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Hunter Kun chapter 11 . 12/12/2015
Wow, this chapter made me want to punch Naruto in the balls. xD

I love your writing, keep it up,

Hunter Kun chapter 10 . 12/12/2015
I really like Fukami before he started dating Naruto, but I'm sorta starting to hate him now. And I'm also kind of starting to hate Naruto too, I feel so bad for Sasuke and I just wanna slap Naruto to be honest.

Aaaaanyways, I think your writing is amazing! I can't wait to continue reading. I'm moving on to chapter eleven now, yay!

Your fan of your fanfics which has lots of more fans,

Kays3r chapter 3 . 8/3/2015
I'll say this now and I understand why there are only 200 reviews... But I fucking hate when authors would put a pairing in the summary but when I read, they throw in another character to have sex with one of the main characters because they want to 'forget' or 'have fun'. Why would you write out (a) full on smut scene(s) and then have nothing developing for the main pairing?

Fucking Naruto... He's manipulated so easily. Also, he's a dick to Sasuke. I'd say he drove Sasuke away but then Sasuke, in a way, doesn't have the right to get angry about Sai either.

I understand there are 17 chapters so I'll continue reading to find out what happens and I personally hope you redeem yourself to me because right now I dislike what's happening.
Cocoa Mocha chapter 17 . 7/2/2015
I usually don't mind sasunaru but I read this thinking that there'll be narusasu since there's so little of it. I liked the story itself but you should at least warn for sasunaru. In the end, there wasn't even Sasuke bottoming for Naruto. I'm sorry but I would have liked to be warned? Can you at least changed the summary to state it? I'm not even joking because I love switching but I felt like reading a Naruto topping exclusively since there's so little of it so I felt cheated at the end.
nhimcon chapter 9 . 5/27/2015
I don't know why but the whlle Suigetsu thing just hurts a fucking lot. Actually I do know why, it's because he was so gentle and caring and he treared Sasuke like royalties. I know Suigetsu is necessary for the development of the NaruSasu relationship, but seriously, it *hurts*. The angst proves you are a wonderful writer. I really like this story, and I must say I love the pace. The whole doing-it-slow and dancing-around-each-other was delicious (and a bit agonizing. But I always crave for painful UST anyway, so...) Anyway, up until now the story has been amzing. I'll just move on to later chapter before commenting any further.
AzucenaXshadows chapter 17 . 5/14/2015
Such an emotional roller coster
But the ending was with it.
Thanks for sharing
narusasuns chapter 17 . 5/8/2015
Oh... i wish a suisasu ending... so bad x(
Love the story despite the ending pairing lol
To lazy to log in, thank for writing the story.
nanannananananna chapter 17 . 5/5/2015
love the twist Sasuke top but it's still more of a narusasu so i don't think they would be mad
Naruto-lifee chapter 17 . 1/21/2015
This story was great. At times yes I was mad and sad but overall I really enjoyed it... They were ment to be together since the beginning and I loved all the drama you put in the middle because they didn't take the hint in the beginning (they should have..would have saved time lol).
Naruto-lifee chapter 8 . 1/21/2015
Okay...I don't usually comment on every chapter but this fic has me so captivated. I feel horrible about the suigetsu thing. It broke my heart.
Naruto-lifee chapter 5 . 1/20/2015
I'm so confused. I was wanting sasuke with suigetsu even knowing its a narusasu but i don't know what I was thinking. I'm mad though because they haven't talked about how sasuke has cheated on suigetsu and I hate that Naruto is on everyone now...more like everyone is on him but still he's allowing it a little bit ahhh I don't know. I'm so confused.
Guest chapter 11 . 12/31/2014
I think I hate u after that chap. Going to keep reading now.
Guest chapter 17 . 8/20/2014
I have to second the critical reviews of this story. I liked the fic in the beginning. I think it's not so easy to reevaluate how you feel not only about your sexuality, but also about your best friend. I also think it's not easy to take a chance on the person you've been pining on forever. Taking a chance can be scary, so can getting what you want! So I understood that the two of them had baggage, and I was sympathetic to that.

BUT THEN, all the baggage got cleared up and Naruto and Sasuke decided they wanted to try it out with each other, which was great and I was happy for them.

BUT THEN, Sasuke got his job offer for the movie and left for a few months, which shouldn't have been a problem because they decided they loved each other and were going to try for a relationship. It was only a few months, right? But no. Naruto throws away everything he and Sasuke promised each other just to bang his slut of a roommate. As if that wasn't bad enough, they get into a relationship! Why?! Didn't he love Sasuke? Hadn't they been through a lot just to realize that love?

