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Pointypointy chapter 15 . 11/9/2016
I have binge read through the story. I love the ending and the added stories between Blaze and Sonic

But as I read it I was curious if a possible spin or twist on the story as a separate story if possible. Tiara is left out and in a similar predicament with Blaze all this time, i know it is considered bad and not exactly good storytelling but I would propose a Blaze/Sonic/Tiara idea because as much as I read I also wanted to read Tiara having her happiness too.

Though that is just me having read the stories in one go, all the same keep up the good work! Admittedly also read your other stories.
This and Sonic with Buns are my favorites.
With the B/S/T being a close second if ever that happened.

Cannot wait to see more and more upcoming works you have in store for this or the next.
Stevenski chapter 15 . 10/5/2016
You my friend are a very skilled writer, I would love to see more sonaze stories from you. Very excellent work here!
Joyoiyoi chapter 15 . 8/20/2016
I got to say. This is by far one of the best written Sonaze fanfic on this site (the other being Power of Bonds). The story is quite interesting and tackles topics I have yet to read in other fics until now. I also like the way you handle Sonic and Blaze's relationship, as well as add characters like Tiara and Honey in. Your interpretation and characterization of Tiara is by far one of my favorites and has honestly make me wish she was no longer a scrapped character. All in all, the story is fun, interesting, funny, and appealing to read and I hope you do another Sonaze story one day.
sonicxblazey chapter 15 . 8/18/2016
amazing as always... but why didn't you have them kissing at any point...

Emperor AWESOME chapter 14 . 4/11/2016
That was an amazing story you should be a book writer this is awesome stuff
P.S. Like you're stories!
Music anon chapter 3 . 8/11/2015
ok, that's it.
i'm going to listen to Assassin's Creed IV OSS for the remaining of this story because... well, it just seems to work pretty well :)
Guest chapter 1 . 5/11/2015
I still like this story (as it is about the only paring I'm cool with)
rkzmcginnis chapter 14 . 5/4/2015
All I can say is I am late to the party. Anyways I had read all of your stories but the Sonic and Bunnie Rabbot one. Having limited time to read and school and yada yada yada. I can safetly say I have read over 100 Sonic and Blaze Pairing Stories. And I have to say this one is one of the best one I have read. I really enjoyed all of your work that I have read up until this point. Thank you for the great story, and I am looking forward to your future work.
Chi-Cop1 chapter 14 . 5/3/2015
Well done again! :)
Strawberry r Kitty chapter 14 . 1/19/2015
Awww! Perfect ending! It's not the cheesy "we did it!" ending at all! Just a nice, sweet, ending. Write On,
Strawberry r Kitty chapter 11 . 1/15/2015
Ha, not the typical "use the Emeralds to make a happy ending" story, huh? I like it! Different! This is a greeeaattt story! Although bit seems it isn't the end...yet. So Write On!
Strawberry r Kitty chapter 9 . 1/14/2015
I like the character development in Tiara. And I think that chess "match" was a perfect ending for this chappie. Write On!
Strawberry r Kitty chapter 7 . 1/14/2015
Dawww! That scene at the end was adorable! This is amazing! You have the affection level moving along steadily like how it would be if this was canon (I think that's what you'd say). Fits Blaze's personality perfectly! Write On!
joel348 chapter 14 . 1/4/2015
"SnooPING AS usual,i see"
-doctor robotnik
Ok,now i can start the review,your history is freaking AWESOME one of the few that can take my attention for a long period of time,mainly because of the large chapter and mostly active history almost cried at the end,though the interruption of robotnik -A.K.A Eggman- of the party was a bit cliché.also,take a look at this fanfiction "power of bonds",also a pretty good fanfiction that do not destroy Blaze personality by suddenly adding an Amy-like love.
TheGrunt22 chapter 14 . 12/26/2014
Ho! Ho! Ho! He sees you if you're snooping. He knows if you're a robot or not. So you better be getting that hedgehog for badness's sake! Ooooooooooohhh! Eggman's comin' to town! Lol, Merry Christmas!

