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dri-dri93 chapter 71 . 4/26


Everything is peaceful and quiet until suddenly it isn't and they're back and action, and they couldn't be happier, I love it so much.

Honestly, Cougar and Roque smuggling their arsenals in in golfing bags is a power move and I support them. Especially Roque, with his arsenal of mainly knives, allowing Cougar to share some bag space. Amazing!

Seriously, though, now that this is complete I desperately need to re-read this and enjoy it all as one cohesive body, because it deserves that. I absolutely adore this story and I am definitely going to go find it on AO3 and download it to keep it forever and ever. I love the mythos of the story and the worldbuilding you include (that I had no idea existed until you explained it all, being ignorant to Shadowrun).

If I keep typing I'm going to start repeating myself, I'm a little distracted because I've /technically/ been reading this at work, but there wasn't anyone around that I needed to help so it's okay, and it helped me destress from pre-finals week, and I'm absolutely thrilled that it's been completed.

dri-dri93 chapter 70 . 4/26

Max died so unceremoniously, I love it. Just like ... "Oops, you ran afoul of a master rigger and your plane is now on a one-way trip to the depths of the ocean, have a nice flight." (Mojito Airlines was a nice touch.)

Also, the brass covering everything up because it's such an unholy mess is so real, I can't even sum up how amusing I find it. That last line of this chapter - I love it.

Now, on to the after-credits scene!
dri-dri93 chapter 68 . 4/26



Holy crap this was amazing. I loved this climax and final battle. It lived up to every expectation, and the twists and turns kept coming! I definitely wasn't expecting Max to still manage to play them against each other.

Roque accessing Casey's power and unleashing it across the plane to wash away the malicious spellwork was an absolutely beautiful sequence. I love how you wrote that!

So are we going to get to see the team kick the shit out of Max or will we end like the movie does? I'm just wondering, honestly, either option is kickass.

Thank you for updating more! This is amazing.
dri-dri93 chapter 61 . 4/26
Oh my gosh, I love the speed of these updates. Definitely going to keep taking breaks from my finals to read this and unwind. For given values of unwind, because I'm still on the edge of my seat. Cliffhanger, why.

I love how Clay is just like "Magic? Who's she? Just give me the facts, people, but also I have all of these metaphysical questions that I kind of want answers to, but I only want answers that don't involve metaphysics." It's so Clay.

Roque in this is amazing. I love how you've taken his canon character and expanded on him, giving him this outlet for his rage that leaves his enemies absolutely decimated and everyone on his side looking at him like "Damn." It's just a great way to see his character and I'm living for it.

I think that your OCs are some of my favorites ever. There are so many of them, but each of them is their own person with their own motivations and their own voice. It's honestly amazing that you've managed to create this massive ensemble cast and direct them like a puppetmaster through this huge, convoluted plot in a way that maintains suspense incredibly well and yet never leaves me confused over who is where ir what someone is doing. I'm gonna be honest, I would pay real money for this in print if it wouldn't break copyright laws. This fic is better organized, paced, and populated than some stories I've read in advanced fiction workshops.

I just love everything about this story. Really, I do. Once it's complete over on AO3 (I found it on AO3 after you started updating again and just figured I'd keep commenting here because it's where I started.) I'm going to download it and save it forever. We're in the home stretch now and I'm absolutely thrilled to see how all of this will be resolved.
*finger guns* You're awesome. Also, thank you thank you again for finishing this story - it's even better than I'd dared to hope for.
dri-dri93 chapter 50 . 4/22
Oh my goodness! So many updates! Thank you so much!

I love all of this, honestly. I've probably forgotten some of the finer points of what I just read but I just came back to my email for this site to find all of these notifications and I am grinning like a loon.

I love how this is developing! I'm rooting for Cougar to kick the ass of whatever bug is currently inhabiting Martinez. The bug won't know what hit him. (I hope.)

I'm rooting for Pooch to notice Jolene - that is why her name is Jolene, isn't it? She deserves someone to look at her "... otherwise". ;)

I'm definitely intrigued by whatever Roque has cooked up. It sounds like it's going to get interesting on that deck soon. I'm so happy that Clay trusts Roque enough to offer his own blood for workings when Roque is almost tapped out. (Unless I'm mixing up how blood mages' power works, which is entirely possible...)

