Reviews for Golden Sun, Silver Moon
J. Salus chapter 8 . 3/25
This is impossibly wonderful. You are an inspired and talented writer. I see you haven't updated in a while, but I encourage you to at least finish this story. It is always good to finish. Besides, this plot is too good to set aside. Hope all is well and that you will continue.
Guest chapter 8 . 3/25
Im in agony! I really do hope legolas and Haldir work things out. Your writing is brilliant by the way and has made my heart clench all to often hahaha keep up the good work and I hope you update this soon
Nako13yeh chapter 7 . 3/25
Update chapter 10 soon? please? xD
Coolio02 chapter 8 . 3/22
This story is absolutely riveting and amazing! Still love your writing style :) Hope you update soon!
LesFangirl24601 chapter 8 . 3/19
This is amazing.
What's gnna happen next?!
Nako13yeh chapter 8 . 2/25
NOooo NOOOOOOOO HOW CAN YOU END IT LIKE THAT... PLEASE I beg you! Update soon... Like.. Please please please UPDATE.. I need to know what Haldir will do... what PAIN legolas feels.. I need to know.. WE ALL need to know... *begs under your feet* PLeeaseeee *sobs* PLeaseeeeeeee continue with haste.. please please please...
bettsam0731 chapter 8 . 2/20
Please update quickly... I hate cliffhangers... and I can't wait to read the sequel to Roads of Redemption
gginsc chapter 8 . 1/29
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't do it Haldir! Tell me it's not true!
Lia Whyteleafe chapter 8 . 1/28
Haldir is always trying to hide his emotions, but they always come out. The part with Legolas' mother was heartbreaking.

...Oh. Oh. I don't know what to say.

Haldir, those words are going to haunt you.
ScribeOfGondolin chapter 8 . 1/28
I really love the way you portray Haldir. Your style of writing is just amazing! I can't wait for the next chapter! I just know it is going to be as good as this one, probably even better! :D
ShadowPhoenix22 chapter 8 . 1/27
Ughhghghg all of these emotions flying everywhere GOSH I CAN'T DEAL WITH IT! Wonderful story, looking forward to the next update. :)
Jinny the Kisaragi chapter 8 . 1/27
I really like what you've done with Haldir in this story, it really gives his character a new level of depth that we didn't see in the movie! Oh gosh though, I know he's lying to the orcs, but poor Legolas must feel terrible! :( I'm so intrigued, please continue!

Also oh my goodness, I've been reading a bunch of your stories and I've been so caught up in reading that I forgot to review, so I'm just going to gush right here. I absolutely ADORE your characterization of Legolas and Thranduil! They are so cute and still in character, and Legolas' innocence just makes me want to cry, he's an absolute gem and so accurate to what I imagined him to be before even reading any of your stories! And the stories of him and Arwen are just precious oh my lord, and don't even get me started on how much I love Glorfindel: Mighty Balrog Slayer and Elfling-sitter Extraordinaire. I've bookmarked pretty much all these stories on my phone! Keep going!

Just A Reviewer chapter 8 . 1/26
YESSSSSSSS! You updated you updated! *bounces up and down in pure, pure joy.*
Because,like, I love your writing. Its brilliant! I go read your work whenever I'm feeling miserable or read a not-very-nice fanfic. Does that sound weird? I hope not.

Ooh! Legolas is in trouble! Poor elfling... How will escape? Will Haldir be punished in some way? Thank you so so so so so so much for updating! Have a cookie! (::) (::) (::)
MeggiMed chapter 8 . 1/25
Haldir, oh Haldir. Whatever plan you have, you'll regret those words.

Thank you for the chapter! A lovely meal for the soul for the day :D
BlackMinx17 chapter 8 . 1/25
... Oh boy...
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