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Reader chapter 9 . 5/2/2012
Hoping for an update. Very nice story so far!
toinfinityandsqueaky chapter 9 . 4/29/2012
that was great. (: can't wait for the next one...
ssSaja10101 chapter 9 . 4/12/2012
Are you able to remove anonymous reviews? I was thinking of you remov
natalie chapter 1 . 4/12/2012
this is the first fanfiction that i have both read AND reviewed.

i have got to say my heart sank a little when i finished the 9th chapter and realized there was no next button to take you on to the next chapter haha. update soon! this is a great story i think you have got the personalities of the characters down to a tee. so excited for the next chapter.

thanks for righting it and giving u a taste of your imagination. :D
HarryPotterGirl chapter 9 . 4/12/2012
Ooo I can't believe I almost forget this! I'm so glad I found you and your story. I found it the very first time you posted the first chapter so I was with this story from the very beginning. I am immensely happy to have found and read this story and the opportunity to have read it. Imagine if I didn't find it. I wont have anything good to read. I think currently I am only following and interested in 4 or 4 stories including this one. And I think this one is the best out of all of the ones I am following. And this one is the most I look forward to being updated. I get so happy and excited when I see it has been updated. Hopefully it will be updated within the week. I really really can't wait. I could be impatient sometimes :P hehe well I must be off

Thanks! and update quick! :P hehe no pressure take your time. The wait is worth it. I am never disappointed with any of your updates. It gets better with each update. :) bye bye for now :P
HarryPotterGirl chapter 9 . 4/12/2012
I hope you will read me Review. I know it's long but I still wish you'll read it :)

(It took me forever to collect all my thoughts and write this down. I think I actually spent at least an hour even more (I lost track but it could be even two or more). So please read it so this will not be for nothing. Thanks!

Now on with review:

Yes it's true that stress and lack of nutrition can cause missed, irregular, and skipped periods however since it's only been 9 days (but it actually seem like months)it is possible that it hasn't been long enough to significantly alter her period. Also, I'm not entirely sure it's true though, stress can cause periods to come early.

It seems to me that Hermione wasn't excepting her period so either it came earlier, later, or it came on time but she wasn't even thinking about her period at all, it completely left her mind, because of the situation (I wouldn't blame her). If it wasn't any of the first two then I would think that she stopped or hasn't been keeping track of her cycle in the first place, or it's irregular and it's hard to keep track of it.

Anyway, my point is that contrary to some of the other comments, I believe this is realistic. Everybody is different so this will effect each person differently.

As always this was an amazing chapter. Please don't make me wait to long for next chapter. I need it now! :P This is one of the best stories I read. However I'm hoping this ISN'T a romance story (SS/HG pairing) between Snape and Hermione. I like this story because it's one of the rare stories I was able to find that doesn't turn into a SS/HG story (well I'm hoping). I really don't like that pairing. I find it weird. I love stories about Snape and Hermione when it's strictly no romantic feelings towards each other (I can't remember how exactly I wanted to word it but I think that will do). There were many stories I liked and they started off great but when they turn into a pairing I abandon the story. I just can't picture them together. He's a professor. She's his student. I really find it wrong. This story is just to great to abandon and I don't want to. I want to know what happens and stick with it till the end. But it doesn't seem like a romance to me and nothing seems to be building to that so it's safe so far. As a request please keep it this way. However, I don't want you to change the story in your mind for me. I guess I'll just wait and see how this turns out. Until then, I'm really enjoying this story.

So keep it up the way you are now. It's wonderful. I absolutely love it! Seriously the best Snape and Hermione story I've read so far. Every unique idea. Original :) I love your writing style.

One more thing:

Isn't there toilet paper? Because Hermione could have used that when she first found out. It wouldn't work for that long (especially with only two bathroom visits) but it would or might have somewhat helped even if it was for a little while.

