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The Aluminum Thumb chapter 7 . 10/7
I like how Rueban behaves and acts like an actuall person that is not used to the kill or be killed mindset. It's kind of refreshing as is his lack of knowledge about the One Piece world.
Blacknblueblanket4 chapter 1 . 10/5
I just wanted to say I have read this story probably dozens of times in the last five years, and that you are a great author.
BeOurGuest chapter 7 . 9/25
Wow. Just wow.
I'm in love with Reuben and he's only a freaking OC you've made up! That's some talent writing. I'm gonna follow this story because this is one of those gems you never EVER want to leave alone.

And mystery surrounding your OC has me looking closely and reading between the lines. What was it that Reuben's daddy doesn't want him telling? And a fire in a church? Hmm, curiouser and curiouser indeed...

Welp, please update because I'm drooling for more LILAB!
MorteSangriz chapter 7 . 9/24
Okay so I just binged on this story (as I'm sure you know from my review a few chapters ago) and I'm so excited to see where you take the plot from here on forth. I don't mind seeing Reuben not understand the way the One Piece world is, I mean there is something called Culture shock and it seems it has hit poor Reuben hard.

I adore reading about those moments when Luffy is actually serious for once. I mean there one thing that he takes seriously and that's his friends, so seeing Luffy be so accepting of Reuben's aversion to violence and doing his best to help him through it just warms my heart.

While it actually pains me to see the volatile and aggressive relationship he has Zoro, I'm pretty sure that it's necessary in order for him to come to grips with the kind of world he's now in. I'm crossing my fingers that their relationship improves as Reuben comes to understand the way things are like in the One Piece world. Plus there's the fact that despite the differences they've found themselves to have, their relationship isn't bad enough for them to just leave each other in danger.

It's something you've shown when Reuben protected Zoro from the cannon blast and led Richie on a wild chase; just like Zoro (and come on, we all know it was Zoro, get on board Reuben!) called out to him in those moments when he was in danger, only to- and holy shit I think I gasped when I read this- GIVE HIS PRECIOUS WADO ICHIMONJI SO REUBEN COULD PROTECT HIMSELF!

That moment gives me the most hope that Zoro and Reuben will end up with mutual respect towards each other.

I'm anxious about what you said a few chapters ago about how you're gonna pull the carpet out from under our feet in regards to the story's end- I've read a lot of great fics that leave me with heartbreak by the time they're finished- but either way I'll stick it out 'til the end.

So to wrap up this freakishly long essay of a comment, I just want to say that I love the way you've written your characters and that I'm very excited to see where this story will go. C:
MorteSangriz chapter 2 . 9/23
(i mean your story is wonderfully written, it's not often a story has me in tears by the second chapter but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.)
Abalisk chapter 7 . 9/21
Good lord this story needs more reviews...
Not only are the chapters a long, thought out masterpiece, but the characterization and the sheer emotion that you feel for Reuben is fantastic! Cuz really, when you think about it, OP-land would be a terrifying hellscape for those who aren't natives (and even for the natives it is really, they are just used to it).
So as bad as it is to say, I really do enjoy Reuben's struggles in this world and look forward to the challenges he'll face in the future. Seeing him grow as not only a member of Luffy's crew but as a person.

Looking forward to the next chapter already! I wish you well and happy writing~
Porn Gobbler chapter 7 . 9/21
OMG, u updated just when I posted a review the day before! Holy crap but THERE IS A GOD!

Okay, the whole moral thing with Reuben and Zoro is pretty understandable. There's probably several who are shaking there heads and are probably frustrated, but I get what you're saying. Yeah, in most stories that have someone end up in the world of One Piece, they think it's easy when actually it's pretty terrifying: genocides, totalitarianism, slavery, giant sea monsters and wildlife, corrupt government and officials, and just pretty much other screwed up things found in the chapters.

Everybody has to fight to the death to protect themselves and their homes, but I see what you mean when it comes to Zoro needlessly "killing" Buggy. When I look at it, I didn't see the point in it. Like you said, he could have easily cut him up a bit and just been done with that, but instead he went and literally chopped the guy to pieces. Yes, he was egged on, and yes we know Buggy survived thanks to his Devil Fruit powers, but nobody (not even Reuben) knew what was going to happen.
Anyway, ignore what those people complaining about Reuben, I think you're doing just fine with his pacing. I especially thought you did pretty fantastic with that scene where Reuben went into shock thinking that he killed Cabaji.