Sasuke put in a lot of hard work (for years!) but didn't get nearly as far as that Fukami kid did within what? A week? Fukami got sex from Naruto AND a relationship. Sasuke got some kisses and the promise of maybe something more. It made Naruto look incredibly fickle, like his love for Sasuke wasn't genuine if someone new could come between them that easily. (What happens down the road when Sasuke has to film another movie? Will Naruto cheat on him again? This time maybe with one of his fans?) Even worse, Naruto didn't really talk to Sasuke about any of it. He just showed up like, by the way, this is my new boyfriend! As though he and Sasuke hadn't made any promises to each other and him being with Fukami wasn't a big deal or a betrayal.

Naruto going back and forth between the two of them was obnoxious and did nothing but make him look terrible and unworthy of Sasuke's love. And trying to get Sasuke and Fukami into a low can you get?! Throughout the fic, Naruto was always trying to have the best of both worlds and it disgusted me.

Naruto was so selfish in this story it was unreal. It also made me mad at the end when he made Sasuke admit that his cock was bigger than Suigetsu's or Gaara's. What an asshole. Not only did he end up with Sasuke, but he had to lord it over Gaara and Suigetsu for having a bigger dick. Both of those guys were actually in love with Sasuke; on top of losing him, they they didn't deserve to be fodder for Naruto's ego. But what can you expect from Naruto? As another reviewer mentioned, him kissing Sasuke in front of all those people at the end was more ego stroking. He was intentionally showing off the fact that Sasuke belonged to him and that THEIR love was much better than anyone else's. Those kisses were at least as much about showing off as they were about romance and that's what makes Naruto a selfish tool.

I really, really wanted Sasuke to stay with Gaara. I'm not a SasuGaara fan, BUT Sasuke and Gaara had a lot in common! They were both writers and understood each other. Gaara helped Sasuke whenever he felt down (usually about Naruto), and Sasuke was one of the only people Gaara ever felt a connection to. Gaara also didn't play Sasuke and was direct about what he wanted from the very beginning, unlike Naruto. Also, Sasuke and Gaara had a certain rapport that Sasuke and Naruto lacked (thanks to all of Naruto's waffling and trifling). It was always drama when Naruto and Sasuke were together, unlike Gaara and Sasuke who could tease each other and talk about different things. As written, they were just a lot more appealing together than any of the other couples in the fic, including NaruSasu.

It just wasn't right that Naruto got everything he wanted in the end and didn't have to sacrifice a thing or face any consequences. Other people sacrificed and faced consequences, but not Naruto. Just when he finally gets his head out of his ass and decides he's going to break up with Fukami, he has the good luck of discovering that Gaara and Sasuke had broken up with each other that morning, so Naruto never had to pine for Sasuke for even one moment or put in any work to get him.

And why was Sasuke the one who got permanently scarred and nearly died? What was the point of that? Seriously, what did that do for the story, or for Sasuke's character development? If anyone deserved to have a near-death experience to knock some sense into them, it was Naruto, not Sasuke. You can't even say Sasuke nearly dying had an effect on Naruto, like he realized he'd taken him for granted or felt remorseful for any of the other things he'd done to Sasuke. Rather than self-reflection, he was more worried about sexing Sasuke up once he got out of the hospital and finding out how his dick compared to Sasuke's exes. XD

Sorry, as other people said, the first 10 chapters of this were great, but after that, not so much. It's really hard to keep liking a fic when the romantic lead's personality gets wrecked, and when he doesn't show any character growth or progress to recover from it. If Naruto had shown some remorse at the end it wouldn't have made up for everything he did in this fic (not by a long shot), but it would have at least been something. Unfortunately, Naruto wasn't even capable of that small amount of self-reflection, which was really disappointing. You write well and I would love to read another fic from you, but I would just say that in the future, make sure that BOTH of your main characters develop as characters, not just one.
BeyondLight chapter 17 . 7/11/2014
oh gawd no I wish sasuke topped earlier haha this was a great story, thnks so much for putting in the time and effort into writing it. ironically Im kinda in a similar situation as Naruto and sasuke with the whole even-though-they-like-each-other-theyre-not-dating thing so idk XD I guess this story meant a lot to me in that way and made me realize its 'fucking retarted' in gaara's words lol thanks so much
BeyondLight chapter 12 . 7/11/2014
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