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AliyahNCIS chapter 15 . 9/30/2012
I think this shrink lady is okay. I wouldn't be surprised if S is one of the kids who has just adopted the behaviours. She'd need some way to cope. lol...Tony is so cute and funny in the background, acting all big brother with Sara, love him. haha...I love that G knew they were arguing without even being there. Now that is called skills!

Yes! Sara tried to smile, she ate, she responded to Z and G, I think we have progress! I'm really falling in love with this little girl. It's going to be a lot of work but I'm absolutely sure she's worth it.
AliyahNCIS chapter 14 . 9/30/2012
lol...I think it's cute that Abby toned down her usual Abby-ness a little for Sara. I guess she might be considered a little scary, except that she smiles all the time. haha, of course Abby would want to get her a frog, why not? Maybe a stuffed frog that ribbits? I like how they're personalizing her room, nice job with all the presents.

Aww...I guess a full dose of Abby would be a little overwhelming. And what a cute mental pic of G washing his little gir's hair. I wonder why S always feels like she's being tricked? What started that? I think Tim has earned himself a place in her heart for the bunny :) That's sweet. I wish she wasn't so afraid of everyone and everything, even tho it's completely understandable.

I'm glad she finally got something to eat, I wonder how long it's been since anyone bothered to feed her. Wow, that seems awfully sudden to be sending her home! I hope Gibbs can handle the fulltime caretaker stuff. And hopefully someone can help him out with all the agencies. For once, I like Leon. And that's saying a lot, because he's one of my least favourite people. I like that he thinks of Sara as being Gibbs', I do too. Those nightmares suck, I can see why he wants this taken care of asap.

Oh no, now he's really going to wish he hadn't left Sara for the night. Aww...and all she needed was to be held? Poor thing, I wonder if she'll remember this tomorrow. Really? Most foster parents would care enough to him? I almost expected G to say something like he wasn't a foster parent, he was her dad, or something like that. Sweet, but sad.
AliyahNCIS chapter 13 . 9/30/2012 not make Ziva angry! Not cool man, she could kill you without even blinking! He clearly has an attitude problem.'s kind of funny that he's so jumpy. I guess Gibbs would approve Z's tactics as long as she didn't leave any marks that were traceable. I DO NOT like this guy. Shut her up? Are you kidding me? The kid never says anything!

Ooh...nice to Tony to try and lighten things when she came out, but she needs an hour with a punching bag or a good long run or something to bleed off that stress. She's wound pretty tight. I like what Z said about Jewish mothers. Sara means princess, I wonder if she ever knew that. I bet the team will teach her what it's like to be treated like one. I like how attentive she is, the silent convo is cute too, since I thought Z only had those with T. There's definitely a big sis/motherly side showing big time now.

Wow, Sara was more alert than they thought if she remembers Z touching her. I wish she didn't remember the beating tho, no one should have memories like that. Hopefully the team brings some fun stuff to entertain Sara, I think they're going to have a field day with a little sister running around :) At least there's hope, I like hope.
AliyahNCIS chapter 12 . 9/30/2012
Wow...that interrogation is uh...intense. I like seeing Tony in this mode because he's good at the job, but it can't be easy not to jump across the table and teach this jerk a lesson. I wonder how much of that they can use since he cried lawyer first. If Shawn didn't violate Sara, he still did something incredibly inappropriate. She's a little girl for crying out loud, what is wrong with him?! It's almost funny that Z has to put her weapon away...I guess I shouldn't say I wouldn't feel bad if she kept it. Just for intimidation purposes of course. It wouldn't have to be loaded to make a point.

I doubt there's anything actually off in Sara's mind. I think the lack of response is largely because of the abuse and upheaval, but I never saw her when she lived with her mom, so it's hard to tell for sure. lol...I love Abby, she has the world's biggest heart. I bet Sara even gets to hug Bert when this is all over.

Gotta love Gibbs' interactions with Sara, that little kid amazes me. It seems so cruel to deprive a child of the basic things they need. I think she's afraid to take anything offered to her in case someone gets her in trouble for it. I love how he thinks of the team as his family, that helps a lot. I have a feeling they'll do a lot of good for both Gibbs and Sarah.
AliyahNCIS chapter 11 . 9/30/2012
lol...gotta love Abby, I knew she'd work miracles with the house. I think it's funny that he actually checked the house number to make sure. haha...I love how Tony wasn't even put off by the boss's growling, and all the thought that went into the purchases. They really are there for each other.

Wow...he's giving her Kelly's room? Speechless moment. I suppose donating her things rather than letting Sara use them is probably less painful, even if the letting go sucks. I like that G has been banned from the couch, he's spent too many years sleeping there.

I like the caution Tony added, because I'm sure it would be easy to subconsciously replace one lost little girl with another. I like how well Gibbs knows his team - what they need. And I wish someone would hug Tony, and hug the little boy inside him that barely remembers what it was like to really be loved.

