Reviews for The Consolation of Philosophy
Guest chapter 1 . 6/18/2014
I read through this particular story of yours and saw some good insight into the synchronicity of critical events within historical time lines. The idea of traveling back into the past is a little off the rails though. Time is a force that's moving forward at a constant rate of perpetual momentum. It never stops and it isn't something that's separate from who we are both as physical and spiritual beings. We all exist within the same ocean. We all tug and pull at each other because we are essentially different threads of energy and matter, all of which come from the same central field within the universe that allows us to exist. Picture one of those really cool electro static balls they sell as toys for children. When you touch it the fields that extend from the central energy source will move to the exact location of your finger tips as they are placed on the outer surface of the ball. It's a really good metaphor for creation itself. It's basically telling you that you can manipulate all the ratios of force and movement within the confines of your own magnetic field or personal timeline if you will, but you can't change the nature of its specified design structure. It's designed to move in only one direction. You can look back on your past and keep a record of it for future reference but you can't just go back and change anything and all of the sudden have a different life. That would entail that God made a mistake in the manner of how it created you and now is asking you to fix that mistake for it. Since God is Omni present and perfect, such a thing would never take place. Now if God wanted to personally make changes to it's own universe it could obviously do so. However if it did so, we most likely wouldn't even know. Or it would tell everyone at the right time. Or it would tell a select handful of individuals. Which is almost like saying that God took you back to the beginning, showed you how it made everything and then gave you the chance to realize how your choices affected the greater whole before you even made your choices. I'm a firm believer that all the changes that could have been made to the universe would have been done so before it's creation. It's like publishing a book. You have a rough draft, where you test things out just to see what they're like, how the story appears and feels to you. Then you have the good final draft which is when you've come to the agreement that everything in your story is ready to be put into action that others may read it for themselves. And then finally you had the third phase of the book, where the author publishes the book, making sure that all the characters who have been written about in it are in consensual agreement with what roles they play in the story before they are activated into reality thus becoming real, alive, and fully substantial, no longer just being a mere figment program of God's imagination. So I believe we made all of our choices freely and had the chance to make changes in our lives before we were born. But once those changes were made and we were in full agreement with what God provided for us as the life we preferred to live, then god activated us and gave us a life on earth in the physical side of the universe that we may come to understand through personal growth and development the reasons behind why we made the choices we made. So it's almost like going back into the past, but not quite. As for time travel, we time travel every day just by being a part of it's every day flow and current. Its a part of our design structure. Before we were all activated we made agreements with each other who we would meet and who wouldn't meet and all that other good jazz. It's just my opinion though. I still really liked your story allot :) I liked it so much it sparked these ideas in my head. Don't stop writing.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/18/2014
nequam-tenshi chapter 1 . 11/11/2011
An interesting story. The dialogue fits like a puzzle piece in the show.
SANDEFUR chapter 1 . 11/9/2011
Wow, time loops, philosophy, history and Joan. Fascinating story with lots of potential for other tales of a similar nature. One of the things I've always liked about JoA is the infinte number of directions her character can be taken when God is involved. Excellent.