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pressglue chapter 46 . 5/10
This is amazing! I have nothing else to say.
unknow chapter 23 . 3/17
First of all:X,Zero and Axl can one shoot ANY robot masters, they are pretty superior to them in combat
Mysterious Anon chapter 1 . 8/17/2016
Happy third year Hiatus. I'll still be waiting, even if you guys take three more years (and if this is truly dropped I'd like a heads up so I can at least not get my hopes up).
Selias chapter 12 . 7/15/2016
Sooo... this version of Copy X is completely OOC, then?
Guest chapter 46 . 6/30/2016
Miss this story SOOOO much! Please come back and finish it!
Masterx01 chapter 23 . 4/4/2016
"While it seemed that a few of you were expecting a bit more in terms of the fight with the Protocol, you have to take into consideration all that's transpired since Wily completed Zero back in 20XX. By the time he was activated in 21XX, he'd already begun overwriting the personality that Wily had installed, and shortly thereafter lost control of the virus to Sigma. By the Elf Wars, he'd jumped bodies, and he's woken in this era with a corrupted memory drive. Add in that he had absolutely no weaponry on hand in the lab, that he had no use of the virus, that Blues knows how to fight against mental attacks, that Shadow does outclass him in a lot of ways, and that Zero's not quite the harbinger of death that Wily wanted him to be, and really, the Protocol was outmatched." quote.

I really, really doubt it...

Thus far, the fic have a good pace and i like the relationship building altrought there is somethings that i feel OCC mosly with X and his weak side... he's a battle hardened war veteran with centuries of experience in this regard and a fair share of helpless situations... like with Vile in X1, if not for Zero he would be dead long ago, and in X3 if not for Zero or Doppler Sigma(Virus-head form) will have take over his body with nothing that he could do to stop him... so being in a bad hipotetically spot with a robo master like Blue when he is in the network is only another thing more to his databank, new metod? yes, new situation? nope, it's just another potentially way to destroy him like Vile a Sigma were centuries ago...

Zero also feels a little OCC, in the game he was the type tough/stoic guy, here... well, he's very touch with his feelings and the like...

outside that little OCC the rest is good... at least in that regard...

but now this is battle wise critic: like i said up there... i seriusly doubt that Zero powered up with the Omega protocol would be so weak, even barehanded he should be able to destroy every robot in the med-lab...

He has amnesia? yes, but the battle protocols were just fine.

He was in a copy body? yes, but that don't stop him to defeat omega along side with X the first time and to defeat omega the second one, and in that i have to say that if not for the Dark Elf meddling in the end of the fight he would be able to destroy omega without the final help from the others, and also have to say that Omega in that fight don't have any form of limiter and was powered up by the Dark Elf, and Zero in his copy body can keep up with him just fine.

With that things i don't see how Zero OP mode will be so weak, Blues was slowing him? yes, but he needs to do a serius, very serius haking to nefer Zero to that level...

another thing... Shadow outclassing Zero? in what area? He's is a robo master ninja build around steal-agility skills like an assasin will do in a RPG, not for frontal asault and more for surprise/dps attacks and with his shadow-realm walk skill just emphasizes more this fact... he isn't the type of fighter that will win agains Zero in a straight fight.

And there is the fact that even if Shadow spec for agility were higher that Zero when this later was made, that is just things from the past now...

X and Zero were made with the ability to evolve and i am not refearing to the variable weapon system, that thing even Rock have it when he was actualized to battle robot in the beginning... i'm refearing to the ability to actualize and power up his stat and battle skill... to a robot master to power up a lvl they needed to have new parts, and system upgrades, but in the case of X and Zero they don't needed that, their systems take care of that so... every time that they fought agains mechanoids, agains mavericks and every time that they fought agains Sigma(which every time that he comeback was more powerful that the last time) they became more powerful, so with ceturies of battles experiences they easilly outclassed their originals spec...

to resume, if this was like a RPG X and Zero would have exp based lvl up like mosly every normal PC while the robot master will have parts/system upgrade lvl ups... and X and Zero in the beginning were made with the lastest tech that Light and Wily had so in that regard they already were superior at the prior generation and also while the robot master stagnates in stasis for centuries X and Zero were fighting every thread that came on sigh... maverick wars, elf wars, etc. So Zero can easily outclass every robot master just going with the base stat and only having problem with those who have exotic powers, and in this situation (even weaponeless) him should be able to destroy every one in the base, even barehanded also that he don't have a weapone doesn't mean that he can't put a dangerous stunt, he could just put a giga attack in that room and blow away everything...
Anon4 chapter 26 . 1/19/2016
A few notes for this chapter now that I'm not reading like I'm possessed.

