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DarkMaster1117 chapter 106 . 7/19
ok, here my oc
Ryoichi Tagami
hairstyle:spiky hair
hair color:white
deck: Flamvell
personailty: ryoichi is exact definition of being a loner
background: ever since ryoichi's parents died from zero reverse, he began to be living in the streets in new domino city, before his parents died his father told him that he has a mysterious power in his system, (his father told ryoichi that he has some power in him hope this is isn't confusing" . Ryoichi never understand why he has some power, he was going to ask his father why but he never got a chance. So he began to train himself to keep his power in control.

(Beautiful Crimson World)
Volcanic doomfire 2x
Volcanic slicer 3x
Volcanic rocket 3x
Royal firestorm guards 3x
Summoner monk
Volcanic scattershot 3x
Volcanic shell 3x
Volcanic wall 3x
Pot of avarice
Blaze accelerator
Tri-blaze accelerator
Karma cut 2x
Raigeki break 3x
Transmigration prophecy
Firewall 2x
Blaze accelerator reload 3x
Phoenix wing wind blast 3x
guardian of the aura Aurasoul chapter 106 . 5/12
Oh Takashi and Akiza are just so wonderful together! I just adore them and great chapter!
Thomas Drovin chapter 106 . 5/11
Hey there welcome back! I'm glad to see that you're back onto this story and you're off on some new stories as well as working on others you've had on hold.

Now for my review...It seems that Takashi has only JUST managed to beat his first shadow duelist and that poor fellow was just a drone to TEST him! I dread to think what happens when he and his friends meet a REAL Dark Signer! I'm SO gald that Sona went with Takashi in case something went wrong.

As for Hikari she did the right thing warning Akiza in her dreams that something BAD is going to happen, they'll ALL have to be on their guard. However it seems that the Dark Signers are now turning their attention to Alistair Miles, I wonder WHAT they have in store for him? I guess I'll see next update huh? See you then whenever you can manage it! Later!

PS: IF you need some OC's my previous ones I submitted that you never got around to using are still ready to be put to a good use. If you lost them I can remake them in a PM let me know won't you? See you soon! Cheers!
DoTheBartMan chapter 106 . 5/11
Nice chapter, looking forward to seeing the Dark Signers arc
Serpentdragon chapter 106 . 5/11
Good chapter, Spirit. You wrapped up the Duel very nicely and I am curious to see how the Duel goes for Alistair next chapter.
Azure King and Azure Queen chapter 106 . 5/11
I LOVE IT...well the Nitro Warrior destroying Frozen was bit like the original anime was kinda hoping something different oh well still great! I hated that card in the tag force game nearly lost a lot of battles cause of it.

Well I forgot if you accept my OC so I'm just going to be on the safe side and reenter him again hehe sorry if you still want him, but here's a improve version

Here my Oc
Nero Knight/ Hallelujah Sage (There's a reason why for the two names)
Age: 19
Background information: Nero is test tube baby created by the mysterious organization and was abandoned when he was five. In order to live he becomes a strong duelist by fighting in the underground battles through many years, he became a prodigy for duels. He becomes rich and leaves in the Tops comfortably without care. He gives up dueling earning enough money to live off for years. He soon meets with Misty Tredwell who becomes his closest and only friend. Soon many years passed as the two and Toby were always together. When Toby joins the Arcadia Movement Nero reassures his friend that he'll be fine. Until when they hear that Toby died Nero in blind rage becomes a duelist once more for revenge. However Misty stops him but Nero puts her to sleep telling her that he'll be back and kiss her forehead. He expertly sneaks in to find Sayer when the two duel but in the end Nero loses and dies by using the same electrical shocking collars from Yu-Gi-Oh GX Zane's shock collars. When Nero dies from too much electrical shock he curses at the man but Sayer smiles as said 'Toby was a failure but you...might be a rare find...' Before Nero, heart completely stop Sayer uses his powers to keep heart move just enough to make him unconscious for him to conduct his experiments. Nero mind became warped into a new vicious persona who fights for killing and destruction. But Sayer made a mistake giving him too much freedom and seal him in the deepest basement to use if Akiza should betray him. But soon after Takashi defeats Sayer, Hallelujah finds his new life untamed and soon becomes hired duelist to kill anyone. However if you still make Misty into a Dark Signer I would like that Akiza duels Hallelujah who was hired (By the Dark Signers) to defeat her but she wins. Nero would come back, and he realizes everything and tells everyone where are the enemies locations. But before the big battle, he asks Akiza if he can fight Misty win or lose before she can. She at first declined but after another duel with Nero (no holograms) she trusts him to do it. Nero would face off with his childhood friend who thinks that Nero is fake. The two will duel as Nero tries to convince her but her powers make him faint but he will hear a voice and it will be his evil counterpart Hallelujah who makes a deal who they work together by combining both of their decks into a new one. When they were about to win Nero would see Misty still unconvinced that he is a fake. So he does something he did...surrenders and sacrifices his life making his friend realize that her childhood friend is going to die. She begs him to stay with her but Nero would kiss her saying that she was his only reason to live and ask her to let Akiza stop the Dark Signers. Misty would find Akiza and tries to help until her earthbound immortal takes over. But she will lose because Akiza uses Nero and Hallelujah ace monster.

Nero: He is an adaptable young man but is very clueless with common sense given that his only knowledge was either from his years as a test tube baby or underground duelist, he is also a bit cold when taking in people always calculating than seeing humans. He is hopeless romantic with women (his only major weakness in life) and he also has a problem with food thinking it's a disgusting process and barely eats unless made by him or Misty. Due to that, he has a very lean and petite body, often being mistaking as a girl from afar much to his hatred.

