Reviews for Penpals
blueroses97 chapter 71 . 7/26
Please update soon I havent read a story like this in a long time.
Wild Birdie chapter 52 . 6/21
Wait so Tom is demisexual?
Xx-Kylie-B-xX chapter 71 . 6/5
i love this story. please update soon the moment i read thisni couldn't stop jow im sad that it isnt further.
Superratty chapter 71 . 4/26
Please continue this story! It's been a while and you've written too much for you to give up now
manapohaku2 chapter 71 . 4/20
Love this, hope you continue it's amazing.
manapohaku2 chapter 52 . 4/20
Don't you mean 5 more years and tom should be 13 in 2nd year. Like sirius he would be a year older than the others. Hermione is a year older as well.
domsijohn chapter 71 . 4/15
Molly just gave sirius stuff away that bitch is feeding her family off of sirius money and acting like its her house i hate her for that. Total happy that harry kept the book and now has the loced a huge part wants tom to take bach his soul from the pieces that or left to have sirius keep all the dark object i found it unfair that they all or at sirius and yet harry got stuck with the dursleys the only issue i have is the chapters your on 64 and yet we are barely started the good parts i kind wish rryton ginny molly get killed of
domsijohn chapter 70 . 4/15
No one ask harry what he wanted albus rsised him a lamb to the slaughter
domsijohn chapter 69 . 4/15
How can tom not realize now who harry is
domsijohn chapter 68 . 4/15
Besides albuss just gave the Stocker family more reason to think that Harry is in love with ginny. Nope but i think maybe the halfblood prince when they fight harry gets possesssed and the finally figure. It out
domsijohn chapter 67 . 4/15
Side note I hope that Tom actually raises Libby because the age difference is 12 years so what time Tom graduates Libby should be about 6 I hope she stays alive as far as a Jenny somebody shoot me can't stand that little b****
domsijohn chapter 66 . 4/15
Astoria is a year younger the reason why i do not like ginny because he goes from not interested to being married kids love of his life she a stocker. And i really don't think the potter would have been friends with the wealeys besides molly makes jokes about the love potion she used or her husband and be for arthur was a auror bit stop and they paid to go see charlie the 1 year xmas but didnt use the money for their kids other than the twins i cant stand the rest and in the book molly get money for harry stuff out of his vault and bill does in 6 year so wrong
domsijohn chapter 65 . 4/15
Like this but i hate what happens in book 5
domsijohn chapter 64 . 4/15
That was cool
domsijohn chapter 63 . 4/15
So very good my lord
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