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AliyahNCIS chapter 27 . 10/1/2012
lol...the first line made me laugh, nice :) Those insights into Z and S are helpful, I could see then healing together, that's probably a good idea. And I also agree with all the observations about how S senses people's emotions. It sucks that on some level S is still afraid of Gibbs. There's no quick fixes in this line of work.

Z really doesn't like the idea of talking to anyone, but that's not unexpected. I think she'd be willing to do anything for Sara tho...hard to tell at the moment. Well, at least she opened up to G, that's something. Not that I want to think about what happened to her, but it's better to get it out. Hopefully the family will make her feel better.

PS. I waited all day at work to come home and read this. I nearly missed supper because I didn't want to stop. Now I'm late for bed again and I wouldn't change a thing. 11 chapters left...oh boy. Did I mention well done? Very much so. And compelling. And addicting. And I really have to go to sleep now. 0530 wake up call. Thanks for sharing your story :)
AliyahNCIS chapter 26 . 10/1/2012
And now somehow Ziva's in trouble/danger? This doesn't sound good... Oh Z, trying so hard to be in control, to act like nothing bothers you. I don't think G was actually mad at her, but he certainly made his point. Those vacant moments are kind of scary, it's like losing her all over again. He would never throw her away and I'd dare anyone to try and take her from him now.'s kind of sad how much they have to read into what Gibbs really means, but also nice that they know he cares.
AliyahNCIS chapter 25 . 10/1/2012
I'm glad someone's around to remind G to take care of himself, that doctor is good at being blunt and honest. But it's got to be incredibly frustrating to watch (both) his daughters struggle and be helpless to do much of anything to make them better. I hope this phase doesn't last long, it sucks how much progress she's lost.

It's nice that T&A can have the sibling banter thing to keep them a little grounded in the midst of this muddy mess, everyone needs an outlet. Oh Tony, gonna get in trouble defying orders in front of Sara's dad, tsk tsk. I like the G&A's signing comes in handy when they're trying to keep things away from little ears.

Sara's doing good with the questions, I'm glad she won't have to testify, that's would be asking too much. At least the new brace should make things a little easier on them. I hope she heals okay. It seems so far before things get to better. Thanks :)
AliyahNCIS chapter 24 . 10/1/2012
Oh Sara, more to go through? At least he got her to the hospital right away. But I don't like those survival rates any better than G does. So it was the doctor's fault? Whoa! That last thing that little girl needed was one more thing to fight. I'd probably be reacting like Abby too. I love how they all consider her part of the team. Even if she is Gibbs' daughter, she belongs to all of them in different little ways.

Wow, Ziva, way to make a point. A month off is not necessarily going to be good for her current state of mind. But hopefully it helped relieve a little of the pressure that's been boiling inside. MCRT is losing members like flies, not good. Probies are a pain. I'm glad they took the fixator off as far as comfort is concerned, but I hope it doesn't cause setbacks in S's recovery to not have that stability. Flat on her back for 2 weeks? Not sure how well she'll take that. Can't someone give this kid a break?

Okay, I had to laugh at that. Ziva's been grounded! I wonder how Tony will feel losing his sometimes-roommate to his former boss for a few weeks. Oh boy, that little girl is more observant/insightful than I gave her credit for. She totally threw Ziva off her game. Odd that Z didn't answer her truthfully, Sara already knows someone hurt her.

Oh Z...I think you definitely need a caretaker. Or a hug. Or both. Tears are not normal even if they're probably helpful, a release whether she wants them or not. I believe she is very vulnerable right now. I'm not sure why Gibbs didn't want T to try and comfort her unless it was just because she needed to get that out, but hopefully he can offer some measure of comfort when they're alone. Z&S have both seen way too much violence. It's a good thing their guardian angels come with guns, I think. Wow...and I continue to be amazed.
AliyahNCIS chapter 23 . 10/1/2012
Reading this makes me want to be a foster care so I can scoop up all the kids handled so badly by the system and other people and hug them until the hurt goes away. But it would never be that easy and I still cannot believe everything this little girl has had to endure. I appreciate that Gibbs has stated that he'll never hit her, I just wonder how long until she's sure. And to be told at such a young age that you're stupid all the time, to be hit and left in dark closets, to feel dirty and ashamed. She's only five! This is so incredibly not fair.

