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Your Drug chapter 3 . 10/30/2013
Update soon? :3
A Little Lost 1 chapter 3 . 12/8/2012
totheunkown chapter 3 . 3/17/2012
Lovely, I can't wait for the next chapter! Thanks for sharing! :D
maliceofhumansacrifice chapter 3 . 3/11/2012
Interesting story you have here. Rather dumb of Uther to favor a very stupid and useless knight over his own son, don't you think? Well, regardless. Good luck with your life, say thank you to that guy for me, for without him this story wouldn't exist, would it? Finally, I eagerly await the next update.
RainIsMyFavouriteColour chapter 3 . 2/24/2012
aha, evil plan ahead!
Rose chapter 3 . 2/23/2012
Gahhhhh omg everything is perfect

I love the way you write! xx
Sasunaru N Ichihitsu chapter 3 . 2/20/2012
Yey! An update! I'm a happy little cookie :D
Lord Luxion chapter 1 . 1/11/2012

I believe this to be an absolute work of art.

Nuff said


Its great really, it always flows and has a perfect mix of action and romance. The line about blood rushing to other parts of merlins body really did make me cringe, but in a good way, it was awkward but completely fitted with the mood of the piece. The idea of twisting Kay (one of Arthur's best friends in the legends) into a bad guy was very unexpected move and was a good idea. I can't wait to see what's next and I really hope there is a twist, because as much as I love it, it is very stereotypical with a horrible baddy and lovey dovey characters. that said, the writing itself is grammatically good and it really fits. It is very lavish in its adjectives and is very creative indeed. The piece isn't jerky at all and I really can't wait to see more :)

I beat my friday dead line...

Guess who :) chapter 2 . 12/22/2011
slajfkldsajksld SO MUCH CUTE!

[As much as Merlin teased, he could only imagine a life without a supporting parent. To know that Arthur had never felt any large signs of affection of Uther tore Merlin inside.]

so sweet and wonderful. great job here. love how Merlin's gut feelings about Sir Kay turned out to be right... I was surprised Arthur picked up on it too, considering how oblivious he is when it comes to these things usually. (:
Ebony Dagger chapter 2 . 11/26/2011
Ooo~ I like it very much. I find Merthur a great pairing and you've made it work this time, because you've put us all in suspense as to whether or notthe Prince is going to find out and, if so, whether or not he's going to be a Royal Prat about it
AmandaFray chapter 2 . 11/25/2011
love seeing a bit of magic (both incantations and emotions)!
RainIsMyFavouriteColour chapter 2 . 11/25/2011
yes arthur

it's all juust a dream...haha
Catindahat chapter 1 . 11/10/2011
Great start, can't wait for more
Merthur Dreamer chapter 1 . 11/7/2011
Can I start off with saying how amazing this all is? I still can't get over the fact why you would dedicate this to me... I feel very proud to be the inspiration for this *although I did talk to you today XD* You put me to shame, my writing seems so monotonous compared to your flowing phrases. Which is another point I want to comment on, you use of language is so unique and quite astonishing actually, you never have a dull moment and you keep the reader engaged with your grace of words. I'm going to say it... its as if this has been crafted almost, like a painter with a canvas, and this is your Mona Lisa. Its stunning and I felt as if I read this in minutes, you swept me off my feet. I think that not only will people love this, but see that you are very dedicated in your work.

Now to the actual review now that I've complimented your arse off XD From the first shout I just knew it would be good, no, BRILLIANT! You just captured the atmosphere of the series so well and made it your own, I wish I was as good as you. Again, every word seemed specifically picked and I saw virtually NO grammar mistakes *THUMBS UP* I loved the beginning, instantly, you give the reader a heartfelt insight into Merlin. The way he stretched out slightly groggily was quite adorable actually. Then when his mind drifted to his sleepless nights of nightmares... my heart just broke. It seemed as if all the air was leaving Merlin, as if trying to hold back tears to the horrible truth that was his mind's games. The way he crumbled in how his mind battled his heart every night... how he paniced about the countless times he saw Arthur dying and killed. Instantly... the way his heart started pulsing around this cold broken blood of heartbreak took my breath away, and I wonder if Arthur knows how lucky he is to have someone so hopelessly devoted to him as Merlin. And what made this small yet powerful introduction all the more heartclenching... was how for once Merlin saw Arthur alive, breathing, happy... how you hinted towards his affectionate look and the reader is hit by the sudden realisation that Merlin's feelings run deeper than first thought.

His groan of self-frustration was quite brilliant, how he managed to over sleep again. Merlin was going to start the day with a normal start... but when he saw Arthur at his door... he was knocked off his senses. And here, it was heartbreakingly amazing, how Merlin was just lost in his thoughts, as if still dreaming, thinking how gorgeous Arthur was even when he was angry. What made me smile with sweetness was how Merlin was snapped out of his thoughts and blushed so intensly. And... I think Arthur did notice Merlin's reddened cheeks for his thoughtful eyes and bantering tone suggested otherwise. You are able to bring concepts from the original series and bring them to life with such a grace, the way you had Arthur do one of his little lectures on Merlin was most amusing, his tone serious but with sprinkles of familiarity. AND HERE, MISSY; it may have been in all innocence but I burst out laughing when Merlin thought as if turning up on time was all Arthur required of him... *giggles* is that a hint... or an invitation? _

