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IAmUmbreon chapter 1 . 1/25
I treat mine with love and kindness.
And I do not deny that I am insane.
I've also never played the games...
And I has plushies, so it's at least plausible that I can. *huggles Jirachi plushie*
The Rahkshi Writer chapter 1 . 8/11/2014
Gotta say, I found these stories interesting, and certainly thought-provoking, which is very unusual for a story. I was also intrigued by the apparent implication that the player character's existence is wrong, that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong, in the reality of the Pokemon universe, lending the story a thrilling cosmic-horror vibe, which might make an interesting story in itself. Though I can't be sure, given the direction of your story, whether that was intentional, or actually reflecting the starter Pokemon's growing horror at the reality of its world - that the best trainer is not the kindest, and that it is the strong who win, not the "good". All in all, a very interesting premise.

But I disagree with your premise/moral. While it is a certainly a valid interpretation of the bare bones of the gameplay mechanics, it actually ignores a lot of the justification in the lore - in-story, the player character's unnaturally fast ascension to the championship is drawn from just how close to their Pokemon they are - one could even interpret the stats, move selection and, in later games, the listed personalities and quirks, as something only the trainer understands - a gameplay representation of how well the player character understands their 'mons, justifying their superior battling skills - they truly understand what their Pokemon can do. But that's just my own musing. More relevant is that the things that make Pokemon happier do indeed make them stronger - that's the point. They enjoy battling, and battle skill is, because of the relationship required (in-game, of course - far too difficult to program in) to be good at it, seen as a good test of character. A good trainer is one who understands and so gets the best out of their Pokemon.

I'd also say that using the strongest 'mons is actually vaguely related to "who wins" - certainly a trainer will do better with stronger Pokemon, but at the same time they can actually be overcome, even quite easily, by a trainer/player who uses his favourites and plays to their strengths - the gameplay equivalent of a "good" trainer, bringing out the best in their partners, overcoming a "bad" who only picks the "strongest" with no appreciation of each one's unique skills. And, on a more meta note, you can certainly train up even a weak Pokemon to Lv.100, storm the entire game's roster and win, so from the in-game characters' perspective, from which this story is written, the good trainer who just uses the Pokemon they love, not the strongest, can certainly win against those who chose the strongest.

The final point I'll respond to is that, in the vein of many before me, I must be crazy, because I do, as much as it is possible/reasonable, care for my Pokemon. I cheer when they win, and howl when they lose, and avenge them when they faint. I even feel proud when they surpass my expectations. I try to learn the best way to use them, and will use them, and WIN, even when up against stronger opponents who lack that understanding. Incidentally, I would suggest playing a Nuzlocke Run for a different perspective, if you haven't already, it might be an interesting experience for you to try the game when you are "forced" to bond with your Pokemon by the gameplay instead of being allowed to ignore their welfare, as you correctly point out you can in the normal play style. I think it makes the game a lot more fun to bond with your Pokemon, and would argue that humans forming attachments to inanimate objects or unreal things is actually quite normal, if highly irrational. That and that calling your readers insane for harmless fantasies is a little harsh. ;)

And my final point in this long and rambling review is that you seem to force a rather unfair dichotomy on the reader - on the one hand you call us out on mistreating our Pokemon, or simply not caring, and being false to all those who believe we are good, caring trainers, but on the other you say we cannot, and seem to scornfully dismiss those who try as insane (if your intent was not negative here, I apologise - that's just how it came across for me). Thus to be good we must be mad, but to be sane is to be bad, guilty. Certainly a rock and a hard place, and a rather unfair one in my opinion, as well as false, for reasons detailed in far too much detail above.

Anyway, I have certainly enjoyed this trilogy of stories, even if the overall moral made for uncomfortable reading for me. However, in a way I am more glad I read your opinion on the work, because while I strongly disagree, I found thinking on the moral and my disagreements with it to be hugely enjoyable, so it gets a favourite from me! A bit strange, I know. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my response as much as I enjoyed your take, and apologise if I have misunderstood, caused offense, or caused alarm for my sanity with my musings. Thank you.

Frostednight chapter 1 . 3/8/2014
I enjoy your stories but not really this one one (sorry I know that you are getting a lot of hate mail)
I always play with my favorites. I only play with four pokemon, and I'm a bad ass at it. I always win because my favorites are there is a reason why they are strong. I made them strong, I made them who they are, I am the love who cared for them, I am the one who's has spent so much money on items to make them happy, I am the one who gave the vitems for them to grow, I am the one who spent 10 hours resurching my favs and the BEST way to train them, I am the one who gone all nighters and planed out every move each has, I am the one who grew my evee to an Undreon, I am the one who made sure each of them are in lusrey balls, I am the one who made and fed them poffins, I am the one who made sure all their stats are at the finest, I am the one who trained them to level 30 each before facing the first qym so they wouldn't feel pain,I am the one who didn't catch ANY other pokemon because I didn't want them, because they where to weak, I am the one who every one with these pokemon, I am the one who made them strong, IM THE ONE WHO MADE THEM STRONG, they are strong, powerful, unstoppable because of ME, and the reason why I did is… because I love them. If I didn't love them then they would still be weaklings running in the wild, IF I didn't love them then they would not of won every contest, IF I didn't love them then they wouldn't have the most perfect stats, IF I didn't love them then they would be weaklings rumiging for scraps of food in the wild,IF i didn't love them then they would not be champions! It's because I love them they are strong! It's because I love them they where lead to glory! It's because I love them they are unstoppable, the four of them. It's because I love them! And you say that doesn't matter! Who would go threw all the work, and triedness if they didn't love there pokemon! No one! No one at all! All pokemon would be weak with out the love and work from trainers! Your just being a hypocrite saying u never cared for your pokemon! Love for our pokemon is what drives me and my pokemon to get stronger! So you better not say that love between pokemon and player is insame! And if it is then IM insane! We are ALL insane! But that INSANITY is what drives US to be STRONGER!
bulbasaur2345 chapter 1 . 12/2/2012
wow i never thought of it that way
now i feel so sad that i am going to release my suicune from my pokemon heartgold version and crystal version
YOU ARE A SHIT chapter 1 . 2/1/2012