What happened to Z's tooth? They normally just don't break...I don't think. You weren't kidding about tough stuff, altho I do think T picked not the greatest time to have that conversation. I'm glad she didn't actually want him to leave. It's nice that Tony stays even when she tries to push him away. I'm glad Z is talking to the shrink and I like Tony encouraging her to let someone else carry her burdens, that she doesn't have to be alone in this. I think Gibbs would want to support her, he loves her just like he loves Sara. This is T&Z different than I've seen before. And I like it. nice of Jackson to make her something. I love how attached she is to it. And all the questions were cute. I think Thanksgiving sounds like a great idea. Gibbs always knows when something is going on between his agents. But I heard that it wasn't technically against NCIS policy for agents in the same unit to date. Could be wrong, not even sure where I heard that from. I hope they can keep it on the DL, would not want to see them split up. Home to his girl...that has a nice ring to it :) Thanks!
AliyahNCIS chapter 22 . 10/1/2012
I feel bad for Tony, would've been nice if his first case went right. Seems like Z is in deeper than I thought. I don't think T will handle that file well. Of course she wouldn't go to a hospital. That woman has the cornerstone on stubborn.

lol...I'm glad Gibbs stood up to Sara on something little, she needs to learn good discipline vs. bad. But I agree with Z - I think the appropriate term is 'mush'. Daddies and little girls, what a phenomenon. Poor Sara! I wonder what caused the reaction? Oh, question answered. Shellfish, that's probably an allergy worth knowing about. Good thing it wasn't a serious reaction.

Ooh...Daddy Gibbs getting tough. I wonder how long before she believes them that no one is going to hit her? They seem so much like a family already, I can't believe it's only been a week or two. It's sad that S still needs to reassurance that G won't ever get rid of her, but it's so sweet to hear her say ILY Daddy :)

Oh Ziva. Unfortunately there are some things that all the hugs in the world will not fix. And that's all I know how to do.
AliyahNCIS chapter 21 . 10/1/2012
I wonder how long Jackson's staying? It's cute, calling S 'the baby', seems like something a grandpa would do. And

now she's going to have more to deal with? Question also answered about how long she was laying there with the

garbage, it's a miracle she's even alive. Sweet that she's trying to comfort him. But at least it seems like the damage is

reversible, so I'm thankful for that. Still not easy to hear tho.

Isn't Tony sweet? I'm not surprised by what Z wants to happen to Keyman, so I find it interesting that Tony is. I like

how he gently encourages and pushes and prods. I'm glad Z can be happy with him and I think his patience will be

rewarded. They're a pair those 2, not sure what they'd do without each other.

awww...what a nice gift idea from Tim! I agree, wheelchairs are poorly designed for anything other than flat surfaces. I never realized how inaccessible my town was until I started working with a girl in a wheelchair. Hiking trip to the mountains, just the 2 of them? That sounds...challenging (I would love to, but I'm just not much into campting). McG is awfully thoughtful, knowing what they need. Nice that he suggested bonding time. And the baby monitor is cute :)

Sara did really good in this interview, I'm proud of her. But the more she talks the more we learn and I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that a 5 year old has seen more of the worst of life than I'll probably see in my entire life. To have made it this far after all she's been through, she's a fighter, that's for sure.