Before I get started, I really have to congratulate you on your writing skills. This piece of work's incredibly engaging; not one moment passed without me watering in anticipation and thirsting for the inevitable. Really was fun to read from top to bottom and had that special magic I was talking about before. This may sound a little awkward but oh what the heck; you're a freaking amazing writer lol.

Mmm, I say that the major appeal of this as you mention at the top is the characterization in this. That's the fun thing about this; like from start to finish you're working well with their already established personalities and how they view things in the mainstream games and appropriately; the introverted Blaze's increasing longing (hence the title) and Sonic's adorkable awkwardness in the face of having a serious relationship. In here, that's still well into place. It's not something that happens over night; it's subtly changing bit by bit. I guess to sum up all of it that this journey's been one heck of a ride.


The beginning parts a bit of a big summery of recent events that not everything's been smooth sailing. Well, either way it was already a happy ending but some road bumps in the aftermath are being problematic. tiresome. Trying to deal with it? IT'S NO USE! Maybe a few things were stated a few times over, but that's overlookable as it presumably helped to get the setting and where everyone is now all set up and underway.

Rouge's a SHNOOOP! GRAAHH! I HATE THAT HEDGEHO-*THUD* Heh heh heh. At first reading, I was thinking about who that shadowy figure lurking around might of been, like all good readers engaged. Thought at first it might of been Shadow wanting another reason to butt heads with the 'faker' but that was discarded quickly. But I did consider that it was Gardon under secret orders (will get into that below) from Blaze's parents to be a 'Le Parkour' gentlemen spy to figure out what their daughter's been up to! Heh, I think we're all revealed that it happened to be Rouge... I hope! Lol.

Blaze's parents. Here's what I say you've done another fine case of 'show, don't tell.' Well, you've been doing that with the rest of the cast so I think it's more or less 'showing and definitely not telling!' From start to finish we've only been seeing and hearing things from the perspective of the main cast. And here it's confirmed but not outright said of the whole. What tipped me off is when I saw Gardon being assigned to clerical services and further backed up by one character mentioning how formal their outfits are is that this party was one big massive trap to rope. If I can safely conclude this, then perhaps Sonic and Blaze tried too hard and the ever-observant parents picked up on that with all of the gags and shenanigans going on; like one big massive game of chess and a fierce clash of wills, stoic, and poker faces. Plus the one thing about being a cat Blaze forgot is that they too are very quite sneaky; they sure cleaned up well after themselves without a trace when it was all over without the populace at large suspecting a thing. Plus their smug faces at the end told me all what I need to know; they're just simply waiting until Blaze is ready to come forward. Well done at the covert implications and meanings; it's really fun to read it and pick up on this stuff.

Well, the trap's shutting and there looks to be no way out for them. Rouge's tr- *egg dragoon theme plays* Ho! Ho! Ho! Tonight I will destroy that little wretched hedgehog! Lol Eggman. Depending on how one's viewing what, he just came either at the right moment or the wrong one. The right moment because that weaseled the two out of the trap. The wrong one 'cuz even after Team Eggman's blasting off again emotions are sent on rollercoasters after Sonic takes a hit and looses his rings!

And the Chaotix. Heh heh, those three bumbling comic relief dorks always manage to make everything they get involved with utterly unpredictable. Hopefully this time Vector won't cause too much of a hassle in our computer rooms. *twitch* I hope...

Hehe. I'm quite surprised myself that this ended far, far, FAR better (well, for Sonic and Blaze at least lol) than I thought it would of. A very narrow escape from the clutches of responsibilities, marriage crises, shn00ping arch-enemies, confused friends, and Amy. Can't say I feel quite attacted to the characters and feel their relief too. The benefits of being totally involved and engrossed in stories!

Well it's over with now and once again, congratulations! Thanks for the big Christmas present for all to enjoy! Only one thing reminds now. Endless Possibilities! Merry Christmas!
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