Reviews for No Worries
Hikari Kinomoto chapter 40 . 7/28
I absolutely love the chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
RangerRainbow chapter 40 . 7/16
Ahhhhhh! I can't wait for the next chapter! So much love for you! My wonderful writer that you are!

Much love, RangerRainbow~
Actual-Grendel chapter 40 . 7/7
40 chapters later... still waiting on that kiss lmao

But the whole story is really interesting, so I'm looking forward to future chapters! Especially after this Well chapter lol
Nagi-Chan96 chapter 40 . 6/24
Awww, Cute moments between Sesshomaru-sama and Kagome-chan and also I can't believe that the well is gone, but how? I feel sad for Kagome-chan. :'(

P.s. It's okay as long you keep on writing this amazing story.
Veraozao chapter 40 . 6/20
love it, kiss
Ganzademon chapter 40 . 6/13
Wow! This is so good. Can't wait for the next chapter.
DamaNegra90 chapter 40 . 6/3
Why? T.T
Ms.tangible ghost chapter 13 . 6/2
Hey, I'm really liking your story! The only thing I want to point out is the punctuation. Try using more commas.
Maira Saw chapter 40 . 6/1
WONDERFUL chapter! HORRIBLE cliffhanger! Love it can't wait for more :)
Ashatan87 chapter 40 . 6/1
I was so happy to see this story had an update!

I read from the beginning to chapter 40!
Oh poor Kagome! The well is gone! Who did it?! Naraku? Or Meichiko? Kagura?

Seshoumaru is becoming more open with Kagome. With each small touch he initiates with her, they become closer! Inuyasha is becoming a bigger ass. Lol. He's so jealous when he doesn't have a right to be.

I hope you update again soon!

Keep up the good job!
X.summergrey.X chapter 40 . 6/1
wow. the well is gone! narakus doing no doubt.
with kikyou, i really hope she isnt going to betray them. she seems like that isnt her goal at the moment.
slvrphoenx chapter 40 . 6/1
I love how Kagome is so worried about Sesshomar when he leaves. I feel so bad for Kagome since the well is gone. I can't wait for the next update.
DeathAssassinFaerie chapter 40 . 5/31
This is absolutely amazing and I cannot wait for the next chapter! Keep up the amazing work :)
decadenceofmysoul chapter 40 . 5/31
Awesome story so far!
crazykenz chapter 40 . 5/31
You destroyed the well?! Sad! :'(

Good luck with mid-terms!
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