She calls Jackson 'papa'? Now that's adorable. How does she go on the swings with all that hardware? Or is it an accessibility park? We have one here, they have some nice equipment for kids in wheelchairs. Well done :) I think Gibbs will spend a long time afraid of losing this little girl.
AliyahNCIS chapter 20 . 10/1/2012
I like the chapters from Sarah's POV. Wonder what Gibbs is up to in the basement? Probably a surprise. If S can't even handle him being that far away, how's she going to do when she spends all day in PT etc.? I like Abby, she's very sweet with Sara. It's too bad she's so worried about Z, there's so much they need to explain to her because she's just a little girl and she doesn't understand. I also like when Gibbs was cuddling her and it made her feel better.

Oh geez, that was a terrible panic attack thing that Sara had. I'm sure Gibbs would be honoured to be called Daddy. I like how S feels like a regular kid when she's with Gibbs and the team. Poor thing, trying to get away and not realizing that Gibbs isn't mad he's probably scared and concerned. Oh princess...they just want to love you.

Jackson? Did not expect him to show up. But I suspect he'll be a good support for Gibbs, maybe even some wisdom to pass along too. I'm glad Sara feels better seeing Z, but I wish Z was actually feeling better. I love how gentle she is with Sara, all the kind words and reassurances, convincing her that all the lies she's been told aren't true. I wonder if she understands the Hebrew then. Daddy, I like the sound of that for Gibbs.

It's nice to see the team relaxing together. I expected Abby not to be happy about Gibbs' decision, but I'm glad he'll still be able to work from home and go back to NCIS on occasion. And good for Tony, he deserves his own team. I think he'll be really good at it. lol...well, maybe the new probie should call Tony 'boss', but the others have known him too long. Really sweet ending :)
AliyahNCIS chapter 19 . 10/1/2012
I've always known Z is a good cook, nice that T can get in on it now :) I'm with Tony wondering how Z is so sure about S talking to a male cop. Is there some abuse in her background too? Oh right...I didn't realize Somalia was a part of this story. I'm not surprised she never said the word. It's supposed to help if you can admit it out loud, but I don't think I'd want to use it either. Tony is patient and brave to push like that, and admit he can't help her.

Oh geez...the way Tony describe's Z's behind-the-scenes behaviour is so heartbreakingly believable. So are they sort together? It's hard to tell what their relationship looks like, but I'm glad she lets him comfort her and be her strength.

Hmm...I'd wondered if G would be able to go back to work and leave S. So does that make Tony the new team leader for good? Oh...I'm so bad with change...

lol...Abby's a little jealous of McGee? I kind of like that even tho McG was being all negative about what could happen, Abby did her glass half-full routine to show what they can and are already doing to make things better. Gibbs' time with Sara was sweet, but sad. I'm glad she's learning to trust, that she can ask for things, I just wish she wasn't so wounded. Abby's right, he's a very good daddy. Thanks! :)
AliyahNCIS chapter 18 . 10/1/2012
Geez...this case just keeps getting stickier, doesn't it?

Okay, got my question answered about Sara's age. That's even worse, for some reason I've been picturing her at eight. That Occupational Therapist is saying stuff that sounds like ECE teaching philosophies, I think Sara's got a good team around her. But wow the doctor sure threw a lot at Gibbs in terms of what needs to be done for this little girl. I'm glad that she's happy with him, that helps a lot.

Wow! That Sarah can even comprehend love after all she's been through is amazing in itself. Wasn't her confession the sweetest thing! Glad Gibbs could say it back, but really, who couldn't love her? Nice job :)
AliyahNCIS chapter 17 . 10/1/2012
Aww...what a lovely way to do Sara's room! And Ziva added a mezuzah? Very sweet. Oh please don't find any extended family for Sara, she needs to be in this family. I'm glad the home visit was relatively painless. She still doesn't think it's okay to ask for stuff. Hopefully she'll learn.

I'm glad Tony's getting recognized but I almost think he doesn't want the promotion. Going home to Z, huh? :)

Uh oh, the statement, not cool. Oh Sara...poor little thing. Gibbs will keep you safe, that's a promise. I wish she didn't remember.
AliyahNCIS chapter 16 . 10/1/2012
I wonder why she doesn't like Dr. L, he seems nice. But I'm glad she likes Gibbs.'s nice that Z makes things better for her. Hopefully she realizes eventually that she's worthy of being cared for. What is shaifeleh? Aww...poor thing, they never bothered to explain that Gibbs' house is her home now. No one ever tells her anything.