If you criticize with flame, I hope you'll die painfully, alone, and slowly, bitch.
ICan'tThinkOfAGoodAlias chapter 1 . 4/7/2011
I sorta agree. I would treat pokemon as friends and partners if they were real, but they aren't. I might get kinda attached to my starter or a cute or cool one, but I usually keep in mind that it's just a game. When I win, I don't think "Congratulations, buddies," I think "Yay! I won!" Because they aren't pets, or comrades, or even real. They are a few lines of coding in a (really fun) video game.
meri47 chapter 1 . 12/21/2010
I've got to admit, I do get kind of attached to them once I've had them for a while, even if they are just data.
SamJaz chapter 1 . 10/20/2009
Too right.
Unfortunately Unknown chapter 1 . 10/5/2008
Don't worry, I know I'm insane. I deal with it.

No, it isn't me, it's the fact that this is all a game...
turtwig chapter 1 . 11/26/2007
So apparently if we have an emotional attachment to our games, we're insane? Sure.

So it seems, through your comment at the end, that it's wrong to try and win with our favorites? That it's wrong to care about our Pokemon?

Oh, like you've never felt attached to the little pixels. They may not be real, but they seem real, and that's all that matters to me. It's called an imagination. if you don't try and enjoy the game, even pretending that they could be real, then what's the point at all? And who says you can;t win with your favorites?

And the trainer in game, yes he does start to care about his Pokemon. He may not win, but don't you understand that it was a storyline element? Sure, it may not help him win, but it was there for character development. To make you think at the end of the game, "Gee, he really is nicer. Lance sure was on to something when he told Silver that, wasn't he? maybe I can use this in my fic..."



Well,t hat's all I'll say. I mean, if you're just gonna keep up with this 'I R bettar than j00' attitude, what's the point?
Damned Lolita chapter 1 . 10/4/2007
...Yeah, I'm probably, (screw that, totally), insane. Even then, I love my pokemon. Even if it's one-sided. This fic, however, was beautifully written. Just like everything else. The Not You fics make me cry, though. I always loved Suicune... I catch a pokemon because they're pretty. I'm a bit nuts, but it always works.
DragonDamsel chapter 1 . 9/20/2007
Well, I guess that's the main reason that you got so much um insults is that you've never really warn them in the summary about this being a dark fic and boy how do some people hate being surprised with dark fics.

Another thing that's probably wouldn't really matter much is the fact that you've rated your three 'Not you' stories K. From what I've understand about fanfiction, doesn't K rating is for kids? And if that's the case, you actually think that's kids will understand a dark fic? Or even unprepared teens who thought that this will be about an 'another great and caring tranier'?

It strike me somehow that's you have made gameplay and storyline into one thing. It isn't. Yes, if you put it that way, they do contradict each other, but isn't pokemon games' intended for kids. I don't have anything wrong with adults or others playing pokeon games or anything (yes, I play pokemon too and some immagination and fun wouldn't hurt anyone) I just said that doesn't the producers' target, like, young children. Isn't the whole thing suppose to influence kids to be all good and kind and stuff like that?

Seriously, I think it's not actually insane to love a pixel. Just emotional. From what I understand love could have been created when you use your heart, your emotions. When you're a kid who use emotions over logic or a person who actually got into the game and left reality behind for later uses . . . it's possible to love pokemon. If you're a person who think love should be two sided or that's it's even impossible to love a posession, then think of it's as simply immagination or even obession. Being emotional is not insanity. Mad scientists are considered mad and they don't even use emotions.

Personally I like your idea and the way you portray it for like what one shots should do, yours went right to the point. A pretty thoughts provoking point too. It's true that in real life, being all kind and caring isn't going to help you beat someone who's stronger. Same goes for the pokemon world.

And how much some people could hold on so tightly on their won romantized version of the truth. Seriously, did the 'special' one has to always come from afar. So everybody around you could never become the one? Impatient, insecure and how stubbornly one held onto their belief when they don't even really believe in them, these really are the traits that really could break things up.

You said this is a game so we wouldn't care and pokemon had no minds, and you wrote stuffs in their POVs? Although I must admit that I couldn't really made head or tail of what your intentions are apart from what I had mentioned above which may not even be right. I'm sorry if I've offend you in any ways. I would be honored if you could enlighten me about what your other intentions are or the significance of the title 'Not you'. Thank you for taking the time to read my review.
Invisible-chan chapter 1 . 8/3/2007
I love the rival. He really does develop a great heart. Despite being insane by loving my Pokemon, I really like your stories and your writing style.
Jack Keller chapter 1 . 6/15/2007
Your Not-yous are very thought provoking. And yes, not in the GAME. In the game I respect their ability. I am proud I gave them it. And I revel in my 1337ness.

Mourning Violet chapter 1 . 1/5/2007
I get the point you're trying to make, but people are still going to disagree.

Sure, maybe you're right, but that gives you no right to call any person who reviewed this story insane because we have a different view from yours.

Still, the drabble was pretty interesting...

~Mourning Violet~
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