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Guest chapter 36 . 14h
Sweet love this
Guest chapter 19 . 16h
Reaver216 here I'm being lazy right now not logging in but I was wondering if Hiccup's mom is going to show up I might've already asked but I don't remember and if she does she could help Hiccup through his changes oh and Astrid seems a little ooc
Guest chapter 12 . 20h
ooohh feral mating very nice
anhedral chapter 36 . 11/26
I was so happy to see you updated your story! I got the e-mail notification, put pretty much everything else aside, and plunged straight in. And you favour us with another monster chapter to reaffirm your commitment to your saga. A hearty 'thank you' from this reader for all of your perseverance.

You start strongly, picking up right where we left off, right in the middle of the action. Immediately we're plunged back into the culture of the Shades with all their fury, intelligence and compassion - and to Hiccup's new status as an equal amongst them all. I loved the heightened sensitivity of Hiccup in your opening paragraph, and you hint here that he's finally crossed that human-Shade divide that he's straddled uncomfortably for so long, finally taking his proper place as a fully-fledged (hah!) dragon. I like how you have Astrid come to essentially the same conclusion much later in the chapter, and then the unknown speaker's response - "It's about godsdamned time you figured that out."

Your descriptions are just as strong here as in previous chapters. The destruction of the dragons besieging Berk - along with most of the village itself, it seems - is a good example of this. The conflagration caused by the Shades' blasts reminded me of the terrible firestorms visited upon German cities in WW2 by massed Allied bombing. The description of Hiccup's 'new look' was also highly effective - I could really picture that hybrid appearance in my mind. I had to smile so wide with every little detail you include to present the dragons as civilized (the campfires, the communication, providing food for Astrid). And that final scene in the mindspace was amazing.

Your crafting of every scene, as seen through different viewpoint characters, is skilfully handled. You manage to shift tone quite subtly to reflect each circumstance - the tension in the hall as Stoick ordered the door opened is a case in point. I especially enjoyed the scenes from Astrid's POV: her knowledge about Hiccup and dragons more widely continues to develop, but slowly, and you capture her development in that regard really well. It's to Astrid's credit that she's not completely 'freaked out' by Hiccup's new appearance; instead, she adapts rapidly to her new role as go-between for Hiccup and the village. She even gets over Hiccup's further revelation about him and Toothless quite quickly - after all the vomiting, of course! 'Tutore' is a wonderful and very fitting name for Astrid's Shade.

With all that said, what struck me more than anything about this chapter was the development of your writing style. Your standard was already high, but with this latest offering you've outpaced yourself noticeably. Stand-out phrases for me include:

"Behind him, a shadow became a dragon..."


"For years she'd caught tiny glimpses of a single demon flying above Berk, and now the pitch sky had torn itself into hundreds."

I think you're using fewer adverbs, superlatives and mannerisms than before, and as a result there's a tightness and economy to the phrases that makes each paragraph an absolute pleasure to read. In short, each word seems to be *working harder* for you, and that's a very good thing. Your command of vocabulary, phrasing and dialogue is now very strong indeed; I look forward very keenly to more of your work. Cheers!
Scarecrowqueen chapter 36 . 11/23
Glad that things in your life have smoothed out a bit for you. This fic has always been excellent and I'm incredibly happy for this update. :)
Dark God Naruto chapter 36 . 11/22
I love this new chapter. Finally Hiccup Returns to Berk with the Shades.
Ashora chapter 36 . 11/22

And it's a good chapter too, my favorite thing about this story is the interaction between Hiccup/Dragons and the humans. And we finally got to see what Hiccup actually looks like. I was starting to doubt, I'll be honest, but from here on out I'll have faith in you, take your time, deal with your life, and make this as good as it deserves to be.

Happy Writing :)
icefiresky chapter 36 . 11/22
Yay! You are back! I have missed the story so much. I am so happy that you're still sticking to it. I just read your AN, I hope that everything is better now and that you will be able to move past whatever happened to you and live a very good life. I am greatly looking forward to your next update. Hope to see you soon.
storyholder chapter 36 . 11/22
I missed you and this story. I am glad you are updating, even if it takes forever. I am happy with the story and how it is progressing. All I ask is you keep writing. You don't need to do it all at once. A few sentences here and there and over time will stack up. Just please don't give up on your readers and fans. Even if you have to take a massive break, just remember us. We will wait, or at least I will, for as long as it takes for you to finish each chapter, until the story closes. I want to thank you again for having the imagination and ingenuity to conjure up a story such as this. A thousand thanks and more. Cheers!
thearizona chapter 36 . 11/21
Done! Took me some time but I read the chapter in one sitting. And it was an amazing chapter! So many things happening. I'm sooooo happy your back cause this is one if my all time favorite story's. so tutore can "speak" with Astrid by using the mind correct? That's been a confusing point since her head aches went away. At first I was confused about how hiccup was able to change back into a human form, but when he changed his eyes in front of the village i relized that it was an illusion rune that tutore had used on him. I can't wait for the next chapter! It's going to be awesome! I just hope it doesn't take a year for it to come out.
Untill next time,
Keep up the amazingly amazing work!
furryfox74 chapter 36 . 11/21
I'm so elated! I'd been waiting for this chapter and it was extremely satisfying to read. I already have anticipation for the next chapter. You're an amazing writer!
Guest chapter 36 . 11/21
I love this story so much! I was having a bad day at work, but when I saw that the story had been updated I couldn't stop smiling! Keep it up! Can't wait for the next update!
Mistress Thorki chapter 1 . 11/20
I literally gasped out load with delight when I saw this was updated. ...and not quietly either! My fiancé thought I was hurt, then I started squeaking in excitement and he was like "oh, just another weird fanfiction update" seriously! I was almost late to several meetings today because I was reading this. I love it when you update! And I love where you're going with this! But I was hoping for some more sexy times (I always do, even when I know there won't be). Anyways, please update soon! I adore you and this story!
Angel of Randomosity chapter 36 . 11/20
Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! XD Let's see how this goes! !
Duiker chapter 36 . 11/20
I nearly cried out in happiness when I was told you updated a new chapter! This was an incredible read. It is such a treat to see the duality of perspectives between Shade conversation and from Astrid's point of view. Very grounding. And her reaction to their relationship was hilarious. Loved it.

I am also really excited to read the beginning again after your edits! It is no question that your prose has improved a thousand fold from those first chapters. Dialogue flows easy and naturally, scenes are painted with a deft confidence of a seasoned author. I cannot wait for what lies ahead in the story. Please don't leave us hanging!
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