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Lovemaixnaru chapter 91 . 7/7
Want to read about their wedding
WildKat25ShadowWolf13 chapter 91 . 7/4
I've been following this story for several years now through bookmarks and I've just now realized I don't think I have ever fav'ed the story! Do you plan to have Mai and Naru get together in this fic and follow their relationship a bit? Or do you plan to cut it off after they get together? Or do you never intend to end this fic?! LOL Also does this story and The Haunting Continues share the same universe or different ones? Love you and your awesome Ghost Hunt writing!
PS: On the topic of the other story, you hunt that they find out Mai was pregnant on a case, but I would love to read a scene with Mai telling Naru or him figuring it out an his reaction.
PearlesantlRose chapter 91 . 7/3
Yay I'm all caught up now lol. Took me long enough. This case seems interesting. I wonder of Ayako is thinking about Monk?
melchormonica8 chapter 47 . 7/2
So beautiful but I can't support that ship Maru forever!
bewitchedquill chapter 91 . 7/1
Woo! You're back! Thank you for the update! Though I'm enjoying how much you have fleshed out all of the characters in this fic and given each his/her own storyline, I'm REALLY enjoying the progress in Mai and Naru's relationship. I feel like we're heading towards a climax soon where all will be revealed! Maybe the next case? Or the one after? Soon, but not too soon. I never want Dangerous Souls to end. Haha. Looking forward to finding out more about Ayako in the next chapter. For some reason I feel like she might be considering moving or transferring hospitals and thus would no longer be able to work with the team. That could be a catalyst for her and Monk's romance. Not sure. Looking forward to the next update!
Airmage chapter 91 . 6/30
Hey! Great chapter, and I just wanna say great story! I love how you weave together all the characters and the plots! It's super interesting! Keep it up! :D
SSTrans chapter 91 . 6/29
Thanks for the update. This should be a interesting and fun case. I wonder if Ayako mood and Monk’s rush out are tied together. Hhmmm very interesting. Well I’m happy you are back and that everything is ok. I just watched the Conjuring and Winchester and thought man I need to read some Ghost Hunt then I looked you updated. You are the best I can’t wait for more of this case and the next one. Keep up the excellent work. Also love where this case is at.
hanasakura8 chapter 91 . 6/29
thank you for a great work !

the plot more get better and interesting.
i dont know how much i reread this story since i started following ur story since beginning.

I love ur story and the style u have in ur writing.
The cases, characters. it was amazing and well written !

i hope u will back , cause all still looking forwawrd on Dangerous Souls. (especially me! always waiting)

Wishes for the best
Good luck in ur acads and life
Kallen21 chapter 91 . 6/28
Can't wait for the next chapter
bewitchedquill chapter 90 . 6/5
Are you okay? I hope your prolonged absence is nothing more than a case of writer's block! We (your dedicated readers) are all still looking forward to more Dangerous Souls.
YurikaRose24 chapter 90 . 6/1
Pleaseeeeeee update
carebonara chapter 90 . 5/18
I hope you’re safe and healthy. Will always wait for your return. I’m rereading this from the start bcs i miss ghost hunt and i miss your work. I miss you. Hahaha Stay healthy! And good luck with your acads.
Samantha Cummings chapter 90 . 5/1
Thank you for a great read! Please keep writing!

Plots are great, interaction with characters really good, even nice that they're not exactly the same shows growing and evolving, more maturity. Really well done.

Can't wait for more. Will be rereading again, this was my 3rd time through. Thanks again!
darkstar2010 chapter 90 . 3/2
Wow just read chapters 80-90 and lovein this story more and more
Leanne5582 chapter 24 . 2/13
I used to (and occasionally still do) watch various ghost hunting shows. I’m not going to go into all of that but it did give me an idea, especially since you used EVPs in ur story. I’ve seen EVPs on the various ghost hunting shows but never in the Ghost Hunt anime, or any fanfics now that I think about it, so good on you! Anyway, so one group went to an old insane asylum that was haunted. How awesome would that be?! The haunted-ness would be a given, but yeah. If memory serves it was actually used as something else later, the asylum that is. It might’ve been a hunted house? I can’t remember, but that’s not important! Or, another idea, you could make them go ghost hunt in old prison. It might be kind a cool, like Alcatraz or something. Tho I think I have read a fic when they researched an old prison, but that fic is incomplete, and it’s barely gotten to that part. So those are my ideas. Oh, wait! Is the Kiko in Mai’s dream actually the great grandmother? I guess I’ll find out in a sec when I read the next chapter. :) TTFN
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