Reviews for Spitfire Collection
Never gonna bend chapter 10 . 5/23
Prompt time: Cheshire finds out that Wally and Artemis are dating. She decides to make sure Wally knows a rule: You break her heart and I will break your everything!
AmayaSaria chapter 28 . 5/21
I'm about a month late to squeeze at this update, but I am so glad I remembered it! Very cute. I love how you portrayed Wally as uncertain. Yes he loves her, but will love be enough after living together? (Well we know better ) And Artemis was real sweet. I enjoyed it very much, thank you!
jt42 chapter 28 . 5/16
Sappy, romantic love... some have sex, and some have angst, but they all have the romantic crap. These are all amazing. Great job so far!
Nothing chapter 16 . 5/11
I like this chapter because it goes deeper into Wally's paranoia and worry that he'll do something wrong or something will happen and Artemis will switch sides. He is afraid that the personality of a cold murderess that Paula used to be will come with the guise of Huntress and embed itself into his love. While this is a stupid worry. Artemis would never switch sides. She refuses to be like her family in the way they work. She wouldn't turn into a cold blooded killer.
Moongirl231 chapter 8 . 5/11
Can I give you a prompty? OK so It's the aniversery between Speedster and Archer and wally forgets so he's running around avoiding said Archer and looking for something to give her. He finds a wedding ring. I hope that's ok! :)
Guest chapter 28 . 4/23
Babies! 3
Angryhenry chapter 12 . 4/21
Nice play Wally! Award worthy!
Angryhenry chapter 8 . 4/21
Anybody would, as long as it fit their sexual preferences
Angryhenry chapter 4 . 4/21
Go robin!
BLAH chapter 28 . 4/21
OH MY GOODNESS RANTY! YOU ARE KEEPING THE SHIP AFLOAT WITH THESE DELICIOUS GLIMPSES INTO THEIR LIVES! You are like the queen of quiet moment drabbles. It was so very sweet yet laced with serious tones. Beautifully done!
Irenerb chapter 28 . 4/21
so cute, there needs to be more stories of spitfire like this
shana.rose chapter 28 . 4/21
*Squealing* So fluffy and perfect!
TheMoonPrincess110 chapter 28 . 4/20
They are so cute oh my gosh. You're writing style is amazing by the way
TideNightwalker chapter 24 . 1/19
I agree with you. But... I still believe that Wally is there somewhere. Maybe he's atoms in the earth?
adam.anellaer chapter 12 . 1/12
Ooooohh! This is surely my favorite of them all! I loved them so much xD
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