow woman, ya had me goin' there!

So very very happy to read a new chapter that eased my worrisome mind.
You give good worrisome!

Thanks for the prompt dandy story update. 3
LadyofDodge chapter 20 . 2/7
Beautiful chapter. No one writes tender M&K moments the way you do.
janglyspur chapter 20 . 2/5
Always good to see another installment. I've no doubt that Kitty will have our dear Marshal back in tip top shape in no time, they both need a serious vacation after this ordeal. Maybe they can have one with whatever Cantrell left hmm? Thanks so much for sharing your story. :)
Western Girl chapter 20 . 2/3
I hadn't seen this story, but just read it from beginning to where you left us. Please more soon.
broncomap chapter 20 . 2/3
Always glad for another chapter.
lostcowgirl chapter 20 . 2/3
Nice ruse you set up. It gives Matt time to recuperate but is awfully hard on the town's citizens. Still, Cantrell got the kind of funeral he never would have been given in his own name.
ladybrit chapter 20 . 2/3
This chapter put my mind at rest - for a while anyway, and then you leave another cloud hanging there. You really know how to stress a body. Thanks for a good story, looking forward to the rest.
LadyKRedzz chapter 20 . 2/3
Awwww, you can't leave me hanging here...
That note...? I'm really enjoying your story
Accidental Cougar chapter 20 . 2/3
Thank God it wasn't Matt. I am sooooooooooo happy about that. Now I'm curious as to what was in that note.
BigMommaT chapter 20 . 2/3
Great tale, but ohhhh what a wicked fanfic writer! What a way to leave yer anxious, loyal readers hangin'. ;-}

tjp chapter 20 . 2/3
Thank you for this tender chapter. Seeing Kitty and Matt together after such a horrendous time. I can see and feel the love and hurt over all that has happened flowing between them.

DodgeCityAngel chapter 20 . 2/2
Oh, you are good, mahc! You had us all going there after the last chapter. Can't wait to find out if the piece of paper is what I think it is.
FlarnChef chapter 19 . 1/27
Oh...Oh, oh, oh don't stop now. This offering is too short!

(I know, this comes from a person with an unfinished story that was started when the century was new, still in single digits.)
BUT you seemed to have awakened what may be left of my muse! I know it can't be the anticipation of -10 weather here.

Yippee for a new installment, but moooore puleeez!
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