Reviews for Incorruptible: The Dementor's Stigma
PaultheEwok chapter 16 . 6/26
Fantastic story, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was reading The Walking Dead fan fics before and I remembered this one, I'm really glad I decided to read it. I loved the fact that Harry was a healer in this, it's one thing to be good at offence but there's just something about a main character that can heal, that I really like. Zombies, politics and Harry Potter, what more could one ask for. Don't get one this story's not more popular. Awesome

P.S. Do you know any other stories where Harry's a healer?
Guest chapter 13 . 6/22
What the f*%kl?! Maybe you tried to set the one up for us but it still hurts like hell. Poor Harry.
kolodny chapter 16 . 6/23
This story was a helluva ride. Holy crap. So well-written and plotted. I'm exhausted. Well done.
ananas42 chapter 16 . 6/22
To future stories, I would definitely read Warmth.
To this story, I have so many things to say about it, I'll try to keep it short:
I hate zombies. Really. They scare me so bad I cannot watch zombie anything. So for the sake of fan fiction, I took a chance with this story. I'm a wuss, it was super intense for me and I absolutely loved it! The canon and oc character development, set and setting, original plot concepts, dialogue, were all up incredible. I also really like the way this story was written in first person. It showed a much different side of Harry. I have never read one in first person and it worked so well. I loved, lived, cried and definitely died a little inside on more than one occasion. I am so glad I gave it a shot!
Samwise O'Keefe chapter 16 . 3/7
Your story has kept me absorbed for a couple of weeks.
Kept coming back to read it.
Well done !
elvinmage chapter 1 . 2/18
Well, just went through this all in about 24 hours. I'd put off reading it for a long time because the idea didn't really appeal to me, but I have to say I was very very wrong. I'll drop a proper review in the next few days, but want a little more time to think about it and possibly reread some parts.

Great job though, absolutely fantastic and well worth the read.
Guest chapter 15 . 12/1/2014
Fuck Juliet.
Guest chapter 13 . 12/1/2014
Nice, I love you crossed out was a neat choice.
Guest chapter 9 . 12/1/2014
Doesn't Harry have 2 debts? 1 from Narcissa and one from saving Draco in the study?
xvector chapter 1 . 10/23/2014
I cried man-tears of manliness. They weren't tears, they were concentrated awesome, thanks to you.
xvector chapter 16 . 10/23/2014
Truly phenomenal story. I cried.
potterheadcharles chapter 16 . 9/16/2014
This truly was a roller coaster.
First, what I didn't like- Harry is a little stupid sometimes and his decisions seem...I don't know, insufficient. And, I really 'almost' stopped reading when you killed off Astoria. It really felt mean, sorry, but its your story and I get you planned it from the beginning, so...yeah, its tragic.

Now, what I liked-First off, Harry in 'the' last chapter. That was awesssome. It felt like he ultimately decided that enough was ENOUGH and came up on top and showed what Harry fucking Potter is...and how he called the Dementors after killing moment of the fic.
Second, your Ron was the best I've ever read and how J.K.R must have tried writing him but...we all know how it went.
Third, the idea of Ellie being there kept me reading past ch 13 and I'm glad I did. Her entire character shows of an image of a cute little girl with an iron will who is ready to fight, and she does in the end. I really would have cursed you if you had decided to kill her off too...but you didn't. So thanks. Best OC in my opinion of the fic.
And I really liked the scene where she straddled when thinking back.

I probably wouldn't read the entire fic again since its suspense and suspense doesn't do twice, but I'll read the last chapter. It was the best of the lot with the lockdown ones just below it.

And lastly, you probably should know how much I liked your story since this is the biggest review I've EVER left for a fic and that too by a huge margin. And trust me, I read a lot.

So..thanks again for this brilliant Zombie feasting madness inducing psycho hell of a trip...and Ellie.
G-Unot chapter 16 . 4/24/2014
Just wanted to say that this story was insanely well plotted and with what you were aiming for i.e. the character/emotive driven aspect of it was extremely well done. Astoria's death had me actually seriously sad that she would never get the chance for happiness outside of the confines of Malfoy Manor and that Harry who'd already dealt with the crushing blow of losing Sarah, fell into the abyss once again.

I'm glad to see that he has a chance for a future with Ellie who I genuinely liked as well. Not sure if you're still checking your reviews for this but I'd definitely really interested to read the AU's set in the Incorruptible that you've mentioned (both Warmth and Ashes, but Warmth first preferrably).

I want to say that I've been kicking myself for ignoring this story for this long. I'd seen it on DLP before and for some reason a few chapters in each time I'd predict it getting mired down in politics and just not continuing. But I'm glad I finished it this time and once I got into it, it captivated me till the very gripping end. The way you structured it, I had no clue what was coming (apart from a sinking feeling that Astoria might die before the end of it), the plot twists and turns definitely had me both surprised and intrigued at what would come next.

Thank you for making such a memorable, intense, emotive and intricate piece of writing.

P.S: The zombies and the action were pretty kickass too :P

-Luda from DLP.
Goose chapter 16 . 4/10/2014
Damn good story. It is a shame that those silly, OOC-filled fangirl tripefests get more reviews than this good literary work. This is a lot coming from one with a Bachelor's in English Lit., as well as someone who despises the whole 'zombie apocalypse' plot. Again, good work.
Aiur chapter 16 . 3/6/2014
I finished reading a while ago, but I wanted some time to digest all of this for my review.

The amount of planning, editing, and genuine care you put into this work is phenomenal. You kept it exciting the entire time, with suspense in both the political and survival scenes. Your characters were all well motivated and clearly their own people. Finally, your characterization of Ron was by far the best I've seen in fanfic, in that it made me actually like him as a character, something not even the source material could get me to do.

So, all in all, A*, outstanding work.
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