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A chapter 4 . 5/18/2012
It's a great story, all of your stories are always excellent, I just feel really bad for Rachel and the other girls and hope that Shelby gets her comeuppance soon-ish. What happened to Rachel's dads?
als18 chapter 4 . 5/18/2012
I love this story, so I hope it isn't really your least popular! I was glad to see this update and I loved it! :) looking forward to more.
Thorne Lockehart chapter 4 . 5/18/2012
Love this story! I love how you portray the characters. Even though this is AU, I can still imagine them saying the dialogue. I loved Brittany; your picture of her was flawless! Keep up the good word, I cannot wait to read more!
Valerie Forest chapter 3 . 3/28/2012
I need the next chapter like I need air.

Characterization is phenomenal, and I love the SA undertones.
Shal chapter 3 . 3/12/2012
Brilliant! brilliant! brilliant! Anxiously awaiting the next chapter (pretty please?).
northstar61 chapter 3 . 3/4/2012
Shelby may be the best at what she does, but she sounds almost psychopathic in her having planned all this out, and that comment about unwanted children being easy to come by literally made me shiver. While I can understand her motivation - profit and self-preservation can cause people to act in despicable ways - it's clear that she's, if not downright evil, definitely mean, cruel and nasty. (Even if she doesn't believe those things about herself!)

I have to wonder what made Will decide to join up with her in this venture in the first place. He seems far kinder and gentler, and I would think that they'd not be a natural fit. I'm not surprised that she's working on buying him out. Will strikes me as having at least a hint of a conscience, which could cause trouble for Shelby in the future. Of course, his having been with her for so long and going along with her methods no doubt give her excellent blackmail fodder with which to keep him in line.

Even though I don't like her, I have to agree with Shelby's assessment of Will. He's not impartial, the way she is, and he sees a greater degree of talent in some of his boys than actually exists. Yes, I *am* referring to Finn. ;)

I assume that Artie's not part of this because Shelby would have insisted he be cut. She's looking for perfection - or as close to it as she can get with flawed children - and his being wheelchair-bound would limit him in ways she wouldn't be willing to tolerate.

Jesse's appraisal of his new castmates mirrors my thoughts exactly. Blaine and Kurt are the most talented, but they don't come close to matching Jesse's abilities. Love his reaction to learning he's to be Rachel's male lead, and his immediate feeling of kinship when he realizes that she's disliked for her talent, just as he has been.

For some odd reason, I'm eagerly anticipating the first Jesse/Shelby showdown. He's so much more confident and experienced than any of the troupe, and it'll be interesting to see if she can find ways to make him toe the line. I'm guessing, given her keen powers of observation, that she'll soon discover Rachel will be his Achilles heel.

The instant attraction between Jesse and Rachel was beautifully scripted. Loved their initial impressions of each other, and the way neither of them could tear their gazes away. And the grin that's just for her, versus the one for the group? Classic Jesse. :)

Since I've seen The Sound of Music multiple times (both the movie and the musical), I'm looking forward to seeing how you have it play out as the members of the troupe work at mounting their production.
northstar61 chapter 2 . 3/4/2012
Okay, I'll freely admit that I originally read the first chapter so long ago that, upon re-reading, I wasn't entirely sure what the small but significant changes were. Hopefully, you can enlighten me. :)

I can totally picture Jesse as a young, impressionable yet cocky boy, extremely talented and fully aware of that fact. I really enjoyed all of the insight into his background - how he came to be at the circus, all of the skills he picked up and honed while there, his innate desire for the spotlight, and his willingness to do whatever was necessary to achieve that end.

"Normal is boring, like you. And I hate boring." - Yep, this is completely Jesse. Blunt and, although charming, also willing to speak his mind without concern that he might offend.

It wasn't at all surprising that, once the costume designer explained what Broadway was, Jesse would see it as his destination of choice. He already has all of the requisite skills to excel, and now, he simply needs to be given the opportunity to do so.

Clearly, Jesse learned a great deal from his bunkmate's book - knowledge that's been withheld from the boys in Will's troupe, and even more so from the girls in Shelby's. That level of experience, coupled with his being older than the rest, will no doubt lead to clashes with the new adults in his life.

"If we don't teach them, they won't know. It's as simple as that." - Well, it's what Shelby *wishes*. It won't be that simple, especially now that she and Will have brought an outsider into troupe who may well be quite eager to share what he knows...
michemistic chapter 3 . 2/29/2012
About time I reviewed, so if Shelby is the master of scary stage parents, did she adopt the kids? So she abandoned the ones that weren’t talented enough (and somehow Finn stayed in the troupe?) jeesh is she that heartless?

What happens when the kids get old enough to leave and they tell others about how they were raised? Everyone from the general public to interviewers to the police-even the FBI will know about Shelby. At least there’s one thing I applaud her for, being an unknown matchmaker.