And now the last thing:

While I was reading a little idea popped in my head. Hermione doesn't really have anything to help her with her problem expect what Snape gave her. I don't think that is going to last very long since I believe the cloth is thin and she only has two bathroom visits to sort things out and it lasts for 5 days. So I was thinking maybe sometime during the next 4 days of her period (if you plan on her having it for 5 days)(or next chapter or where ever you can fit it in if you want to use it) while sleeping (or something. Anything really, sitting on the mattress perhaps etc.) she can have a little "leak", possible staining something i.e. mattress. Makes it more awkward for them haha I'm evil. IDK, I like putting characters in awkward situations. See how they will handle it hehe :P

Don't ask (what possessed me to write this or how I thought of it) lol. Probably because I have a lot of bad experiences with mine and stuff like this always happens to me haha (I'm not joking. Every period something happens. I guess it's a good thing I only get it every 3-6 months :P). (I was actually thinking of removing this part of the review. I'm a shy person. I get embarrassed easily. Well depending on the situation. This was a little hard for me to write. It felt weird)

I don't know if you will use this, but I will like to see how to play with this and how you make them handle it and everything. So it will be nice if you take this in consideration for later chapters :)

Poor Hermione :( It's nice how Snape is always helping out :) What he did for her was very admirable. I was actually wondering what Hermione will do when her period came if it came at all and if you were going to address it. I thought you weren't going to address it like many other stories and I was thinking of writing a review suggesting it. But I didn't need to. It's like you read my mind :P And you did a marvelous job portraying it.

This is one of my favorite chapters. You developed the characters quite well. And you kept them within character, which is sometimes a hard thing to do. They don't seem out of character to me at all. The way the dialect is is just incredible. I usually like reading Harry Potter fanfics (actually any fics and even novels/stories. I prefer everything in third person but there are some good first person) in third person pov but you were able to capture this in first person pov fantastically. This is one of the few fics I like in first person and I can't imagine it any other way. I'm seriously having trouble putting what I want to say into words. I think I like third person pov more for Harry Potter because that is how J.K. Rowling wrote it and we don't know exactly how they think in their minds. Many fics I read make the character OCC when they write them in first person and I don't really enjoy when characters are OCC (slightly is okay in some cases but I still dislike OCC no matter what. IDK why but it annoys me. As you can see I'm very picky lol (I'm picky with everything)). But that is NOT the case with you because I don't find Hermione (or Snape for that matter) OCC at all. I don't think third person will work here anyway. We need to see how Hermione feels and this story wont be captured good in third person. This story needs first person just the way you wrote it. I love it the way it is. Not everyone can write first person well and at the same time keep everyone in character. But I can say that you accomplished it. And from the fics I read, you are one of the few that did so :). Thanks for a wonderful story worth reading! :)

Please update soon. I am looking forward to it! I'm seriously always checking this story for an update. Don't make me wait too long :P I can't believe it's only been 9 days. It seemed like they've been in there forever. That's what I like about your writing style. They've been in there for a short while but you were able to make it seem longer. I can't express how much I love this. Everything about it!

Awww only 21 more days :( What will I have to look forward to after this is done :(

Well I think I covered everything. If not and I remember something else later, I'll post it as a different review. Although, I like having everything in one review. Well I have less than 2500 characters left wow. Hmm... Nope can't think of anything else... Yet... :P

Hope you read my review even if it's a bit on the long side. :)

Looking forward to more. Keep up the wonderful work! You have talent :). I should say you are a very talented writer.


BloomingViolet chapter 9 . 4/11/2012
I am still loving this story! I can't wait until the next update.
KuteKat133 chapter 9 . 4/9/2012
I'm still loving the story! I can't wait for the next update either, its just like reading a book that you never want to end and never want to ut down. I was wondering though if their relationship, Hermione and Sev's, is going to turn in to that of a father/daughter bond. It would be understandable with him protecting her to the best of his ability. I may have asked already but if I did I forgot so could you P.M. me and let me know? Thhanks, it woul be appreciated and if you need any help with the story or a sounding board for your ideas I'd be glad to help. Take care and happy writings!

Los Grotos chapter 9 . 4/9/2012
How horrid!

Can't they use her menses to chart how long they've been in confinement?
Slinkiee chapter 9 . 4/9/2012
It gets better and better.
linalove chapter 9 . 4/9/2012
Great chapter! I am enjoying this very much!

I cannot wait for another update!

xxx Lina :)
startled boris chapter 9 . 4/9/2012
I wondered what she would do when that particular 'visitor' arrived. These guards are certainly eeking it out aren't they? I wonder if Snape's lack of communication could be because he think they might be listening?
Lover of Fantasy chapter 9 . 4/9/2012
Great chapter. I liked what Snape did for her. He is always giving her something of his. I can’t wait for the next one. I do so love their interactions.
angellicious02 chapter 9 . 4/8/2012
Still very much enjoying the story can't wait to see what's gonna happen next. Update soon
Cassie84 chapter 9 . 4/8/2012
Stupid iPhone. What I meant in the review below is that there is no rule that says you can't ovulate no matter how stressed or eating badly you are.
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