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Brandixoxo chapter 42 . 5/1
Time for an update girly!
Guest chapter 42 . 3/9
general wildcat chapter 42 . 10/11/2016
Finally got to reading your update! It was only a matter of time before someone asked for something big that Taylor might not be able to make happen. There's always something. I think Chad's being a little bit stubborn. He thinks he can handle whatever's going on on his own and doesn't wanna bother Taylor about it. Or he just knows how Taylor's gonna be if she gets involved. It makes sense he was a little jealous though, even if he didn't need to be. At least he knows it's not THE problem and told Taylor something which is better than nothing. Anyway looking forward to the next chapter as always!
general wildcat chapter 41 . 9/7/2016
You say the chapter's late, i say it came at a good time. I seriously needed something. Although even i could've done without the parents making out. Must be a kid thing. i think it's a good idea to have a simple chapter in between everything. There's so much going on between Chaylor, campaigning, Destiny being pregnant, Chad's baby brother, and pretty much everything else at school so a simple chapter is nice once in a while. Still prefer Chaylor, but that's just me. Anyway hope you get to another update soon. Short or long it'll definitely be needed!
Brandi chapter 41 . 9/7/2016
Aww! That was sweet. I love the relationship the parents have for each other. Great example for Taylor.
Brandi chapter 40 . 8/31/2016
Yay! That's was a great chapter. I'm glad to see Chad and Taylor's relationship maturing. Please keep them long. I prefer it like that rather than short. Can't wait for the next one.
general wildcat chapter 40 . 8/22/2016
First of all, Chad going crazy over puppies is probably the most adorable and entertaining thing ever! We all knew he secretly had that side to him all along! 3 The conversation between Taylor and Destiny seemed like something out of a TV show which i personally liked. Some serious talk, a whole lot of teasing…sounds about right. And the teasing continues. Also right. xD Honestly, i thought that when it was taking Destiny so long to get groceries that she was gonna call from the hospital or something, but i guess she was gone longer than usual on purpose to give Chaylor some alone time. This is something Taylor would be SO in her head about! The whole emotions and talking thing for Taylor just aren't the same for her, so i'm glad i'm not the only one who writes her that way half the time and that we get the same idea that it's exactly how she would be. When i think about Chaylor together i always wondered, too, if they'd be each others' first times - not to sound weird about it or anything. Chad may be kind of a goofball and not take everything seriously and get into trouble, but even if he dated more girls i don't think he would've done anything with them that he didn't want to or if it didn't feel right. The natural chemistry between Chaylor obviously is right! So now that they got the awkward talk out of the way they can go back to being the awesome couple that they always are together and who knows, maybe pull a prank on Destiny while they're at it! xD I'm also completely for them watching more adorable animal videos together, just for the record! :P i'm really glad you were able to get the update in and t came out really well! Hopefully you'll be able to get the next one up on time, too! i'll be waiting :3
general wildcat chapter 39 . 8/9/2016
You have no idea how excited i was to see this chapter after i updated with such a short one to my own story and have been trying to write more! I like this, that Maya and Chad and Taylor can all be friends even if two of them are exes. It shows there really doesn't have to be drama all the time. And i like the idea that there was someone out there who pretty much got Chad ready for his real relationship with Taylor. It shows that things happen for a reason and he's so awesome to credit Maya where the credit is due. Obviously we have to make sure that Chaylor stays together forever so that's only the first step! And it's just so adorable that they're keeping up with pretty much their own way of saying they love each other! It gives me the feels! Have fun away from the internet and can't wait to see what you got next! :3
chaylorfan123 chapter 38 . 7/19/2016
I loved this chapter. I understand the long wait. I haven't uploaded something in a long time. I love that Taylor is so caring towards Chad even though he is acting stubborn, such a typical guy. love it!
Guest chapter 38 . 7/16/2016
Hey I've been following and reading this story from the start! Thanks for uploading I've been waiting for this! I liked this chapter but I have to say like Taylor I'm worried about Chad too somethings off with him ... Can't wait till it is revealed , and I can't wait for the next update!
general wildcat chapter 38 . 7/16/2016
Bleh feels like Chad's been grounded for so long! He's still got a lot of Chaylor time to make up for, especially if he just spent half this chapter not telling her stuff! Sounds like he's jealous of his brother and he just needs to let off some steam. Hopefully he doesn't do something stupid though. Something's gonna happen eventually, but what…? Dammit i wanna know! i can't believe it's been that long since you even updated the story! It feels to read another Chaylor story again. And if it makes you feel any better, i'm right there with you for sucking with updating. i updated like three weeks ago so i'm due for another one, too! You just gotta promise to keep updating and not suck like me cause i really wanna know what happens and see what else you got!
teacherspet7910 chapter 37 . 10/9/2015
Great chapter!
BranBran chapter 37 . 8/21/2015
Wow what a chapter! I hope chad will open up to Taylor more I mean that's his girlfriend for Christ sake! And since the parents will be away it will give Taylor and chad some alone time which is what the need they are very much mature now so right then would be the perfect time for "intimacy " lol :). Can't wait for next ep!
Love ya!
chaylorfan123 chapter 36 . 7/6/2015
I'm sorry but that moment between Taylor and Chad was the best. I read it over and over.
general wildcat chapter 36 . 6/24/2015
I'm hoping today's starting a new semi-normal for me so i thought i'd wake up by reading your new chapter. i think i need to go back and reread all the Chaylor parts to really stay awake though! This chapter had a little bit of everything. Clearly you know my favorite parts, i just love watching Chad and Taylor's relationship develop and just seeing them together. It was great that Taylor was able to come to her senses and make up with Gabriella. It'd probably be too weird if they stopped talking forever. Looking forward to the next chapter…i'm gonna need it!
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