And then here, Merlin's acceptance of his reality was truly heartrending, how he knew that he had to listen to Arthur and tend to his every need, despite his attitude to him sometimes. Its at times like these... that I truly believe all Merlin's heart desires with such an aching yearning is for Arthur to see him for who he is... and to see his emotions and open his eyes to how deeply he feels for him. And then was an interesting concept... the way Arthur sighed at Merlin's apology was actually quite heartwarming, how he looked upon Merlin with conflicted eyes, knowing he couldn't be angry at Merlin for long. Merlin's blush for a second time was adorable... and as he got dressed, the way he thought about how Arthur was studying his... half-naked body, was brilliant. The way he felt blood rushing to his cheeks again, feeling his knees buckle at Arthur's intensity, feeling his heart race as images flooded his mind. The way his love was channeled elsewhere was also so heartwarming, his physical reaction being one of love-struck affection knocking him off his knees, and passion of southern origins XD

GAIUS! Merlin's frustration with his guardian was quite sweet, how he hated the idea of being late for Arthur, since not only did Arthur himself have to get him, but he thought he would now have more reason to look down upon him. Merlin's heartfelt reasons were touching to say the least. But Gaius' tone soon changed and we realise the seriousness of their situation. As Gaius explained Merlin's nightmares, how he knew about them and was looking out for him when all was said... I couldn't help but notice how Merlin's heart whimpered at his response, the painful memories entering again. And as the anger melted within Merlin, his broken voice over if only Arthur cared as much as Gaius... that was his very soul speaking, his heart softly weeping into the silence. And Gaius couldn't do anything about it.

SHUFFLE! Is this how it started... by me mentioning this earlier then I kind of beta read this? *giggles* Good times.

Anyway! I loved this next scene, character insights all over the place... YAY, MY HEAVEN! Merlin cares for Arthur so much, the atmosphere was so thick with his yearning, his heart aching at Arthur's intense gaze, a look of sadness tinting his features. It pained me to see how Merlin felt hopeless in the situation. The way he thought about how Arthur must feel, what his life must have been like... how something must have always felt missing... I couldn't help but notice how Merlin's heart was screaming that he was Arthur's missing piece. And what made it all the more heartwrenching was how he was brought back to reality, remembering their realtionship and the barriers against them and nothing was said - Merlin locking his emotions away once more... and that made my heart clench in his love. And yet, Merlin seemed to be laughing in his love-filled mind, giggling at Arthur's voice, Arthur totally oblivious to Merlin's thoughts... or was he? :p

This banter part... IT WAS LIKE I WAS WATCHING AN EPISODE! Oh yeah, it was that good. You really captured there personalities well and nothing seemed forced, it all flowed so naturally, their thoughts and feelings shining through their smiles. And by this we could tell that - Arthur - he does care for Merlin, does very much indeed, but feels that even friendship with a servant is risky, hence why he seems to back off once in a well, and then at times totally fall for Merlin, letting his emotions take over just once. And Merlin... forever feeling like he's in the shadows. But also we got a sense of fondness from all their teasing, Merlin's comment about should he be boring was perfect and Arthur's annoyed reaction was genius! Their relationship seemed very real and it made a beautiful layer of affection, Arthur and Merlin pushing the other's buttons, teasing and connecting in a very personal way.

*Looks at word count... AHHH*

Okay so ummm, next bit:

There was a very nice and heartfelt moment where Merlin, groaning at Arthur's ability to be so regal and yet make such a mess *GENIUS SIGHING FROM MERLIN*, found the trace hair and let it float in his fingers. The way he instantly felt his heart hammer against his chest was heartrending, looking back to see if Arthur had noticed, and it pained me to see him look so vulnerable. And again, as Merlin smacked his head... the way Arthur looked at him with such deep concern and genuine worry, although he kept some sort of distance, the fact of Merlin upset hurting him greatly... Merlin's pause for thought and breathless thought that he cared was amazing, I was actually speechless for about a good five minutes. Then Arthur's laughing *giggles* this part was brilliant and YET AGAIN we get a stunning insight to how far Merlin feels for Arthur. The way he instantly felt his heart beat something cold around him, how it froze his blood and he felt numb pains in every fibre of his being... at just the concept that someone else had given Arthur breakfast... it was amazingly heartrending; his sharp tone reflecting his hurt heart. But of course, Arthur always made Merlin smile like the sun and it was adorable. Even more so, as Merlin tore slightly at the fact he didn't understand himself, thinking him unreasonable, even if he wanted Arthur... it wasn't like it was true... and his wounded heart was so emotional. And Arthur saw this, saw the pain leaking in Merlin's eyes... and the way he tried to comfort him, saying that he preferred Merlin's way of service... just those few words of consideration laced with such a sweet affection made Merlin's heart melt and remember why he was so hopelessly in love. Yet... I still felt that somewhere at the back of Merlin's mind he still dreaded with such a fear that he could be replaced so easily. Then the hunting trip... HILARIOUS! I loved how Arthur totally fed off Merlin's dread, it was quite amusing. The way he seemed to plan it out was so funny, smiling so cunningly and then bursting the news, smiling sweetly in affection at Merlin's adorable relucant acceptance. Then it hit me... Arthur, a prince, could be training, or at a meeting... or maybe just on patrol... yet here he was, smiling, letting his feelings flood his system as he took in all that was Merlin, wanting to be with him instead of somewhere else. And that glint of affection, that sparkle of fondness within Arthur's eyes... was more precious that anything this Earth could bring... and Merlin knew it, feeling himself be swept away as he realised that he and Arthur were to be alone on this trip.

Thanks For Sharing x


P.P.S. Sorry if this upsets you, but this is why I request stories and don't write them XD
RainIsMyFavouriteColour chapter 1 . 11/7/2011
lol so funny

love the first chapter and hope you can update soon XD