The physics behind Elec being able to interact with X are slightly different than what you've written it as, if not what you intended to get across. You've written it in more of a Newtonian collision while it's more of a... See, you can't really touch anything, and the reason goes all the way down to the atomic level. An atom consists of a positively charged nucleus (protons and usually neutrons) surrounded by a negatively charged electron shell/cloud. When it comes to charged objects, including protons and electrons, opposites attract and like repels like, so any two atoms that come close to each other will be repelled by their negatively charged electron clouds. For things like fingers and, say, keyboard keys, the force that pushes your fingers into the keys is enough to make the keys sink into the keyboard even while the keys push back against your fingertips. Your nerves register the pressure against your fingertips and sends information to the brain that it interprets as "touch" data, and the computer registers the keys' depression and makes the corresponding character appear in the given word processor/field. But at the same time, you're still not touching anything-it's all just electron fields repelling electron fields, and a given atom's electron field is gigantic compared to its nucleus. Elec's (rather short) explanation felt like it almost touched on this but it seemed more like a reference to strong and weak nuclear forces. Which I will admit I am not as familiar with and may encompass everything I just talked about.

Also, the idea that something is made of pure energy is ludicrous. Pure energy doesn't exist. Energy in the form of heat, yes. Energy in the form of electricity, yes. Energy in the form of light, yes. Granted, I know this is still a fictional universe that can run by whatever rules it wants to and I freely admit I have no idea what Cyber Elves are supposed to be-electromagnetic beings similar to AMians and FMians from StarForce, maybe?-but the idea of pure energy pops up enough in fiction that I'd rather point out the ridiculousness of it whenever I can.

My last note is about Lanite's speech, particularly the use of "thou" (and curse the review input field for not supporting italics which would make writing this less obnoxious). "Thou" is an informal version of the word "you" and would more likely be used for people beneath your station than for your betters. Aside from being more formal, "you" is also the plural form of "thou," making it a coincidental analogue for the Japanese royal "we" and a hilarious example of current English being more formal than Shakespearian English. That's about as much as I know about Shakespearian grammar, so I honestly can't say if there were more mistakes. And just for your own personal information stores, "sirrah" is the reverse of "sir;" someone speaking to someone above their rank would address them as "sir" while someone speaking to someone below their rank will use "sirrah."

(Yes, my interests are many and varied. I collect information the way normal people collect material things like mugs or novelty knick-knacks.)
Anon4 chapter 46 . 12/29/2015
Took a quick peek at your profile and saw that you weren't dead, so... Whoopsies. Apologies for assuming, though in my defense this story was last updated in 2013.

In any case, not a lot has changed from my earlier nitpicks. Still enjoying the story, and still very much enjoying how they got Leviathan to the base and Fefnir's breakdown. Because YES. I will admit that prior to chapter... 40-ish I had been skipping the Council sessions, largely because I wasn't interested in their going-ons/bickering and I could easily get the gist of whatever they decided from the last few lines of dialogue. Of course, I also wanted to sleep and had been glued to my computer screen for the past three-ish days reading all of the story, so that probably had something to do with it. Either way, I'll keep an eye out for updates.

(Why does a writer whose handle is pitviperofdoom have a mongoose as their profile picture? The world will never know.)
Anon4 chapter 35 . 12/28/2015
I realize this story has been abandoned but there's some things I want to say anyway. And there's always the chance that you're still set up to receive review alerts. So.