It feels heavy, being back at the hospital after a few moments with the team at his house. Well, even if it took a little work, at least Sara is talking now. I like how the doctors are actually paying attention and trying to make things easier on her. I wonder if that's the first time someone's cared about how she felt in a year and a half.

Aww...the last paragraph was cute, how Colleen is so excited and G just wants to hold onto her to know she's okay. Nicely done.
AliyahNCIS chapter 10 . 9/30/2012
Oh Z...I can only imagine how you felt seeing Sara that way. I'm glad Gibbs could hug her. lol...should I be wondering why Z is wearing Tony's shirt? I wonder why Z didn't just let Sara hold her finger for awhile? I feel bad for Z feeling like it's her fault. lol...I find it funny that she's trying hard not to give away what the team may or may not be up to behind Gibbs' back.

Geez...even if S waking up is a good thing, that experience would not be fun to watch. I like Gibbs being all calming and gentle and reassuring, he's good at that despite the gruff exterior. I'm actually surprised Gibbs didn't just find a spare hospital bed to nap in, I didn't think he'd leave her. But a nap will probably help, I just hope she doesn't wake up and feel abandoned in the meantime.
AliyahNCIS chapter 9 . 9/30/2012
At least Vance isn't a total jerk in this story, he seems to be on Gibbs' side for this. And G is already back to thinking like a dad. I like that the paperwork got taken care of in a hurry, hopefully the home visit will be the same way. Okay, I'm a little confused - how old is Sara? I've seen a couple places referring to her being three years old but I thought Abby said she was 8 and in some scenes she definitely seems older. I think I missed something, it happens a lot.

Aww...isn't Abby absolutely adorable? I love her excitement about the paperwork and her willingness to help. But then again, when isn't Abby willing to help anyone, not just team family? That's very sweet. I'm kind of afraid he'll end up with a spiders/skull-and-crossbones with hearts for eyes type of motif, but she can probably work outside of her own decorating preferences. I can't wait to see what she does.

Gee whiz, it sounds like the surger did almost as much damage as the beating. I'm afraid now that Sara won't even have the will to live necessary to help her recover. Oh boy, anything big enough to make Gibbs cry...I have a feeling he'll be living at that little girl's bedside whether she's awake or not. Imagine someone trying to get through him to get to her? Death-wish.
AliyahNCIS chapter 8 . 9/30/2012
I don't understand how...I just don't understand. First he beats her, then he lets someone use her, then he dumps her out with the trash? Why doesn't someone do something? It's no wonder this little girl is so broken. How can people like that even be allowed to have kids? It's so wrong. It's so wrong. Oh Sara...

I kept hoping Gibbs' sixth sense would kick in and he would go to Sara's house, just to check. Everyone's done all the right things and still no one is going to helps that poor little baby. I think even when they care people still talk themselves out of getting involved. But I don't know what I'd do either, if I was them.

Oh my gosh, how many days was she laying there? I lost track of time, one at least I think, right? And now they're probably all going to blame themselves for not doing more. Gee whiz, is there anything else they could've done to her? She's broken all over the place. I just want to cry.

But at least Gibbs has finally jumped on board my train. Custody sounds like a great idea. And her going home with him sounds like the safest she'll have been since her mom died. And I'm glad the social worker has decided to go with the program as well. Shouldn't a child be removed from the home at the first suspicion of abuse? How much proof do you need? Sorry, I'm just busy glaring daggers at Susan right now. I'm supposed to be in bed, just so you know, but I don't know that I can stop yet. Well done, even if it hurts to read. Must've been rather unpleasant to write.
AliyahNCIS chapter 7 . 9/30/2012
Aww...Ziva was being really nice, seems like S has completely shut down tho. I find it interesting that an 8 year old can fluster a Mossad officer. Oh Sara, who would put a little kid like you in jail? You shouldn't have to worry about that. lol...Gibbs wasn't above bribery, I like that. Nice that she responded to him, interesting that she likes (?) Ziva.

I like that it's possible Sara could get adopted, but I wish Gibbs was thinking of it proactively. Tho I guess a single federal agent might have a hard time having custody of a minor. But I like the idea. he's in trouble. But seriously, I doubt Sara's going to respond to anyone else.

I hope they can protect her. I like Gibbs and Ziva's interactions. Tony in charge, that ought to change things up a bit. He just likes to be called Boss and have people to order around, lol. I agree with Z - why can't we keep kids safe?
AliyahNCIS chapter 6 . 9/30/2012
Yikes, I guess Gibbs wasn't expecting that. Nice that Abby's lab could provide a few minute's respite from all the stuff in his head.

That's interesting insight on Tony. I get the feeling he does a lot behind the scenes and behind his shallow frat boy persona that the team knows nothing about. I'm proud of him for this. And wow, way to go Grandma! And the world thinks one person can't make a difference. Ever heard the starfish story?

I know why Sarah can't trust, but I wish she knew T&T are the good guys, like Gibbs.
AliyahNCIS chapter 5 . 9/30/2012
I keep looking for connections. So I wonder if the woman this guy was living with was Sarah's mom. lol...I wouldn't actually put it past Abby to try and put a bell on Gibbs. She's probably the only one who could almost get away with it. I haven't read very many stories through Gibbs' eyes, this is interesting.

