Reviews for Foundling
rebecca-in-blue chapter 20 . 3/25/2013
So sweet with Gibbs telling Sara that he's going to be her daddy from now on. And so symbolic that he has his arms around both her and Ziva when he says it.
mon-petit-pois chapter 37 . 1/27/2013
So call me crazy but I decided to reread this entire novel-length fanfic:) it's just as good the second time around. Reminded myself of why I love it:) I'm going to go reread a village life now if you'll excuse me!
eclaregurl chapter 38 . 11/30/2012
I love this story! Love Sara! Sad in the begining, though, turned out great! Now im going to the sequel!
mon-petit-pois chapter 38 . 11/21/2012
So this is going to sound really stupid but I just found out that Village Life is a sequel. I had been reading it without having read this! No wonder I was confused! Well anyhow, this story is absolutely amazing and unique. I loved it. I'm off to go read the rest of VL!
girleffect chapter 8 . 11/11/2012
"They were asking about things that weren't even real anymore." To me, that might just be the most profound line in the whole story. It's so simple, yet it says so much.
Tinkerbell99 chapter 38 . 10/14/2012
This was such an amazing story! Much like your summary, I'm not really sure how I got here either, but I'm so glad I did. I think it was your summary that hooked me, actually.

Please take this as the huge compliment it is intended to be - this isn't the sort of story I usually read. That said, there's something about the way this is written that hooked me and would NOT let go. (And there went a good four hours...all right in a row!). You managed to keep everyone absolutely in character...and then some. In character, but also what I HOPE for them all...if that makes any sense.

This story tore my heart and put it back together again. I loved how you wove all the pieces together - the case, Sara, Ziva...everything. Amazing work. Thank you so much for sharing it!

It's team, it's family, it's perfect.
AliyahNCIS chapter 38 . 10/2/2012
Her middle name's Elise? How pretty, I love that name! :) Aww...what a sweet ending! Short and simple and for once something is easy for them. I can't say that much about the rest of their lives but I look forward to finding out. Thanks a bunch, so glad I read this story! :)
AliyahNCIS chapter 37 . 10/2/2012
Dang, more stuff for S to deal with, not cool. Ohh...never thought about foster homes etc as a place where she'd develop a fear of other kids, good point. Sucks tho. hahaha...and a pony. That's hilarious. Nice try kid. He'll have to keep an eye on that one ;)

I know Z is awfully anxious not to go into the abuse subject with S, but maybe she needs to talk about it, maybe S needs to ask questions instead of just always being told that it is fine and everything. I'm surprised at her choice to pull Z's hair. Wonder what's got her so up in arms?

Huh...that's a choice I didn't expect coming from Z, tho I understand her wanting a chance at real life. Interesting how blase Gibbs is about the choice. I didn't know you could retire at 30. What does she mean they owe her? Some sort of Mossad pension if you live long enough?

I find it interesting (and I know I am often alone in my positions) that now things very much seem to be - move in with me first and then later we'll decide if we really want to spend the rest of our lives together. Instead of figuring that out and getting married. I appreciate Z's stance on not acting as his wife until they're married. That's something I don't think I've ever seen before in a FF.

lol...smooth Tony. How long have you had that ring? Perfect moment tho, at least she knows he's serious. What a great idea! I want to release balloons and blow noisemakers now. Congratulations! Aww...I love love stories :) lol...funny and sorta sad that S didn't know what married is. I agree with Abby, eloping always sounds so much less complicated and intimate. Nobody staring, no one freaking out over the details, just married and happy and a party later. Let's go with that :) Gosh, only 2 days later and I'm really going to miss this story... Thanks for being awesome! :)
AliyahNCIS chapter 36 . 10/2/2012
Short and not exactly sweet. I have a feeling G, and S, will be very happy never to see that lady again. Aww Sar...not many 5 year olds willingly admit to needing a nap. Oh Z...who would've thought that was going through her head? Geez. Yikes, that was not a pleasant moment for Z. Why won't she let them help? I'm with Gibbs, I would hate for her to lose everything she's workd so hard to get back.

She's saying all the right things but I don't think she believes a word of it. I didn't realize she'd gotten so far inside herself and no one noticed. I feel bad that Z got forgotten in the wake of everyone worrying after Sara, even Tony didn't see that happening. Hopefully they can get this turned around.

