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Starette-The-Star chapter 12 . 11/13/2014
Dear Professor Snape,

I wanted to ask you some questions that have been on my mind. Some may be painful subjects to you, so feel free to not answer them if you don't want to.

1. Did you ever communicate with Lily again after that "name" incident?
2. Was your mother loving toward you?
3. Why do you like potions?

Erudite Ravenclaw
Guest chapter 12 . 6/20/2013
Dear Professor,

I love Drarry and all probable slash pairings and yaoi too which is very perverted when you about it ;-).But anyway I have a few questions
1- Do you think Hufflepuffs are stoners because of a their name is huff-le-puff and they're all happy and dumb?
2-Have you read this fan fiction called The Hogwarts Sing Off? It has Drarry but not too much and it is also very funny.
3-Have you read The Hunger Games? If so what do you think about Katniss?
4-Moz, do you read fandoms apart from Drarry? Like SiriLu or even SasuNaru from Naruto.
5-Do you like to sing to mysterious ticking noises?


Devoted Gryffindor Drarry Fan
DesirePassion chapter 12 . 3/30/2013
Dear Moz,

Thank you for the compliment (Awesome people unite! And take over the world!). Also, thank you for continuing to have Professor Snape answer our questions. I'm sorry to hear that you've been sick. I really hope that you're alright now.

Dear Professor Snape,

Thank you for answering my previous questions. I really appreciate it. My reactions were:
1. I bet you were mad that Harry Potter used your own spell against your godson. I bet you were mad that you didn't manage to take James Potter's head off when you cut his face during the "5th year OWLS incident." 2. That potion is perfectly evil, That's hilarious that you used on Dumbledore. I guess you can still eat lemon drops without teeth? Maybe that's why he didn't notice. 3. "Trim your toe nails?!" :D Haha, you are the best! I wonder if you made Wormtail trim your nails too while he lived with you at Spinner's end? 4. Wow, that's so cool that you can fly! I wish I could. I imagine that'd it be uncomfortable (especially for guys) to sit on a broom for a long periods of time so flying without one is way better. 5. I don't doubt your Potion skills. I just consider your health to be more important than giving Harry what he deserves. 6. Ew. Quirrell sounds like a total creeper! What a freaky weirdo. 7. Wow, sir, Just wow. You are a GIANT! (Well okay, that may be exaggerating a bit). You should have "accidentally" stepped on firsties while you were teaching at Hogwarts. You could have easily have claimed that you didn't see them! :D

Now, if you don't mind, I have a couple more questions for you. (Well okay, I'm sure you do mind but at least you have something to pass the time with during your captivity).

1. Were there any Potions that you really wanted to create but just didn't have the time to before you passed away?

2. While you were completing your Potions Mastery, did you travel outside the UK? If yes, which country did you like the most?

3. I imagine that being raised by Tobias Snape wouldn't make you a Muggle lover but since you were exposed to both Wizarding and Muggle culture you must have knowledge of both worlds. Was there anything about Muggle culture that you did like?

4. Which of the two do you like more: the theory or practical side of Potions? In other words, did you enjoy making Potions or studying the theory behind them more? Or do you like doing both things equally?

5. Which of the two sounds most appealing to you: "watching paint dry" or "watching grass grow"?

Thank you for taking the time to read my questions, Professor. I would be really grateful if you would answer them.

LeviosaLove chapter 12 . 3/29/2013
Dear Professor Snape,
I hate to pry.. but here I go anyway!
Are you aware that in jo bekke's universe you are dating quirrel?
How do you feel about the fact that hundreds of millions of muggles know every detail of your personal life, and your hair?
Do you use a penseive? If so, what for?
Have you ever had a sugar high/gotten drunk? If so, what chaos insued?
Did you know the Blacks growing up?
What would you like people to remember you by?
All of the death eaters: one adjective each.
Curiously and cynically,
Slytherin66 chapter 12 . 3/29/2013
This was good, I will never think of Madam Pomfrey the same way again. Molly does not surprise me she would need to be ruthless and dangerous to control her many spawn.

I have a question if people were to donate money to free the Snape Foundation would he be set free.

Thanks for the update I look forward to the next and I am sorry you were sick.
Thelostblacksister chapter 2 . 3/28/2013
Dear Prof. Snape

As we speak, an owl is being sent to Rita Skeeter about your, ahem, love for a certain Azkaban prisoner aka Sirius Black during your 7th year. THIS IS FOR GOING OUT WITH THAT HUFFLEPUFF

Not so sincerely,

Deya the angry student
cheese123m chapter 2 . 3/28/2013
LOL the last one again!
cheese123m chapter 1 . 3/28/2013
lol the last one :D
worldguardixn chapter 2 . 3/28/2013
[Oh my lord...reading these letters...I think I'm about to die of laughter. xD]

Dear Professor Snape,

Have you ever heard of Pottermore? It's a site made by J.K Rowling, who wrote the Harry Potter Series. It's really cool, because it's interactive and you can collect items, potion ingredients, etc. You can get sorted too! I got Slytherin, which was surprising, considering my complex personality. Anyways, very interesting site, I'm trying to collect all the Chocolate Frog Cards, hopefully there's one for you, too!


Danielle [Slytherin Student c:]

P.S- Sense my birthday is September 4th, 3 days after school for Hogwarts starts, would I still get my letter that year, or will I have to wait until next year to get it? I'm a curious person.
Very Small Prophet chapter 11 . 8/10/2012
Dear Professor Snape,

Instead of asking questions about you, I thought I would ask you about your fellow staff members. I have no doubt you will answer honestly and eloquently.

Is it true that Madam Pomfrey is incapable of taking a step without bustling? In many fanfics, it seems like she bustles every time she makes a move. Is this due to some sort of physical deformity or curse that everyone is too polite to mention? Molly Weasley appears to suffer from the same problem.

