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Jyx The Conqueror chapter 36 . 10/19
What's with the holdup? It's been nearly a whole year, we need an update!
Mistress Thorki chapter 36 . 8/23
Yo! I thought it wasn't gonna take another year! It's been 8 months, so I'm holding out hope. I went back and reread it again, and I still love it. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the meeting goes. I hope you're well, and I hope to hear from you soon!
Deugemia chapter 36 . 7/27
I am happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed all the chapters so far! I love how there's plot, character development ((even for minor characters!)) mixed wonderfully together with the romance. :DDDD, I'll definitely keep this fanfic in mind for quite a darn long while. ((Also, I'm internally screaming from so much[human]interaction! Especially for Astrid, the darlin she is))
Deugemia chapter 33 . 7/24
Some of this chapter was happy, but the enDING! NOO DONT TOUCH ANY OF THE WING AND ALDAAA!
Deugemia chapter 31 . 7/23
Deugemia chapter 25 . 7/21
/clapping, I love how Astrid went 'insane'! The terror is bein a cute lil thing~
expectoligamentumarteriosum chapter 36 . 6/23
Great story!
rav271n chapter 36 . 6/10
I really enjoyed reading this story. I like seeing the relationship between Hiccup and Toothless explored without focusing too much on sex. I hope to read more in the future.
oscarthegrouch1812 chapter 36 . 5/29
I love this story. I don't care if updates take a year. If a slow pace is what's needed for you to both be healthy happy and not grow to resent and abandon the story then I'm happy with that. Also I tend to think of quality over quantity, I'd rather one good update a year over several poop updates
Me myself an I chapter 36 . 2/25
A cliffhanger. FUN!
Cocoa-Ice chapter 36 . 2/19
please update I have reread each chapter like eight times. I have stories too but on wattpad I hope you can give me some tips
ArthurShade chapter 36 . 1/31
Hell of a story can't wait for the next chapter
Superbun chapter 36 . 12/15/2015
Welcome back!

I’ve just completed a full reread of this story, and while the story is not without its issues (especially in the opening) I still love the world that you’ve crafted and desperately want to know what happens next.

Compared to the climactic arrival of the Shades on Berk at the end of the last chapter, this wasn’t the most dramatic of chapters in this story, but I still found it very enjoyable. We got to see Astrid and Hiccup’s reactions to the others’ changes in quite a lot of detail, and also the first meeting between Hiccup and the rest of the Vikings, which was great.

Overall this felt like a very Astrid-heavy chapter, which makes sense, as you had to cover both her meeting with Hiccup and her reunion with Berk. I like how with her reunion with the villagers, she’s starting to feel the conflict between her friendships with the Terror and Tutore, and her duty as a Viking, especially given her role as Hiccup’s intermediary.

I’m still curious about what’s going on with Tutore, given that he’s clearly skilled with the Heart’s Fire, yet seems to be almost a mystery to the Wings, and of course his what form his relationship with Astrid will take. I suspect something is going to happen with them quite soon given what ‘Hiccup’ (that is, the voice in Astrid’s head, which I still suspect has actually been Tutore this whole time) said about not being around much longer. Although I’m not entirely sure what to make of Hiccup’s reaction when the voice in Astrid’s head spoke during their second meeting. If the voice is Just Tutore doing things inside Astrid’s mind, why would Hiccup even react to it at all?

As I said, Hiccup doesn’t really have much character development in this chapter, although I did like his reaction to meeting with Stoick, and his nervousness about having to have a proper dialogue with his father, rather than just delivering an ultimatum. Also I wonder how long Hiccup’s going to be able to keep up the ‘Human’ disguise before it inevitably slips, and then how everyone will react to his true form (probably not well, given they already suspect he’s possessed).

Of course, it just wouldn’t be Call of the Night without a few minor plot holes and inconsistencies. :P

Firstly, the fact that Hiccup now has fully mobile Night Fury ears came as a bit of a surprise on my initial read of this chapter, although on my reread of the entire story I did catch the mention of the muscles trying to move his ears from a couple chapters ago (around when he discovers Alda’s body) although it still feels like bit of a sudden jump from there to fully mobile ears. (Aside: Given that you’ve also dropped a couple subtle hints that Hiccup is also developing wings, I wonder: is he going to end up as a full dragon by the end of this story?)

Secondly, Astrid already realised the physicality of Hiccup and Toothless’ relationship and reacted in the same way she did here, all the way back in chapter 18, and the ‘Hiccup’ in her head made several allusions towards his relationship with Toothless after that, so it really shouldn’t have been as much of a surprise to her. (Although you could argue that it slipped her mind given what else she’s been through.)

A final minor point, is that you kind of repeat the description of the changes in Hiccup’s eyes both times Astrid meets with him, which feels a little pointless.

Thank you for expending your time to craft this tale, I know what it’s like to try and balance the demands of higher education with writing. As always, I eagerly await the next instalment (and hope I don’t have to wait another year for it!)
Guest chapter 36 . 12/10/2015
ivanganev1992 chapter 36 . 12/1/2015
Ch 36

Berk is saved as I suspected.

But still on knees .

Stoic may still have suspicions to be controlled or something but even if it happens in the worst way Hiccup should reveal his altered look and show to what he is possible if still someone foils the meeting.

I hope for the best and then the dragons guarding the island to help with the ways they could do .

Help with providing food and resources and with the rebuilding as muscle power and welding or one in the forge to provide it's flame.

And restore the weaponry and if it is used dragon fire would improve them.

And here is the source to make even better prosthesis for Toothless and try to coat it with dragon molten dragon scales or sew them together in the fabric to make it fireproof.

And with their rune magic could heal the wounded.
If their salvia is not good enough remeby or if it is mixed with the salves and healing things that would prevent from infections and increase the healing.

Probably to decrease the Berk's paranoia he should conceal his draconic features.

Now what is the result after the talk .

And what are the conditions ?

And how Hiccup's new family would give a try and assist to Berk .

Also the weak spot of the Qeen are the eyes one I think the last rows of eyes of the Qeen are unprotected and a clear very deed shot from something with a size of very big sharp spear to pierce the Qeen's eyeball to actually do bigger damage and is tricky shot .

Rain of night furies might damage her armored skin
but if the dragon Tyrant swallow her flame or barrage of hundreds night furies should explode from inside .

Will then stay in Berk and part of them search the other group, are they in line with the other group and what happens next.
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