This is amazing! Thank you so, so much for updating it and continuing to update it so quickly - I'll be over here waiting with bated breath for the next installment!
dri-dri93 chapter 39 . 4/19

Oh my gosh I smiled so huge when I saw this notification in my inbox. (Once again I'm ignoring finals to read this... You have either the best or the worst timing, lol!) Honestly, I'm so stoked that you're still working on this.

Richard is giving me the skeeves. I don't like how ... attached he already is to Casey. It's borderline obsessive, especially when you consider that he just met her. I get that druids (nature mages, basically, right?) would have close ties to beings that draw their power/origins from nature like dryads, but you're more than your urges and all of that. Maybe he's an okay dude who's just currently operating on Crisis Instinct Mode because of the hood... But it's still not okay.

Clay is off the mine! And his chest wound as cauterized, at least! Go, human ingenuity. I never would've thought of having Casey grow roots over the switch - that was ingenious. Although the backlash that hit Casey probably means that that solution should only be used in the direst moments.

Pooch is awesome and badass. Love the "These are not the droids you're looking for"-esque trick there. (Jensen would've totally cracked that joke, but Jensen wasn't there.) I really just love all of the worldbuilding in this story and the various powers of the team... It's honestly my favorite part of this story.

Jensen and Cougar are still in deep trouble away on the ship... Hive minds are serious business when they're focused on summoning evil and being generally awful. I can't wait to see how they'll fight back. This is going to get awesome!

Thank you thank you thank you for updating! I'm still grinning from happiness. Like I said above, I love the concept of this story. Take all the time you need to edit it! It sounds like you have it well in hand. (Disappearing characters are the bane of my existence in ensemble cast stories - I Feel Your Pain.) I'll definitely be around to read the rest! I need to see how this ends. I /need/ to.
Aislinn Graves chapter 37 . 4/18
HOORAY for another chapter! Excellent as always!

dri-dri93 chapter 36 . 12/8/2017
Holy cow, I love everything about this! I can't say that I'm familiar with Shadowrun, but you've written this so that I'm not lost in the worldbuilding. The mythos of it all is just captivating, and I keep gasping as more is revealed. Honestly, I love the various different, I guess, beings? that you made the guys into. Jensen as a decker and Pooch as a rigger is just common sense, I can see it so well (the scenes with Jensen in the Matrix were kickass and I love Tracker and Duck). Roque as a blood mage is honestly amazing, and I love the scenes with him interacting with other spirits in the astral plane.

I know Casey wasn't exactly meant to have as big of a part as she now has, but I love her! I wondered whether she was some kind of mage when Roque noticed her aura changed, but I never expected her to be a (part-) dryad. That was an awesome twist.

Not going to lie, I'm wondering just how they're going to get themselves out of this mess. I mean, Clay standing (literally!) on a Bouncing Betty with a sucking chest wound, Roque pretty much running dry magic-wise, Casey still trying to come to terms with her new abilities, Pooch and his helo both being wounded and running on basically a wish and a prayer, and Cougar and Jensen trapped on a ship in the middle of the ocean hoping that they're not about to be sacrificed to some ... thing. It all seems pretty bleak - but I know they'll get out of it! The Losers always do, somehow.

I know it's been a long time since you've last updated (I still can't believe February is ten months past now) but I still really want to know how this ends! It's such a compelling and truly unique story that I never would have guessed that I would enjoy until I clicked on it, started reading, and was immediately distracted from my finals. Take your time coming back - I know how crazy life can get, believe me. But please don't abandon this masterpiece! (I offer my services as proofreader/beta if you need them, or even just a cheerleader - I understand completely!)

Thank you for writing and posting this! It was such a treat to read, and I really hope that it continues in the future!
Guest chapter 36 . 2/19/2017
Welcome back!
fierynightangel chapter 35 . 11/13/2016
So glad finally caught up on this! Freaking awesome! Loving Casey, Duck, and Tracker! VERY much looking forward to more!
Alexandre Laquer chapter 35 . 6/13/2016
Great Story ! i cannot wait to see the next chapters...
fierynightangel chapter 31 . 6/18/2014
cackles absolutely fucking awesome! go jensen and duck!
fierynightangel chapter 29 . 6/9/2014
good luck! and so there's wade...
fierynightangel chapter 28 . 6/4/2014
so cool! glad everything wasn't lost!
fierynightangel chapter 26 . 6/4/2014
lol poor tracker...
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