What are your fellow Heads of House like? People seem to think Professor Sprout is soft and nurturing, but we never see that in the books. The characteristics of Hufflepuff House are hard work and loyalty, not softness, warmth, or sentimentality. Sprout is loyal to her own House, but I’ll bet she’s a tough cookie to everyone else. No one should mess with badgers.

How old is Professor Flitwick? Fanfic writers seem to think he’s old and grey-bearded, but JKR never tells us. He could be older than Dumbledore or younger than you. How tall is he? I’m 4’10”; is he as tall as me? Personally I think anyone over five feet is too tall, but I’m willing to make exceptions for brilliant and sexy Potions Masters.

Is Professor McGonagall really “strict but fair”? You’d think if she were she would have done more to stop the Marauders from bullying you. Or was that all Dumbledore protecting his Manly Little Gryffindors? People have the impression that McGonagall is tough, but she seems to fall apart pretty easily when Dumbles isn’t around. What’s with that?

How many of the staff members are married? Do spouses live at Hogwarts, or do they keep their own establishments? Commuting would be easy with floos and apparition, and only Heads of House need to be at the school all the time. The other teachers don’t really need to be shut up in that castle twenty-four hours a day like a bunch of monks and nuns.

Finally, is it true that Irma Pince is really Eileen Prince in disguise?


Very Small Prophet
aurorianskies chapter 11 . 5/13/2012
Dear Professor Snape,

I just wanted you to know you are probably one of my favorite people in the wizarding world. Its very admirable the way you face both Voldemort and Dumbledore's crazies. I wouldn't be able to face it. Not to mention you also have to teach disrespectful and idiotic students.

By the way have you read the muggle story of Cyrano de Bergerac? There are some remarkable similarities between the two of you. Namely your nose, wit, and unrequited love.


Interested Ravenclaw
DesirePassion chapter 11 . 3/17/2012
Dear Moz,

Could you please feed Professor Snape? Starving him for not shipping DracoxHarry is not very polite. Other than that, thank you very much for "persuading" the Professor to answer our questions during his captivity. You are awesome.

Dear Professor Snape,

1. What was your favorite spell that you've invented?

2. What was your favorite potion that you've invented?

3. I'm assuming that you've assigned Harry Potter many different kinds of detentions. What was the most hilarious (for you not Harry) punishment you've ever given him? One of my buddies asks "did you ever have the 'Golden boy' clean your bathroom?" My own reply to my buddy was "That'd be pretty funny but why would the Professor want Harry touching his personal things?"

4. I apologize for this stupid question but I've heard that you can fly without a broom. Is this true? If yes, do you like flying?

5. I've read in an earlier chapter that you would kill Harry by telling him the truth about his stupid father (yes, I know that the word "stupid" doesn't even begin to describe James Potter but I'd like to avoid swearing), torturing him, then chopping his body to make flour and then making a souffle out of said flour and finally, eating it. My question is, aren't you afraid of the horrific indigestion that would result from consuming Potter's corpse? Is there a stomach soothing potion strong enough to counter the effects of consuming Potter? I'm not doubting your Potions skills but you've got to admit that eating Potter is like asking for food poisoning and the worst case of the runs in British history.

6. Which of the DADA teachers did you hate the most; Quirrell, Lockhart, Lupin, Umbridge, or Carrow?

7. How tall are you (please give your answer in feet and inches. Yes I am capable of converting but please don't make me)? I personally am 4'8 (yes, I know that I'm a total shorty). I'm trying to picture how tall I would be standing next to you. Would I come up to your elbow? Or am I taller than that (perhaps this is wishful thinking on my part)?


Dragon MoonX chapter 11 . 3/10/2012
Dear Professor Snape,

I sent you a package with some food since Moz hasn't been allowing you to eat properly. And I prepared the food myself. I hope you like blackberry bread and peach tea.

Now, on to my questions.

Did Lily ever ask you to babysit Harry while she and James went out for the evening?

Is Scabior single?

Do you think Remus and Sirius are more than just friends?

Were you ever forced to go to a Death Eater meeting when you were ill and would have rather stayed at home in bed?

I'm afraid I can't think of many questions today, so that's all I have for now.


Dragon MoonX
Just another pretty face chapter 11 . 3/8/2012
Dear, Sarcastic, Occasionally Downright Cruel And Unusual Professor Snape (that's right, YOU),

Hi there! How are you today? Have you popped Moz upside the head today? I'm doing great, thanks for asking. It just so happens I have A LOT of questions for you... I know you don't mind.


Do you play any musical insturment? I personally could see you playing the piano, but the tuba or the kazoo are just as likely.

Can you sing? I bet you have a lovely singing voice; all you have to do is speak and you have everyone's attention!

Also, how did the other teachers at Hogwarts recieve you when you first started teaching?

What is Draco's middle name, and why on earth do people keep assuming that you're his godfather?

What's with the animosity between you and Bellatrix? Do you simply enjoy annoying each other, or is she jealous? Does she really have a crush on Voldemort?

Lastly (for now!), what was your funniest moment as a Death Eater? It didn't have to happen to you, you may have simply witnessed it.

Well, sorry I have taken up so much of your incredibly valuable time, and I am certain you'll hear from me soon!

Ever watchfully yours,

Evil Innocent Bystander

PS, if you have a free afternoon, stop by The Hooting Owl, I'll be wearing a lime green scarf and I'll have ordered the eggplant souflée. For you, that is- I hate eggplants!
DarkDramaLady chapter 11 . 3/7/2012
You're answers are so long!

Oh, and I have a suggestion for you, why don't you answer each question below the question itself? That will make it a lot easier.
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