The fight between Cabaji and Reuben was not epic as the original between that unicycle dude and Zoro, but that goes to show a fight between an amateur and some cocky asshole. Again, brilliant. But I think you forgot to include that those spinning tops had explosives in them. Ah, well, you did say it's been awhile since you've seen or read the earlier manga.

And then there's the aftermath of the fight! Good Golly, these guys weren't driven out of town because Boodle wasn't knocked down by Luffy, therefore he was awake and pointing the mob at the right direction on who to attack. I'm sad we didn't get to see Luffy's part of the fight, but whatever, at least he came back and got all cute with Reuben.

(I swear, Reuben probably WOULD end up spoiling Luffy if the rubber brat made eyes at the guy for some extra grub and Reuben'd be all: "Go for it.")
I can't wait for the next chapter!
anonyme chapter 7 . 9/21
great fic, realistic oc :3 !
haruaji11 chapter 7 . 9/20
First of all
Do we have some mine connection or something?Literally this is the second time that went i think about this story and ask myself,will it be updated?,came home and literally found that you have updated,like this happening a second time is not shocking,but whatever,if i can make yours updates being more regular and less months separate that would be awesome.
Tallking about the episode,it was amazing,i love the realistic view of Reuben in this hole storylike wow,yeah the world of one piece is very fuck up if you think about it and reuben will have to learn how to accept this things becoming normal day by day ,also sorry to hear that conversation with that kind of annoying person,is always a horrible experience hope you can remeber that there are lots of people here that follow you and hope you the best.
Hopefully,the next updates can come at least before this year ends (XD) because yeah,reaslly looking forward for this mazing and realistic story
About the reference at the end,lol,yeah i also realise that later and laugh about it
JuggernautJJ chapter 7 . 9/20

This shoutout of anger has made my day.
Fish57 chapter 1 . 9/20
I agree with you, those get quite annoying (mainly where they have to have some kind of love with Nami, Robin or Vivi). It's kind of uncomfortable for me since I'm a girl no offence to writers/readers of those kinds of fics.
gamelover41592 chapter 7 . 9/20
great job on this chapter and Rueben did the unthinkable made the straw hats heroes in orange town nice job :)
Porn Gobbler chapter 6 . 9/19

No pressure, no demands, but seriously I want more! Like, holy crap this story is pretty good shit that you usually don't come across often. Reuben and this story needs love and attention! Like, I love how this isn't another one where some person has knowledge of the entire manga thus far, and how your OC takes things into consideration, or how he just makes people pause and think a little of what they're doing before they do it!

Luffy just jumps when he wants, but suddenly Reuben's there and instead of just telling him to quit while he's ahead, he's like: "dude, take a second a think about this. You really wanna go through it?"
Luffy: "Hmmm... Yep!"
Reuben:"Ugh, okay."
And there they go! I love this! I LOVE THIS! It's like everyone practically tries to tell Luffy what he cannot do rather than give him other options on how to proceed! Reuben is clearly intelligent, vastly so since what he lacks in strength he makes up for with his brains. But he could still be reckless himself considering he used himself as a decoy to save Zoro (despite how angry and appalled he is with the swordsman, another thing I suddenly fallen in love with!).

I can't wait to read more of this story!
WhiteSakura59 chapter 1 . 7/14
Zoro and Reuben's interactions are /hilarious/! Except the argument where Zoro "kills" Buggy that one was serious, but all the rest? They make a much more funnier duo than Zoro and Sanji. So I can't wait till Sanji joins them! Keep up the great work! ;D
aranymancs13 chapter 6 . 6/12
this story is amazingi like how rouben doesn't know anything about the one piece world and it's so realistic i love it :D i hope you will continue this work somewhere in the future it would be a waste not to but of course it is your decisionthis is truly a unique story :D i'm very curious how will rouben grow as the story goes :D i think it would be good to have some thoughts what others think of rouben? ._. i don't know for sure ._. i think his name is important in the long run like he is in the OP world too or was in it but i can be wrong and it just wasn't important at all " well anyway don't give up this story is great and has a lot of potential dude :D
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