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Morbid Mortality chapter 20 . 1/5/2014
I don't know if you're still reading the reviews for this story but I just wanted to say that this fic really touched me. I can't say that it was in good way but I'm still really glad to have found something that has so much meaning to me. Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you have put into this.
misomilk chapter 20 . 6/30/2013
Hi. Uhm, this might be a lengthy review but I just have to pour out all my thoughts about this fic of yours.

In simple terms, your fic was very beautiful. Every character of every word of every phrase or sentence I read-every bit of this fic brought out so much emotion in me. Anger, hate, happiness, relief, anger and hate again, relief again. Wow. This fic got me sympathizing with the characters' feelings at every turn. I just-wow. I've never been so engrossed in a fic in soooooo so so long. And I tell you, I've read quite a lot of fics for over many years already, but none have affected me in such a way as yours did. I felt like I was reading an actual novel when I was reading this. I'm not saying this just to praise you or anything. I mean every word I'm saying and I wanted to write it into a review because I think you deserve to know that you got to inspire a reader like me with all these feels while reading this fic. ;W; (Or maybe this is just my vulnerability after sobbing and crying the whole while I was reading the last 2 chapters talking-but that's just further proof of what I'm currently saying.)

I didn't read "Last Train" all in one sitting, though. I began reading this fic just to pass the time at the start of school this year (around 2-3 weeks ago). Before I could realize, I was already thinking about what'll happen next during my time in the shower, or that I'd still be awake at three in the morning because I was reading this. Haha, gosh, I really did get too attached to this, I'm sorry. ;w; And even though I spent my whole Sunday reading from chapter 11 to 20 (because I'm such a slow reader and I like going through parts I like again and again and again), it's almost 1am now but I do not want to tear away from this review because /starssobbingagain it was just really so beautiful, okay? ;w;

The plot. The way you phrased everything. The pauses and parallelisms ("But Lea looked away, just like when he was about to lie, or when he was lying already." hurt me so bad.) The way your characters resembled the canon ones in KH. The KH parallelisms (especially that part with Namine controlling memories, and THE HEARTLESS wooooow those were so amazing). _SAIX_. The explanation of what happened to _SAIX_. (It is soooo much like KH!Saix wow). One line that really hit me (among many others) was this line: "But even though he knew Saix was a monster, he couldn't stop hoping that maybe there were bits and pieces of Isa left to salvage." OOOOH That got me rolling on the bed because that hit a spot in my AkuSai-loving kokoro. It fits so well into the actual KH plot I cannot even.

I loved the way you arranged the bits and pieces of the story, too. :') We got to know what we needed to know at the right time, and I never felt like I was being overfed information. That was awesome. It also got me formulating my own theories about what was happening in the fic-though I never guessed that Axel still ended up succumbing to Xemnas' and Even's plan. (I was bawling and sobbing during Xemnas' and Dr. Even's conversation at the last chapter). AND EVEN AFTER ALL THAT HEARTBREAK YOU MANAGED TO MAKE A SATISFYINGLY PERFECT ENDING. Ugh. ;w;

Oh, and you are amazingly knowledgeable about Japanese geography. o_o I myself have been to Japan quite a few times, but I can never memorize the map the way you did. Do you live in Japan? It's the only explanation I could muster to reason how you know Japan so well. Ahahaha. Or maybe I'm just being gullible, for all I know you could have had Google Maps by your side the whole time you wrote this. :'D

But anyhowwww. Uhm. I'm at, like, 600 characters with this review. I'm sorry. I should probably stop babbling soon. But, uhm, well, thanks a whole lot for this fic! I see you got three more Akusai/Leaisa/Lea-centric fics in your profile! I guess you could expect more reviews from me there. Haha. I don't think I got to pour all my emotions for your fic into this review in the end, but just know that I really really love it. And I'd probably reread it again because it was just that amazingly beautiful.

Thank you for all the effort you poured into this. :')
Thank you for the wonderful memories brought by this fic.
SilentSicarius chapter 20 . 6/1/2013
I loved it. Oh my gosh! Going through so many emotions *sniffle* You're a very talented writer and your Beta reader did an excellent job!
JoeiMarie chapter 20 . 4/9/2013
THIS WAS SO GOOD! It kept me on the edge and completely messed with my brain! Definitely one of the best fics I've read in a while!
Saga of Eternal Rain chapter 20 . 5/8/2012
So, this is the second Axel & Saix story I've read, and I must say that you've pulled everything off really well. I absolutely loved the way you portrayed the characters, the suspenseful plotline that left me practically DEMANDING for the next chapter, and the style and flow of the story over all.

