Reviews for Percy's Diary
PenguinGirl94 chapter 38 . 9/21
Still reading. Thanks for another great chapter. :)
Bea chapter 38 . 9/20
I love it please update!
azhou1 chapter 38 . 9/19
I can’t wait until Percy finds out (after the diary is over, which I hope won’t be too soon since I love this fanfic) and then starts cursing everyone.
HogwartsDreamer113 chapter 38 . 9/16
You know, it's kind of amazing.
I just looked it up, and I have been following this story since 11/13/11, about two weeks after my 15th birthday. I have been with you since the beginning, even if I haven't been reviewing every chapter lately. I joined the site in July, 2011, and I kid you not... this is the THIRD story I have ever followed. I think, unless I missed something. It's for sure in the first ten, if not the first five. And it's still going. That really is incredible. Every time I see this in my inbox, it's like an unexpected surprise and I'm always excited to read it. Most people would give up, not perservere after almost 7 years. Thank you for continuing this journey with us. I have very much enjoyed it, and know you can take as long as you need.

Anyway, I should probably comment on the chapter, haha. XD Percy makes my heart ache. His anxiety is relatable, and I feel for him. I just want to give him a hug and tell him he'll be okay, that he can do this. I'm interested to see where Percy's diary entries go next. Dark is fine, and to be expected.

Until next time! :)
King4Saiyans chapter 38 . 9/16
I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH! :D It's so much fun and really interesting and everyone is in-character.
I don't think Percy's experiences excuse his rudeness in book 5,but I adore this fic for showing in full who he is instead of going HP's trademark route of stereotyping. Rowling seriously needs to get a reality check...
Dawnbreak55 chapter 37 . 9/15
Thank you for the warning! Im planning to keep reading but i appreciate it a lot!

Also, im glad youre planning to keep this going, it's a great fic and i always look forward to the reading the chapters. Keep on doing your amazing job!
QueenMaraudeur chapter 38 . 9/14
Thank youu for continuing it, I am looking forward for the rest.
SmoulderS chapter 38 . 9/14
Amazing as always! The warning that we're heading into darker territory is appreciated, but I will certainly continue to read. I feel like good Percy centric fics like this are so rare
LalaSpade chapter 38 . 9/14
I'm going to keep reading, but I do appreciate the warning. Thanks for the update as well, poor Percy.
Phoenixx Rising chapter 38 . 9/14
Awww...poor guy had an anxiety attack. It’s sad how true it is that people with this problem tend to hide it so much.
TinaMaki chapter 38 . 9/14
I honestly love this fic.

Have you ever subscribed to something, received an update notification and were like "hm? What is this?"...?

Doesn't happen with yours. I see "Percy's Diary" and my reaction is "yess, more!"

I'm curious to see how this ends. They will see Percy again at one point. But I can't help but think that their attempts of making ammends will not be received kindly *if* he knows that they read this.

It's a bit like getting an apology or a thank you after telling someone that you would have appreciated one (in my case my - bratty - but still pretty awesome teen age sister).
They needed to be told and were unable to understand the situation on their own ..
yellow 14 chapter 38 . 9/13
Still good. Keep updating
ShadowCub chapter 38 . 9/13
Still waiting for the fuck my family entry, lol.
Hope he's living large in the states.
aflores2005 chapter 38 . 9/13
I will read this story till the end. By the way what would happen if the golden trio came?
pureangel86 chapter 38 . 9/13
Wow just wow, I can't wait to read more.
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