Well, at least Gibbs figured it out. Poor thing, I'd be freaked out too. It's crazy that she's never (at least that she can remember) had new clothes. lol...I love Gibbs' reaction to Ziva and trying to figure out little girl clothes again. At least S wants to go home with Gibbs.

lol...Abby is so sweet figuring out what would make Sara most comfortable. And Ziva with the family-noise, that's something good to get used to. haha...I like Tony being defiant and keeping his arm around Z despite the bossman glare. Gibbs, you're just going to have to deal. It's nice that T is taking care of Z too, I like him giving M&A a look re: respecting a private moment. That's nice, I like that :)
AliyahNCIS chapter 15 . 9/30/2012
I think this shrink lady is okay. I wouldn't be surprised if S is one of the kids who has just adopted the behaviours. She'd need some way to cope. lol...Tony is so cute and funny in the background, acting all big brother with Sara, love him. haha...I love that G knew they were arguing without even being there. Now that is called skills!

Yes! Sara tried to smile, she ate, she responded to Z and G, I think we have progress! I'm really falling in love with this little girl. It's going to be a lot of work but I'm absolutely sure she's worth it.
AliyahNCIS chapter 14 . 9/30/2012
lol...I think it's cute that Abby toned down her usual Abby-ness a little for Sara. I guess she might be considered a little scary, except that she smiles all the time. haha, of course Abby would want to get her a frog, why not? Maybe a stuffed frog that ribbits? I like how they're personalizing her room, nice job with all the presents.

Aww...I guess a full dose of Abby would be a little overwhelming. And what a cute mental pic of G washing his little gir's hair. I wonder why S always feels like she's being tricked? What started that? I think Tim has earned himself a place in her heart for the bunny :) That's sweet. I wish she wasn't so afraid of everyone and everything, even tho it's completely understandable.

I'm glad she finally got something to eat, I wonder how long it's been since anyone bothered to feed her. Wow, that seems awfully sudden to be sending her home! I hope Gibbs can handle the fulltime caretaker stuff. And hopefully someone can help him out with all the agencies. For once, I like Leon. And that's saying a lot, because he's one of my least favourite people. I like that he thinks of Sara as being Gibbs', I do too. Those nightmares suck, I can see why he wants this taken care of asap.

Oh no, now he's really going to wish he hadn't left Sara for the night. Aww...and all she needed was to be held? Poor thing, I wonder if she'll remember this tomorrow. Really? Most foster parents would care enough to him? I almost expected G to say something like he wasn't a foster parent, he was her dad, or something like that. Sweet, but sad.
AliyahNCIS chapter 13 . 9/30/2012 not make Ziva angry! Not cool man, she could kill you without even blinking! He clearly has an attitude problem.'s kind of funny that he's so jumpy. I guess Gibbs would approve Z's tactics as long as she didn't leave any marks that were traceable. I DO NOT like this guy. Shut her up? Are you kidding me? The kid never says anything!

Ooh...nice to Tony to try and lighten things when she came out, but she needs an hour with a punching bag or a good long run or something to bleed off that stress. She's wound pretty tight. I like what Z said about Jewish mothers. Sara means princess, I wonder if she ever knew that. I bet the team will teach her what it's like to be treated like one. I like how attentive she is, the silent convo is cute too, since I thought Z only had those with T. There's definitely a big sis/motherly side showing big time now.

Wow, Sara was more alert than they thought if she remembers Z touching her. I wish she didn't remember the beating tho, no one should have memories like that. Hopefully the team brings some fun stuff to entertain Sara, I think they're going to have a field day with a little sister running around :) At least there's hope, I like hope.
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