Reviews for For Ye Devour Widows' Houses
Lady Isabelle Black chapter 17 . 5/15
Please update soon
Love this story
Atomix330 chapter 17 . 4/23/2014
I wish this was continued.
Hillevi chapter 17 . 2/2/2014
Oh I wish you would continue this!
lovepurplemustaches chapter 17 . 10/31/2013
I really hope you continue with this story, it's one of my favorites!
Guest chapter 17 . 10/31/2013
Please post more soon ... I really want to see what happen next
Idhrenwen chapter 17 . 10/23/2013
Excellent once more! Can't wait for an update!
Guest chapter 17 . 10/19/2013
Please post more ... I really want to see what happens next
AmeriGirlTN chapter 17 . 8/24/2013
Thanks so much for this wonderful M/ M story. I really enjoyed it. There are so many fans that will never get enough of them.
Rachel Smith Cobleigh chapter 17 . 8/25/2013
Fantastic! I love how you connected the Patrick history to a plausible reason for Matthew to be using his professional expertise on Mary's behalf. You've got a great ear for dialogue and they feel wholly in-character, given the premise of this AU. Some great insights about how Mary would think and act differently, given this change to her past. I love how you skip all the soap-operatic devices in canon and give them much more believable conflicts to resolve. Looking forward to how you finish this. Excellent pacing and some laugh-out-loud moments. Thanks!
Rachel Smith Cobleigh chapter 9 . 8/24/2013
It's such a relief to read a fic where the two of them have an honest, intelligent conversation: where the conflict and tension between them is not generated by their own idiocy, but rather by the difficult circumstances that they find themselves in. I love your writing: a clear, unadorned style that shows you've done your research. Bravo!
Rachel Smith Cobleigh chapter 8 . 8/24/2013
I am absolutely loving how you're handling this AU and Mary's changed perspective. I especially like how she and Edith are still bickering, but underlying it is Mary's understanding of a bad marriage and her desire to protect Edith (and Matthew!) from one. Excellent, truly!
Palindrome310 chapter 17 . 8/23/2013
Just found this story, don't worry, I don't think it's tacky at all. I enjoyed the developing of their friendship, the help and partnership about the estate and Patrick's business. I really enjoyed the description of London's season and their time dating.
golden12 chapter 17 . 7/23/2013
Well, I just loved this, it was well worth the wait. Although, now I'm going to have to be selfish and say that I don't have to wait as long for the next installment.
Guest chapter 17 . 7/21/2013
Love everything about this! Carry on!
EOlivet chapter 17 . 7/21/2013
Oh, I've missed this universe - so glad to see this fic updated! :) I really love your Matthew here - you capture his fish-out-of-water tendencies really well. He had just the right amount of awkwardness at the horse race, and I especially like how you're using his lawyer skills in this fic. :D Your Edith was outstanding as well - "salmon vs. orange" was just so very Edith. And of course, Mary talking about marriage as being "trapped." Despite her happiness, you give her this bit of bemusement about the whole process that I think is very Mary. I'm now beyond curious to see how this will affect the rest of 1x07 - with Cora's storyline. I leave it in your capable hands - please update soon! :)
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