I knew it, I knew it was Sarah! And I was going to guess at Jewish but didn't want to get ahead of things. Oh that poor little girl! Why do people do these things to kids? Kids are supposed to be cherished and loved and protected. It's not supposed to be this way. I think Jesus must weep when he sees what the world is doing to his children. Abby sees a lot that people sometimes don't recognize, Gibbs shouldn't be surprised. But I like Abby wanting to make a plan. I wonder, if there's a pattern of abuse here, why isn't social services doing anything?

It hurts to read of what she's been through, no child should suffer like that, ever. I hope Gibbs finds a string to pull. This can't continue.
AliyahNCIS chapter 4 . 9/30/2012
I got this far before I realized I hadn't reviewed, I was just reading. I get that way when a story sucks me in. I'll try to keep up now.

Is G wearing the same clothes so Sarah will recognize him, perhaps associate him with a good memory? It just seems a very deliberate action. That's cute, the list they made of reading partners, even if Sarah didn't seem to care. I like Gibbs' realization that he will always be a father, Kelly's father. And I'm starting to harbour a secret hope that perhaps he can be a salvation of some kind for Sarah? I'm probably way off base, but I think he'd make a good dad.

Hm, I never bothered to think of Sarah's ethnicity, but that lady makes me want to slap her for being so full of herself. Gibbs is right - usually when you give, you get back so much more. Seems to me if she'd thought about trusting Gibbs, Mr. G's actions last week talked her out of it. But at least she's acknowledging him. I'm guessing complicated only begins to describe what this story entails.

*shakes head* I hate that she's endured enough that she feels she has to check for violence before she even answers a simply, harmless question. I like that Gibbs is trying to draw her out and I hate how Sarah sees herself, that she's not worth as much as other kids. How many times has that been beaten into her I wonder? I don't think I actually want to know.

The way she talks is very interesting, no spaces between her words sometimes, I haven't figured that out yet. Huh, but something about her name makes her proud. Gibbs should've told her his whole name, I expected at least a smile but if there's something that comes before baby steps, I think that's where Gibbs and Sarah are. I have a feeling Gibbs' thoughts about foster kids are all too correct.

I'm sure it's hard for him, knowing she doesn't want to go home and that he can't do anything. I wonder if she even cares about the stories or just being away from that house. And he's already given her a nickname, sure sign of affection. And the trust thing, that's hard but I think she'll learn. It sucks that at this moment he can't make it okay tho.

"He was surprised by the level of desperation in his own voice. His gut was telling him in no uncertain terms that she was leaving here for an unsafe world. His flesh crawled with self-loathing for allowing it to happen, but legally, there was little he could do. She hadn't disclosed any abuse, so any action he took now would likely backfire. He swallowed back a vague plan and brushed the back of knuckles against Sara's hand. She didn't pull away." - this whole paragraph is very real, very well written. Something about it just got to me.

Him and Abby teaming up is a good idea. I hope those two can work some miracles and do something for that poor little girl.
AliyahNCIS chapter 3 . 9/30/2012
Nothing against your writing but I did not like this one. My heart just hurts for that poor little girl who doesn't understand what happened to her mom and it seemed like no one explained about foster care or gave her the chance to say goodbye. It's no wonder the poor thing doesn't talk. I don't understand rubber hoses, nor does it make sense to me why people would be foster parents if they can't genuinely love and care for the children placed with them. If someone tells me it's about money, I'll probably scream. Those kids are so lonely and broken already, the last thing they need is for people to use them. And Sarah has been used quite badly. I'd be afraid too, if I was her. I think it's sad that she's somewhere now where she can't even leave unless someone is with her. I wish the family in the other house would see what is happening. But Miles seems okay. How old is Sarah? I might've missed that. Wow, this Mr. G is a royal jerk. Doesn't Sarah get to have anything? No kindness, no nothing, no wonder she's leery of Gibbs. I wonder when the last time was that she cried. It's probably a waste of tears when no one cares. Poor thing.
AliyahNCIS chapter 2 . 9/30/2012
I feel like there's more to those needles than meets the eye. Aww *smile* Gibbs with Abby always makes me kinda warm and fuzzy, they get each other so well. I like the way he sees her. lol...and I adore her long rambling sentences and his little shows of affection. Even better that Gibbs enlisted her help on his Sarah fact finding mission. The signing always gets to me, ILY is a favourite. So sweet.
AliyahNCIS chapter 1 . 9/30/2012
I find Gibbs' observations interesting. And Sarah...there's a story there. I think it sweet that he read her one of Kelly's books, those memories can't be easy. I love how you described her listening-but-pretending-she-wasn't. I'm interested in the appearance of her hands and as soon as she was disturbed by the sheep-shearing picture I started to wonder about abuse. I can only wonder where Gibbs' mind is going as he watched this little girl and all her tells that something isn't right. Makes me want to keep reading.
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