Hallelujah: Sadistic especially in duels where he slowly takes his opponents life points slowly. He doesn't care forgets in his way treating everyone with the same treatment, though he acts like the big brother for Nero whenever he can but denies it almost tsundere. He believes that when duels start he gives everyone a fair match and fair exchange (If his opponents win he will given them anything they want except for his life)

Appearance: Nero and Hallelujah have only one outfit which a white dress shirt with an orange half jacket that has a Yin yang symbol on the shoulders. The pants are long and baggy that has multiple pockets. He has long hair that covered one side of his face. If it's on the left then it's Nero if it's on the right it will be Hallelujah. Nero's hair is snow white due to his birth and is rather weak whenever he is not dueling which is the result of barely eating as well. His hair is long to reach his back and face looks like a girl at most times.

Nero's Deck is a Cyber Dragon Deck with fusion summonings like Cyber End Dragon and Chimeratech Overdragon.

Hallelujah is a Cyberdark deck with Rebirth Judgment as key card for his duels. When they work together they use the cards they have together.

Ace Monster:
Nero Chimeratech Overdragon, Cyber End Dragon and Cyber Nova Dragon.

Chant: Cyber End Dragon: The beauty of technology which cold and perfection, when combine into this new form it only spells the end for my foes. Fusion Summon, The CYBER END DRAGON, START UP YOUR SYSTEMS!

Chimeratech Overdragon: I can't believe I have to bust out my best machine, the End only restarts a new beginning for more powerful and more dangerous monster! Arise to destroy all those who stand in my way with your endless streams of attacks! CHIMERATECH OVERDRAGON, START UP YOUR OVERDRIVE SYSTEMS!

Cyber Nova Dragon: I hate using XYZ it has no taste but oh well, This dragon is the fruit of machines true power! To gain more power or fix fusion's meet the Cyber Nova Dragon! Start your system now!

Hallelujah Cyberdark Dragon and Rebirth Judgment.

Chant: Rebirth Judgment: HAHAHAHA, Watch as your beloved monsters are now dragons to be used as fuel my monsters!

Cyberdark Dragon: Watch as the darkest machine for killing is descending to your death, now watch as your favorite monster will help with your demise. Dark Cyber System start up!

When working together Cyberdark Dragon equips Cyber End Dragon.

Chant: Nero: Hallelujah, now, save Misty with Cyberdark Dragon!
Hallelujah: Oh fine! Cyberdark Dragon take CyberEnd Dragon as your source of power!
Both: Reflexes and Strength must become one! Let's go Start Up PERFECT CYBER SYSTEM!

I hope you can use him and oh the mysterious organization is Yliaster. Sorry if you accepted him already but just making sure haha, please continue your awesome works man!
Thomas Drovin chapter 105 . 4/17
Hi there welcome back at long LONG last! No doubt you've been busy with life and everything in general outside this site but as usual my patience has paid off and you have returned!

Now for my review...I see that the Dark Signers have decided to turn up and get things going with their plan to plunge the world into Darkness. HOWEVER I get the feeling from what I've read that THIS saga will go a bit more DIFFRENTLY than it did in the orginal 5D's huh? It'll be fun to see just HOW events will play out and WHO are the Dark Signers and just WHAT downers do they have on Takashi and his fellow Signers. See you next update whenever you can manage it so I can find out! Later!
Serpentdragon chapter 105 . 4/16
Nice chapter, buddy. Good to see this updated after so long. Looking forward to see how this Duel goes compared to Yusei's Duel against the Shadow Drone.
DoTheBartMan chapter 105 . 4/16
It's been awhile, well written as always, I am looking forward to seeing how Akari interacts with Alister if they are going to follow a similar route of Jack and Carly.

the Dark Signer arc is one of my favorite Arc's in the Yugioh series and I eagerly await to see your twist
guardian of the aura Aurasoul chapter 105 . 4/16
*squeal* Oh I was so worried you wouldn't continue! Oh this is going to be great!
Azure King and Azure Queen chapter 105 . 4/16
THIS WAS AWESOME...Except for the ending lol! But awesome I can't for more, man this work is so great hope to see more man!
DarkMaster1117 chapter 104 . 4/13
Awesome story, keep up the good work!
Serpentdragon chapter 104 . 1/20
Sorry this took me so long to do my review, Spirit. I have been pretty busy these last few days. This new chapter was good, a nice transition from the end of the Fortune Cup Arc to the Dark Signer Arc. It was nice to see what's happening back in Crash Town. It was interesting to see the whole team (minus the teammates we haven't met yet) come together. Rather appropriate that Aiku would be so spiteful and not interested in joining the team. Hopefully, though, it won't be too long before he is brought into fold... Maybe after Takashi or Alex beat some sense into his thick skull lol
Thomas Drovin chapter 104 . 1/11
Hey there welcome back for 2016! I see that now Takashi WON the duel tourdement by the skin of his teeth he's given new hope to his friends, family and home town good on him! HOWEVER all of this has been Goodwin's plan to get him and his fellow Signers for the REAL task at hand...goes to show there's no rest for the wicked huh? Ah well hopefully they're all ready for this! See you next chapter whenever you can manage it so I can find out and enjoy the New Year!

PS: I saw that you've made a new Fanfic I'll give it a look. Cheers!
guardian of the aura Aurasoul chapter 104 . 1/11
Great so far Im on the edge of my seat!
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