I think you did a brilliant job with this story. All the characters were so realistic and plausible, and though I was confused at the ending, in the end, I accepted it because it just really fit. I also liked how you incorporated facts with technology and science in your story-it seems so real that I thought it was: which is a good part of extensive research. I love how much time and effort you put in this story to make it the best it could be.

Although I was disappointed with some of the characters and how they were initially, I wasn't too concerned with it, because the story was just that engrossing. And after all those chapters, how you wrote them really grew on me. I personally wished Axel and Saix a happy ending because they had been through so much.

Personally, I am sorry that I didn't review as this story progressed, but it just gives me that much more to say in this review at the end of the story. I also agree with your way of thinking, because it makes sense if one considers it carefully. I'm glad that you wrote the story the way you did, because it was different, but that was what made it a refreshing break from the norm. It's not often that one gets to read a really deep story.

Truly though, thank YOU for giving me a great read. It's hard to find one these days, and I'm glad that this was available to me.

(P.S. Did I mention how much I loved the end of the nineteenth chapter where you wrote in a connection to the title? That was absolutely genius _ And the last part with Axel and Saix together really touched me too.)
clack chapter 20 . 5/6/2012
Det här var verkligen en toppen berättelse och den första i sitt slag som jag har läst! Jag visste sedan innan att du gillar att skriva om moraliska gråzoner så det var ingen överraskning för mig!

Det jag gillade mest med den var alla känslor som du lyckades förmedla och hur du byggde upp karaktärerna och hur deras drag förklarades av händelseförloppen. Mest gillade jag nog alla missförstånd, det var sorgligt och så, men missförstånden var en stor del av den stora konflikten, och deras kärlek för varandra var så gripande. Axel/Saix har blivit en av mina favorit pairing och nu hoppas jag att det inte ska bli svårt att hitta berättelser om dom. Annars får du ta och börja skriva och publicera fler!

Jag kommer som vanligt hålla utkik för flera av dina berättelser. Skitbra jobbat!
yousaytomatoIsayfcukoff chapter 20 . 5/6/2012
Huuun, I loved it! It was an emotional roller coaster, my fangirl tendencies made the hate I felt for Saix overwhelming some times and I still stand by those reactions. I was upset with him for the things he said and don't even get me started on his attitude, but I understand why he was like that. I've always given Axel the benefit of the doubt, I love him too much to ever dislike him. I felt so sorry for him in this chapter, but at least he managed to get what he wanted kind of.

I hope they can find happiness, all of them, and that they stop hurting each other!

Good luck with your big bang challenge, hun! :D
JeNeSaisQuoi chapter 20 . 5/5/2012
By far one of the best stories that I've read. My heart is no more and I regret nothing. The build up is what made this ending so grand. It's kind of awesome how you could make Saix into such a dick in the beginning and have us hating on him when you knew why he was acting like that. I'd go out and tell everyone to can it and to give Saix all the love. He did a lot wrong, everyone did, but as you said moral ambiguity is interesting. They were all so flawed and it's amazing how that shines through all the way to the end with Axel lying to Isa to keep him close. I was bawling. There is so much that Axel still doesn't know, but at least he knows that he still wants Isa in his life. I need more fics like this in my life. I assume that you've assigned for the big bang? Is it alright if I cross my fingers and hope for an Akusai fic with lots of mangst and love?

I'm just gonna sit over there and wait patiently. No pressure.
jamie chapter 20 . 5/5/2012
fffffffuu awesome fic! had me tearing up especially toward the ending.
clack chapter 19 . 4/22/2012
Gud vad förstörd jag blev av det här kapitlet! Allting går i kras för alla och ingenting går som planerat. Du anar inte hur mycket jag har kommit att gilla Saix efter att ha läst det här. Det är så mycket som verkar passa, speciellt hans förkrossande förflutna. Inte i det här fallet eftersom det är en au så klart, men idén om att han blev förrådd och sårad som gjorde honom så kall och ond passar tycker jag.

