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Emmanuel chapter 101 . 2/27
What a start the arc's finale (like a season finale). On the next chapter, we'll get a closer at Alistair on how he thru everything away at Satellite, and the continuation of the Turbo Duel between him and Takeshi. Will we see the Crimson Dragon again near the end of the chapter? We'll have to wait and see.
Serpentdragon chapter 101 . 2/23
Excellent job, buddy. I would have liked to have seen more of the Duel in this chapter, but still, I really enjoyed. Excellent work, pal.
Thomas Drovin chapter 101 . 2/23
Hey there! Welcome back to 2015 at long, LONG last! Sorry to hear about your computer woes between when you last updated and now, but I'm glad that you managed to get up and about again. Good thing I'm VERY good at waiting! *Chuckles*

Now for my review...the FINAL duel has begun however it appears that thanks to a 'helping hand' from Goodwin, Alistair is going to be a REAL challenge for Takashi! I sure hope he can pull it off, not just for his sake but for Akiza and his sister Kagura who he dosen't even know about yet. Oh the suspence! I can't WAIT to see how this ends! See you next update whenever you can so I can find out!

PS: I like you idea of doing profiles on the characters of your story, that's very inventive of you. Keep it up!
DoTheBartMan chapter 101 . 2/23
awesome chapter man, I can relate with delaying work lol

looking forward to seeing the duel unfold.

and finally Happy belated New Year
Thunder Crush chapter 101 . 2/23
This was worth the wait. I just know Takashi's going to pull through this and claim victory. Update soon.
Azure King and Azure Queen chapter 101 . 2/23
Hey man awesome chapter seriously though I keep forgetting to read the last chapter when you update sometimes when you update but you don't hear me complaining! XD

Anywayi love how the suspsen and tension of the duel is going so well let's hope that Takashi can beat this battle and nice facts I think Bryce Papenbrook would be a great EngVoiceDub to use for him...yep! And also I forgot that my OC Nero/Allelujah (that is you consider him in not don't worry about this part haha) one important card in their deck that Akiza will borrow for her battle for you-know-who *wink-wink* and it's a OC for my deck
Future's Last Hope!
When you have Half LP to your opponent and have three or more 'Cyber' machine monsters in your graveyard you can remove them from play to Summon one Machine Fusion Monster and destroy in the end of the turn.
Please rock on with more great chapters!
Gokan123 chapter 100 . 1/24
Gokan123 chapter 97 . 1/19
Emmanuel chapter 100 . 12/31/2014
There's one thing I didn't write on my last review. I read a little bit from the story's beginnings for Takashi's Duel Runner since it was his mother's original one, and he painted blue and white, same as his Stardust Dragon (even through it suppose to be more white than blue). I think I got a name out of it. As a tribute to his mom and Singer dragon, the Runner is called Sakura Sonic. The "Sonic" part is for two reasons: Stardust's attack in the Japanese version, "Shooting Sonic", and that motorbike can go faster than the speed of sound if it gained 12 Speed Counters. I know it's impossible, but hey, I have an active imagination; can you blame me? Anyway, I hope you can come up with names of other Runners and descriptions. Boy, as soon as I have finish this review and send it, it will be 12 hours until the new year! Crazy, isn't it? See you there!
secret753 chapter 2 . 12/30/2014
Bringin back some classic cards im only on chapter 2 but i cant seem to put this book down i approve
DarkMaster1117 chapter 1 . 12/29/2014
awesome story, can i have my oc character in ur story, pm me if you want the story of my oc
Emmanuel chapter 100 . 12/29/2014
Sorry for not reviewing earlier. I was busy. That's a Christmas gift in and of itself. Not only a chapter and the conclusion of the duel, which an epic clash between the two dragons, but having their moment to confession toward each other and sharing their first kiss (or was it second? They did first underneath the mistletoe on the Holiday Special.). Oh, and cute flashback of Akiza's. How sweet, waiting her daddy wishing her a happy birthday.

On the next chapter, were down to brass tacks. Takashi Nakamura. Alistair Miles. Two of the best duelists New Domino City have ever seen. If you accept them or not, here are the rules:
- Turbo Duel
- Speed World 2
- 8000 Life Points

Oh, and just a notice: no Speed Counters on the first turn of a Turbo Duel. That's what it stated on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia website. I'll be looking forward to that story, the New Year's special, and the Power Rangers story you and Serpentdragon will be working on. See you in January 2015!
Anonymous chapter 100 . 12/28/2014
Question: how close is the story to being completed? I mean it's great, but I'm just worried that one day, it will go on permanent hiatus, and if there's one thing I hate with any fanfics, it would be a story that's incomplete, and will never be complete. I'm not asking you to hurry; I just want to make sure that it won't get cancelled in the future. I'm sorry for asking that, really. I'm just concerned as a fan of yours.
Shadic chapter 100 . 12/26/2014
Even though it's late I wish you a Merry Christmas and Good luck on the upcoming power rangers story I will be the first one to read it.
Thomas Drovin chapter 100 . 12/25/2014
Hey there Merry Christmas to you! Thanks for updating with your 100th Chapter on Christmas Day AND with Takashi and Akiza actually admitting their feelings to each other as well. THAT is a gift in its self! I'm glad to see that their duel ended with both of them with no life points, so no one wins no one looses. Good work for getting this far after all this time, it has been my pleasure to read this story. Good look for 2015 see you next update whenever you can manage it, see you then!
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