Either Tony knows her better than I thought or he's a really good guesser. I love how he just rolled over all her objections and attempts to get rid of him. He doesn't seem afraid of her and I think Z appreciated it. Why is she trying so hard to push away the people that care? I don't get it? Is she like Sara, doesn't think she's good enough to be loved? I don't like her logic. least she ate and he got to hold her. I think it's so cute that she stated what she wanted and Tony agreed just like that. I hope he's awake enough to know what he's saying/agreeing too. Wow, that's a lot of confessions for Z, good ones too. Y'know, I think if Z asked, he'd say yes ;)

Wow...I love that honest, open real convo T&Z had. It was getting a glimpse inside her heart for the first time. I'm glad she wants to marry him, that she wants a child. I like the way Tony described their team, having someone to love and take care of in Sara. I'm sad Z can't get pregnant but being a mother doesn't always mean biologically. I love how T just accepts it, like he expected/planned for this all along. Maybe he did.

So cute that Sara called Z, wants her home. Someone will have to tell her that Z's home is with Tony, wherever they decide that to be, and it won't necessarily always be at Gibbs' house. lol...I like Z's wake up call for Tony. Don't want to get up when I mention the kid? Fine, what about being hungry? Even better, I want to share the shower with you? his attention pretty quick :P

I'm sorry Sara's still sick, but it sounds like they're going to have a nice family day. G hugging Z was cute. They make such a good family. Are we almost done? Really? Because I'm not ready to say goodbye. Oh wait, there's a sequel! lol...might have to take my time on that one. This is fabulous by the way!
AliyahNCIS chapter 35 . 10/2/2012
Aww...I felt bad for Tony when S didn't want him, but since she's sitting with him for a story, I guess that makes it better. Yikes, Gibbs went after that lawyer person with only speculation. He doesn't believe in innocent until proven guilty, huh? I always feel bad when Gibbs scolds Sara but he's right and she doesn't need to throw a fit when T&Z are trying to help. Ooh...and the resident ninja doesn't like being left behind. But doesn't she know she's in charge of his most precious treasure? That's a huge compliment if she's willing to look at it that way. I hope they can plug this leak, it would've been nice to have everything stay under the radar.

Wow, that was a pretty intense meeting. I love how they were all a little bit too big for their britches until Gibbs made the situation real for them with details of what Sara went through. I hope that guy can call the dogs off, he certainly wouldn't want to be meeting Gibbs in a dark alley late a night...

lol...that house clearly needs more beds...or rooms...or at least some camping cots. Having the whole family bunk there means they're a little short on space. It's cute that S tried to sleep with him, but little kids don't make for restful sleeps apparently. I guess even a kid starving for affection would get tired of being carried around all the time. I liked Tim playing unintentional watchdog for the news vans and helping Sara walk, that probably makes her feel accomplished :)

I hope this adoption thing works out. I never really feel totally secure about happy endings until I see them with my own eyes. Thanks for this :)
AliyahNCIS chapter 34 . 10/2/2012
Elephant pjs? Good choice. I wish they made cool pjs for adults. My favourite pj bottoms have sheep on them, but elephants would be way cooler, lol. Uhoh, I still feel like G might be getting in trouble for that prison visit... I hope not, I want him and Sara to stay together and happy forever :)

Aww...I'm glad Z admits to missing T, they're good together. Hm. As much as I like T&Z cozy and sleeping together (clothed of course) I think it's admirable that G is taking a stand against it because of how it looks through Sara's eyes. And is that...him assuming they're getting married? Because I'm totally okay with that :)

Oh all of her nightmares and reality are mixing together. Nothing is her fault. And Gibbs will never be sorry he signed up for that reading group and then brought her home. Wish this was more fixable, sucks when nothing you do helps. Sara is a champ, she did great in that interview even tho I wish I didn't know the details. And it was sweet at home when Z wanted some quiet time too :) Girls and their dads...

lol...smooth Gibbs. Let's tick off reporters. *rolls eyes* He will never learn to play nicely with others. But I like how he's got the techno whizzes working on signal jamming systems and the vulnerable parties upstairs. He still plans like he's fighting a battle. But I guess Rule 40 is hide the women and children, good call there. I hope this doesn't come back to bite him.
AliyahNCIS chapter 33 . 10/2/2012
Z is very defensive with the shrink. And I highly doubt G is letting her leave anytime soon despite what she thinks. Why does she want to blame herself for everything? And it's hard to tell which little girl she's talking about - Sara or the one inside of her that is still terrified of monsters in the dark.

Yay for Sara's walking progress, that's huge! But is stucks that she has no faith in herself, no pride in her accomplishments and still doesn't believe that she's safe and staying with Gibbs forever. I don't blame S for wanting to be independent. Between being called stupid for months and only now just learning to do stuff she probably did as a baby, it's no wonder she's frustrated with the limitations.

