Reviews for Dangerous Souls
darkstar2010 chapter 90 . 3/2
Wow just read chapters 80-90 and lovein this story more and more
Leanne5582 chapter 24 . 2/13
I used to (and occasionally still do) watch various ghost hunting shows. I’m not going to go into all of that but it did give me an idea, especially since you used EVPs in ur story. I’ve seen EVPs on the various ghost hunting shows but never in the Ghost Hunt anime, or any fanfics now that I think about it, so good on you! Anyway, so one group went to an old insane asylum that was haunted. How awesome would that be?! The haunted-ness would be a given, but yeah. If memory serves it was actually used as something else later, the asylum that is. It might’ve been a hunted house? I can’t remember, but that’s not important! Or, another idea, you could make them go ghost hunt in old prison. It might be kind a cool, like Alcatraz or something. Tho I think I have read a fic when they researched an old prison, but that fic is incomplete, and it’s barely gotten to that part. So those are my ideas. Oh, wait! Is the Kiko in Mai’s dream actually the great grandmother? I guess I’ll find out in a sec when I read the next chapter. :) TTFN
Airmage chapter 90 . 2/9
I've read your entire 90 chapter story in a day and a half and I can tell you this was the best Ghost Hunt Fanfiction I've read so far...
I love you're style! I love your cases! And your characters! They're just so amazing and well written! Super excited for the next update!
Also, kudos to you for being able to stick out and write a fanfiction this long! That's a hard task, and I'm amazed at the dedication you've given!
Ghost loves japan 77 chapter 90 . 2/7
I think it was a cute and funny chapter there needs to be some calm to explain characters and allow rest before more adventure and horror. Great chapter can’t wait to read more.
Sageofchaos chapter 90 . 2/4
hope to read more.
bewitchedquill chapter 90 . 2/2
Love the fluff! I so needed that. What's wrong with Ayako?
jgood27 chapter 90 . 1/31
Love this story and cant wait to read more
SSTrans chapter 90 . 1/31
Oh my that’s was an amazing chapter. The Masako section was a good insight on her life and Ayako side track thoughts was good as well. One of the big things is with Mai’s therapist’s Mom what does she know about Mai. Hmmm I wonder. The ending with Mai and her friends was funny. I’m looking forward to the next case. If I said it before I’ll as it again you are one of the best Ghost Hunt writers on this site. I always love reading this story and see what you to Naru, Mai and the gang on the cases you give them. Also the post cases are amazing as well. Keep up the amazing work you do.
xSapphirexRosesxFanx chapter 90 . 1/30
MAIxNARU forever!
Love those two!
Kallen21 chapter 90 . 1/30
I absolutely can't wait for the next chapter
kyokutonomajo chapter 90 . 1/30
I've recently caught up on this fic and have been enjoying it, and am interested in seeing where you take the characters from here.

Re: Takigawa's stage name, when I put the kanji for "Takigawa Houshou" into Google Translate, it indicates that it is pronounced "Takigawa Norio", so I suspect that his stage name is an alternate reading of the kanji that make up his given name.
L0V3SICKF00L chapter 90 . 1/30
love love love! i was so excited to see this, i couldnt not read it right away! and i totaly agree with you, narucat, mailost little puppy!and i love the cat in the shop part, and jumping on naru lol it was great to imagine it! cannot wait for more! good luck in school!
Naruisawesome chapter 89 . 1/7
Can’t wait for the next chapter! :D
bewitchedquill chapter 89 . 1/3
Can't wait for more. I love going back and rereading early chapters of this story though.
xSapphirexRosesxFanx chapter 89 . 1/2
MAIxNARU forever!
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