So only Rachel has a social security number and they’ve called out on her resemblance to Shelby hmmmm….

Hope Jesse get’s along better with the boys than the girls do. Oh and is that a start of a St. Evans friendship I’ve always supported happening maybe? Nice call how Blaine is more suitable as the male lead (before Jesse obviously). So is Artie not included because you don’t like him, or is it because if you notice, there have been more guys that are/were in New Directions compared to girls and the ratio would be off (even making me think of S3 sectionals ND having Tina and Quinn as the only girls), or is it because of the limits of being in a wheelchair for the stage?

Well wasn’t the purpose of Jesse for ND to have an “enemy” (yeah right, he’s a bad-boy but he’s no villain) and for Rachel’s love-interest? And that Ryan Murphy promised to have Groff on his show (why go see SA and NOT make the leads the core couple, and Groffchele were one of the fist to know about the show, and you promised if Pretty/Handsome didn’t get picked up Jon would have his own character on Glee, but left out how Jesse would be screwed over, and he introduced ingrate!Ryan to Lea andjdlkjdlcdf-TANGENT!).

LOVE how Jesse is instantly taken in with Rachel and vice-versa. Oh and you know it wouldn’t be typical annoying me if I didn’t stick up for Rachel. Her iconic nose fits her and is balanced by her features, those HUMONGOUS Disney Princess eyes and full lips (which Shelby mentioned and since when is that a bad thing? *hugs Sam*). Oh and you already know how I pointed out that Jesse had a strong nose himself and he can’t say anything about her moles on her face and throat (they’re called, “beauty marks” people and even the French (at least before their revolution) considered them popular by dotting their face and chest with fake ones), besides the freak that I am noticed Jon having one mole on his jaw and some on his neck too. So yes, you’re all too accurate in that, “the net result is…stunning. She's beautiful. So incredibly beautiful, and she's looking at him.” *steps off soap box*

Jesse immediately doesn’t want to take his eyes off her (and later on his ears and hands) and if we could turn teenage hormones and emotions into energy, they’d be even more powerful than nuclear bombs. Also, Jesse while lived in the outside world, he wasn’t taught regular mores of “decent society” so I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of his (if un-intentional) corrupting vagabond ways. Oh and so loving the Mrs. Darling reference since it reminds me of younger Jesse reminding me of Peter Pan.

Oh Rachel being a blossoming, blushing, sweet PYT all over-whelmed with all this new intense attention. Jesse using his blatant killer smile in itself is so daring because while she doesn’t know why he’s so focused on her yet, Jesse’s just a step behind total eye-sex. That she is opposite Jesse (even Groff played Rolf before as you know) and gets to kiss him will “awaken” all those urges.

Babe if you’re making this REALLY Spring Awakening inspired with a surprise baby, please don’t hurt these kids too much, they’re just so innocent and un-aware that I’m really scared shitless for their well-being. Like Brittany squealing and hugging Shelby (God is it so wrong that I still think of her as a screwed up not-mom, but is the closest thing to being one for the girls?) just breaks my heart that all these little things makes them so happy and grateful.

Mike cross-dressing reminds me of his almost role as Dr. Frank-N-Furter (another Germanic name!). I know that Shelby probably punishes the boys too, but does Will ever lay a hand on them? All I know is that Jesse’s not taking crap (unless it’s constructive criticism towards his performance) from nobody.

The more the kids are getting punished, the more karma I hope will inflict upon the adults for what they’re doing to these kids.
FromTheDepthOfMyMind chapter 3 . 2/19/2012
Well, first things first, I am absolutely loving this fic so far!

Just the perfect amount of fear and yet the undertone of the longing for rebellion (meaning Quinn).

I burst out laughing at the idea of Mike playing Frau Schmidt, I literally died (still giggling at the idea as I write this now).

Jesse analyzing Rachel was just... perfect! It seems like love at first sight!

I'm so glad that they have expressed an interest in each other right away, and also the fact that "they don't know what love is" shows potential for the two ingenues to express their feelings for each other in an interesting way seeing as they have had minimal exposure to affection previously.

Now, onto "The Box." This is ACTUALLY killing me, I need to know what it means because right now I'm thinking about potential things that it could mean but I think of it as some kind of psychological torture that I can only guess what it is. And the preview the Cris gave us a while back can only confirm my suspicions that this probably isn't some kind of corporal punishment.

