Reviews for Republic Day
Lovegranted chapter 1 . 6/22/2012
oh my... 2nd reviewer! this was... ummm most intriguing! you definitely have your star wars creatures down! ahahaha, I had to Wookieepedia Verpines to know what the heck they were xD

Ani actually sounds intelligent for once! :) That lecture was indeed really insightful, haha...

I couldn't tell half the stuff Obi-Wan was saying though when he had allergies though... xD *sigh*

I actually prefer Anakin on top... but that was implied in the ending :) reversies! gotta love 'em! thanks for the story!
Krystal-Fairy chapter 1 . 11/12/2011
How is it that *this* does't have any reviews?

First comment then, yay!

Anyway, it. was. hot. period.

The first part was a little bit like Zoology class, and I had to go to Wookieepdia to know WTH was a Verpine but, the Master-Padawan chat was nice. And Anakin speech *was* deep LOL. He even managed to fool Obi-wan.

Now, the second part... I kinda like when one of them is ill and the other have to look after him. It's so cute.

But Obi-wan's allergic reactions are always a WIN for me :D Especially THIS ONE **

It was like a dream come true. SERIOUSLY! Somewhere, on the www I found that Obi-wan would be a great "master" for Anakin, and I don't mean it in a Master/Padawan relationship. He's serious, kind hearted, and strict without being mean... and Ani would obey him right away, without the need of being shout or punished or something.

Like, what you wrote: "Anakin was thinking about how much he had longed for this, the trust, the domination, the surety of guidance. It was more than he could handle and he almost cried because he was so happy in his role."

And I TOTALLY agree. He's relationship with Padme PALES in comparison to this.

I beg you: sequel! sequel! Because I LOVE good Ani/Obi, and I haven't seen some good fics like this in a while.