Why's she so sure other kids wouldn't want to play with her? It's not like she's ever been in school. Where did she feel that rejection from? Oh Sara...tired and cranky and defiant, it's gotta be hard to process all that. The trantrum surprised me but I think Gibbs handled it well. He didn't get made he just told her what's what. Glad Z brought her down so G could reassure her. Somehow they have to get the concept of unconditional love through to that little girl.

lol...I love Tim with Sara and Bunny that is so cute! He clearly has practice being a big brother. I love Sara turning away too, reminds me of A Little Princess or Toy Story, of course magic won't happen if you're watching. lol...Tim, sometimes you sound like an encyclopedia. I did figure Z wouldn't take being out of commission very well. I bet she's the most stubborn patient ever, except maybe Gibbs.

haha...Sara is making me laugh a lot in this chapter. I love her little scold about not wanting needles and a little-little bite. Even the ninja can't stand strong against a five year old :P haha...ever-dance, nice. It's not often that stories make me laugh, I like it : )

Aww...that part about brothers and sisters was adorable! I'm glad she loves them the same way they love her. And 'making good choices' - my best friend used to say that when someone left her house. Cute. But 'Daddy be good'? Is S worried G will do something that will make it not possible for her to stay with him? And where is Tony? I miss Tony.
AliyahNCIS chapter 32 . 10/2/2012
That frank but disturbing convo with Z& Btw...I love how Sara says Z's name, kind of adorable :) A flashback, really? Not that I'm surprised, the topic of convo wasn't exactly sunshine and rainbows. I'm glad she seemed to come out of it so quick. It's sweet that she's so concerned about others.

Wow, Gibbs is done drinking? That's interesting. But I guess he always wants to be ready if S needs him. Abby's so sweet. If I had to take drugs for something serious, I'd vote for T3s too. lol...I agree, Z is definitely needing Tony. lol...I think Tony makes a very good nurse. sweet are S&A making her such a nice place to relax! Adorable.

Aww...Gibbs is buying Tim computer stuff? No better way to tell a geek you care ;) Tim always seems like the selfless type, he's the sweet one :) Oh dear...I feel bad for Sarah but I'm more concerned about Gibbs. Did he just jeapordize his chance at adopting Sara by going to see and subsequently threaten her former foster father? Please no...they need each other.

So the sedatives made things worse? Shoot. I'm sure G just panicked but I guess he should've listened to Tony on this one. Hope the couple hours away helps, but T needs some sleep and something to soothe his frayed nerves. Coffee is probably not going to help.
AliyahNCIS chapter 31 . 10/2/2012
I'm not surprised by Z's reactions to the drugs. I've never had heavy duty ones, but I had T3's when I got my wisdom teeth out and I had to take Gravol every time because they made me nauseous. So between the drugs and Gravol I pretty much slept for a week straight. Don't think ibuprofen is going to help the level of pain she is in tho.

I don't blame T for being jealous. Gibbs gets all the acclaim for being the one to comfort his girls, but T is pretty good at his own version. lol...Sara's so cute. It seems that she understands quite a bit of Hebrew actually, interesting. And she wants Tony to shave, nice :)

That's nice that Tony got her after a nightmare and I'm sure it makes S feel better to be near Z. Is Gibbs worried that TZ&S would feel like a family all sleeping together in bed? He's her daddy, that part's pretty clear. I love that S is working on standing, that's go to take a lot of effort. And it's cute/sad that G worries about her getting more independent and not needing him. Doesn't he know little girls always need their daddies?

Whew! So sounds like S is going to be his, free and clear :) That's happy news. I like how smoothly this process is going so far. Aww...but I didn't expect Gibbs to cry! I hate it when guys cry, makes me want to join in. I'm glad he's letting some of the emotions out, it's a lot to deal with. Well, I like that this chapter has a happy ending, well done! :)
AliyahNCIS chapter 30 . 10/2/2012
Poor Z, can't be fun to be hurt and sick. Nice that she apologized to S for not listening. It's cute that Tony wouldn't leave her at the hospital. Especially when she's drugged and hurt I can't see any reason being good enough for him to go home. And them napping together is sweet too :)

lol...if he uses sweets everytime he feels guilty, S is going to get those cavities. I would feel better if T&Z weren't left alone tho... Wait, Gibbs has a doorbell? Who knew! lol. Aww...nice that the detective was a reference for Gibbs. I agree, no one better.
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