Well, Cris and Androgenius, brilliant fic! I anxiously await your next update! :)
Broadwayfreak5357 chapter 3 . 2/17/2012
ok first thing, Mike crossdressing hilarious. just sayin. :P

Anyway, I LOVE the fact that we get to see into Shelby's head and her thought process & yeah :D

"Do not mock me," she says tightly. "They don't know what love is, because nobody's ever told them. They're fine the way they are. He's her equal in talent, and that's what she needs. That's all she needs."

love this quote! its true for the story and for real glee!

awwwww I love the instant connection btw Jesse & Rachel & how he can't take his eyes off her & she's like wtf, im not anything special :P

awwwww & Rach can't stop staring him :) :) :)

Can't wait for more! this is brill! :) awwwww sound of music! my brother's fave movie, so ive seen it a billion times & we did it for our HS musical last year. anyway, yay :) Not what I was expecting, but i really dont know what I was expecting so whatever :P

"I'm sorry," Rachel whispers. She hates the scolding almost more than something physical. It hurts, twisting something inside her.

poor rach :(

whats the box? or can;t you tell me til the next chapter's up? :) explain why all the others arent in it (artie etc). not that I really care about artie (i sound bitchy, im sorry! :P) bt just wondering :P

xx Sage
kezztip chapter 3 . 2/16/2012
I loved this chapter - Jesse's reaction and assessment of Rachel was enthralling. It is good to get the background on Shelby and Will as well - her character is not a far stretch from her Vocal Adrenaline coaching except even more controlling. Can't wait for some Jesse/Rachel interaction.
Phoenix South chapter 3 . 2/16/2012
This fic is addictive, every word you drink quickly and then want more, this plot is really amazing as I said in my previous comment, you guys are amazing writers, here in Brazil yesterday aired the episode Michael and I'm incredibly disappointed,It was horrible to see Rachel accepts the marriage proposal. I just felt like hitting something.
michemistic chapter 2 . 2/15/2012
May I just say that baby!Jesse reminds me way too much like Peter Pan (while we’re at it, Rachel does need applause to live like Tinker Bell and Wendy could be a nickname for Wendla). His dabble in acrobatics on top of him being all adventurous, mouthy and conceited help with the image. So different that he ran away from an impoverished lifestyle and even though this is set in the present, it reads like it’s an older timeline (probably because circuses aren’t the most current hypes) which helps with the Spring Awakening tone. So if the musical has teens in the past expressing themselves modern than your collaboration is almost like a reverse with the way it’s written more like a book that takes place in an ambiguous period.

In this case, Jesse can express that he’s talented, unlike the girls and boys; he’s allowed to brag about his abilities without any punishment.

Adrenaline Circus, I love it when au gives taste of what’s already established in their fics.

"And I don't belong to anybody."-I have the feeling this line will be re-appeared when he’s in the troupe. But instead of it being re-stated through words, it will come back as moral fiber, its Jesse’s backbone. That is his strength and character; he knows freedom and no one can take that away from him.

I’m glad and relieved that this child is staying with two women; he’ll finally have a nurturing and safe place to reside. By living with two mother figures, hopefully subconsciously that means he’ll respect women too.

“Normal is boring, like you. And I hate boring."-I concur, that’s my comeback whenever I’m told I’m weird or when my mom exasperates that our family is loud and dysfunctional.

“in his free time he started pestering the performers until they agreed to show him the tricks of their crafts. From the clowns he learned timing, and how to read an audience. The tightrope-walker was from Russia, and she was the first to instill in him a love of and appreciation for classical dance.”-

I love any background on Jesse in general, especially how he cultivated his skills. That he found ways to learn outside of an after-school dance studio is impressive.

Once Jesse got a taste of Broadway, he’s addicted. Here’s hoping he understands later what gay really is and that it’s nothing to be ashamed of or should be used negatively.

Like Melchior, Jesse’s rebellious and of that rebelliousness is that he’s an intellectual and craves for knowledge, which means he’s fascinated by controversy. Like Melchi, Jesse (ha that rhymes…*crickets chirp*) will stir the pot and lead the teens to irreversible milestones. Who says bad boys can’t be smart?

Oh boy, Jesse’s now at the age of discovering the other factors of puberty. It was handled very tastefully and I just find it refreshing and fitting that his first taste of the adult world is through smut. Say…Rachel is now at the age where Jesse got to know more about his body outside of dancing *whistles suspiciously innocently*

What are Shelby and Will doing at the circus? Is it a “business” run where they’re trolling for new blood? Well Shelby might just regret letting Jesse getting to know her star once he gets to know Rachel in the biblical sense.

Shelby suppressing the girls will backfire on her and she has no one to blame but herself when that happens. Oh and one more thing, are Shelby and Will sleeping together? I get the feeling that they are or maybe Shelby’s too focus on her career to mix business with pleasure. Where do the boys stay? It seems too risky for them to both sleep
mariekoukie666 chapter 3 . 2/15/2012
I think I'm in love with your writting!

So Far the story is amazing!

like it!

And its time for me to go to sleep...
sillystarshine chapter 3 . 2/15/2012
ok so it is confirmed that shelby basically raised the kids from when they were little hmm rachel's the only one with a social security number huh interesting so i wonder what happened to her parents? loved rachel/jesses descriptions of the other can't wait until they actually have to work together! update asap :)
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