Den här berättelsen kommer jag definitivt läsa om flera gånger, speciellt nu i veckan för att vara redo inför det sista kapitlet.
yousaytomatoIsayfcukoff chapter 19 . 4/21/2012
So much heartbreak in one chapter, hun ;_; Can I just say that I find it strangely endearing that Arlene calls Marluxia "Liam"? She's the only one who does that. It really gives me the feeling that she knows him better than anyone else. While their relationship is a bit disturbing it also has qualities that no other relationship in this story has. It's really difficult for me to explain, but I'll try. Axel's and Saix's relationship was corrupted by lies and it led them to this, the same goes for everyone else. Axel never got the chance to tell Arlene the truth, Arlene could never fully trust Xigbar because he would always follow Xemnas' orders, and Arlene never told Leon about her past, or maybe even lied about it. But then there's Marluxia who was honest with her, and she was probably pretty honest with him too, but they're still dysfunctional despite the honesty. It's almost ironic in a way?

Gosh, Axel tried so hard. I had to hold back the tears, hun. I think I finally understood what you mean about things not being black and white and how everything is a consequence of something else. There's more than good and bad, or something like that, wasn't it?

Looking forward to the next chapter like always, hun!
JeNeSaisQuoi chapter 19 . 4/21/2012
I'm heartbroken. All of this was - I don't even know how to describe it - Axel's uncertainty came across so well. I didn't know who to trust tbh, it didn't seem to matter cuz both Dr. Even and Naminé would end up doing the same thing and that was probably the worst part, he was screwed either way. They both were. That entire part with Axel and Saix made me cry ngl - I wanted them to be okay, but, there was no way out for them! No matter how I think about it that was it, story of their lives. They could struggle all the wanted but they were still screwed! TT_TT The small descriptions of Isa's time in the lab really did it for me. His memories of Lea were the strongest and the hardest to erase. And he must have wanted to save Lea so fucking bad. How many times did he dream of that moment? Just the way he sorta seemed to relax when he realized that Lea was out, like that was it. Mission accomplished. Crying again, thanks a bunch.

I know there's still a chapter left, and I'm dying to read it, even if I end up openly weeping for everyone to see, but I just want to say that I fucking love this story - the build up, the characterization, the setting all of it. Please update as soon as you can!
CrossfireBullet chapter 19 . 4/21/2012
I'll be honest here. This chapter made me cry.

Seriously, I found it so beautiful! This chapter had what I loved in it. Friendship, romance, heartbreak, drama and suspense! I'm really on the edge of my seat. I really want to know what happened to Leon and what Larxene will do next, I really want to know what will happen to Lea and Isa and I really want to know how Axel will fix all of this.

The last paragraph was also very dramatic. The very last line was also just so beautiful! It gave a sort of "cliffhanger" feel. The kind that makes me think that it's the last chapter. Well, I certainly hope it ISN'T the last chapter.

...There's more coming, right?(Sorry, it's just that the last line made it seem like the last chapter)
yousaytomatoIsayfcukoff chapter 18 . 4/10/2012
Gosh, hun, I guess Isa really loved Lea. I'm not a big fan of Isa, but even I have to admit that he went through a lot to redeem himself. He got really messed up on the way. The whole scene with Xemnas was actually quite disturbing to me. On one hand I sorta understand why Saix would trust him, but on the other hand I don't really get why he would choose to go with Xemnas instead of leaving with Axel. Xemnas gave him a choice. How can he think that Xemnas will hurt him any less than Axel when Axel has at least proven to Saix that he does care for him?

The scene with Marluxia was also really disturbing to me. He was so scary!

I really liked how Xigbar was at least a little protective of Arlene. I was worried that he was going to leave her there, but I guess even Xigbar has a weak spot.

I'm a bit sad that it kind of seems like Arlene and Axel wont be together, not even as friends. I think that if they had taken their time to talk things out, maybe they could have started something new? I'm still hoping that Arlene will stick around.

Update soon, hun! I can't wait to see how this ends :D
clack chapter 18 . 4/8/2012
Varför skriver du en sån sorglig berättelse? Det finns ju knappt några ord för hur sorglig den här berättelsen har blivit! Vi kommer väl åtminstone få ett lyckligt slut? Det förtjänar både Axel och Saix efter allting som dom har gått igenom. Det är förvisso väldigt imponerande att se hur du har flätat ihop alla lösa trådar som till en början inte verkade ha så jätte stor betydelse, eller så trodde man att du kanske inte ville utveckla vidare på dom, men så snart som man släppte på garden då fick man en smäll rakt i bröstkorgen.

Stackars små liv! Och fy för dig litegrann, jag trodde aldrig att jag skulle fatta tycke för Saix, men nu är vi här, och jag sitter och väntar på att flera ska tycka om honom så som du har fått mig att tycka om honom. Orättvist!

(Men det ska också sägas att jag älskar den här berättelse mer än vad jag ogillar vad den har gjort mot mig)
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