The writing style itself is interesting in the way it ping pongs between viewpoints to touch on everyone's thoughts, but it does interrupt the flow of narrative a bit. Specifically, it feels like this story was originally an RP before you strung it together into a story format-a good RP, but an RP nonetheless. It's most prominent when a character brings up points A, B, and C in one paragraph of dialogue and then another character comments/responds to those points. Average conversation doesn't work like that, and usually points are addressed as they're brought up: first A is mentioned and discussed, then B, and then C. It's also telling when a character is just reacting to point A when the other characters are already on point F-or when you're finally addressing/writing a character's reacting to point A when point F is on the table. Even if I missed the mark with my RP guess, this is a still something worth keeping in mind when writing. (Assuming you're still writing, anyway. It's also possible you have new works up and this story in particular isn't a good representation of your current writing style. Or that you addressed why the story is written like this in an early author's note and I just didn't read it.)

The last lengthy note I have is that I wish someone chucked a book with some of Carl Jung's work at Zero's head while he was moping about the Omega Protocol and mentioned that humans have been dealing with their own version of it for a LONG time. (In case you actually see this or someone reads the reviews, Carl Jung is a psychologist whose theory of the mind includes the Shadow. The Shadow is made of everything you don't like about yourself, everything you fear yourself becoming, and people we see that have aspects of our Shadow we very quickly come to hate. If you've ever heard or thought the phrase "I hate you because you remind me too much of myself," then you are familiar with the concept of Shadows. For us squishy humans, the only thing that can be done is to accept the Shadow as part of ourselves and strive to be better in spite of it.) (Also applicable in this situation is for someone to quote "We possess the ability to go Maverick at will!" in reference to humans, but that probably wouldn't be as comforting.) I also realize a book on human psychology would be more helpful for a Reploid/whatever Zero's official designation is than a Robot Master, so we can't just throw the book at Blues and have the same effect. (It'd make me feel better, though.)

As for more general notes about the story... I'm enjoying it, and there really isn't much else to say about that. There's a few times where paragraphs cut off/sentences aren't finished, but that's only happened a few times so far. Some of the grammar chafes when you're switching between thoughts and dialogue but is generally good overall. Taking the idea of Robot Masters as networking units to its logical conclusion is very interesting, though I do have to agree with a previous reviewer that it feels like there's a bit of a bias towards the Robot Masters in terms of power levels and focus. I've read your response to this reviewer and also agree with you, but in the future it may be a good idea to show them being caught flatfooted as well so their presence in the story is more balanced. And I highly enjoyed the way Phantom got Harpuia out of the city-it was so cruel I couldn't not grin during the entire scene.

I haven't gotten to the end yet but I know I'm going to enjoy whatever comes next. I'll write another review if I have anything else to add (which I currently don't think has a good chance of happening, given the way I tend to focus on technical stuff rather than the story itself), but we'll see. If not, I'll see you around.
Nathaniel Robert chapter 1 . 11/28/2015
Your work is good, I've reread it recently and will continue to reread. I will patiently wait for updates because I understand that sometimes, we aren't thinking about things like stories when we are having a rough time in life. Just do as you are. I can wait for another few years if it means getting the best story you can make. Cause your stories are better than some novels I've read, so as long as do as well as you did with the first part of this story, I'm fine.
LivingAtSomePointInTime chapter 46 . 10/30/2015
Wow... What a ride. I have been positively blown away by this story, and it easily lands itself as one of my favorites. The question is, will it ever continue?
relorelo chapter 46 . 9/27/2015
Wwwwww woaaahhhhh, best mega man classic and zero cross-over fic ever! I really love it when when all of X's children had a family moment! Especially Phantom and Harpuia. And making Harpuia and Phantom the prankster of the family somehow really fitting for them. Aaaaahhhhhh I hope you're going to continue this fic. Because this fic is awesome! XD
Anon chapter 3 . 9/7/2015
There is something on YouTube you need to watch. It's called zero vs omega zero decisive battle. It is sprite animation, and it is awesome. If you ever take my advice once in your natural life, do it now. Watch that video. Please.
Anon chapter 46 . 8/31/2015
Please don't let this die. I really like this story.
Anon chapter 46 . 8/19/2015
More please, this is great! Please don't let this die...
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