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The Faults In Our Divergence chapter 1 . 10/1/2012

Name: Lilliana Daverns

Age: 14

Gender: Female


Hair: Very long (past her waist) curly blond hair.

Eyes: Grey.

Skin tone: Pale skin

Flaws: (regarding appearance) not sure what that means, she wears glasses, is that a flaw? PM me if you need a better explanation or more info about her flaws.

Figure: She is quite small for her age, and she has an athletic build.

Face structure: She has lots of freckles and wears black glasses.

Other: (for appearance) She is a complete tomboy, would ne'er wear a dress or touch makeup or nail varnish etc and she doesn't know what concealer of foundation is! She wears combat pants all the time with black t shirts that have rock bands on them I. E my chemical romance, queen, linkin park, rolling stones etc.


Afinnity: FIRE!

Likes: she loves to read and write! She also loves to get really muddy! She also love to run.

Dislikes: girls who don't like the outdoors and stuff, being inside all day.

Talents: She is very good at blending in and she is an extraordinarily fast runner. She is very good at not being noticed and she can blend in with her surroundings very well! She also has a good aim.

Flaws: She is not very strong and she isn't a good leader because she is too afraid to speak up. She doesn't really stand up for herself. She is very reckless and doesn't think before she acts.

Fears: She is scared of having to stand up infront of everyone and having to talk or give orders, she is also scared of people who are older than her and loud and bossy.

Personality: She is really shy. She is a very quiet person who is really nice and sweet and kind, once she knows you well and isn't afraid to talk to you, she is really funny! She loves her friends to bits and will do anything for them.

Marks after they changed: Just normal, the crescent moon that isn't filled in.


What did you think of the plot?: It was ok, I don't really know what to think of it.

Will you read the story even if I don't choose your character?: No, probably not, sorry!

Do you have a problem with me claiming the character as my own with you given half-credit? Not really as long as I get half the credit :)

Anything I forgot?: Nope, I hope you choose my character!

-Blazing Amethyst xx
PowerOfIreland chapter 1 . 7/15/2012
Sorry for my English, I am from Slovakia :"D


Name: Faye Bennett


Gender: Female


Hair: Long curly red hair

Eyes: Big blue eyes, maybe a little green.

Skin tone: Very light

Flaws: she is short for her age, she looks like she is 14

Figure: Good

Face structure: Big eyes, small nose, full lips,

Other: nothing I think


Afinnity: Water, can say what affinity have other people

Likes: watermelon chewing gums, chocolate, her friends, drawing, writing, reading, acting, TV Shows, hats, cheese, supernatural (mostly witches and mermaids), water, sea, Greek Mythology

Dislikes: dancing, bigheaded people, homophobes, bullies, spinach, Math,

Talents: writing, drawing

Flaws: talks too much, really curious, sometimes annoying

Fears: very tall people, zombies, dogs, spiders, death of someone close

Personality: Bubbly, friendly, optimistic, funny, brave, CHATTY - she is always talking, sometimes annoying and too curious, but everyone likes her either, she keeps her emotions in herself and when is she full of them, she explodes and everyone is shocked how many emotions she has been hiding. She likes to be sarcastic

Marks after they changed: uh.. i don't know to translate it really well :"D something like water swirls or waves or something waterish :D


What did you think of the plot?: interesting :)

Will you read the story even if I don't choose your character?: maybe yes, i will read first chapter and then make the decision

Do you have a problem with me claiming the character as my own with you given half-credit? No :)

Anything I forgot?: Please, choose me! ;D
MortalDarkDevices chapter 1 . 3/21/2012
Name: Naomi Fliccet

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Hair: Shoulder length dirty blonde hair.

Eyes: Large deep brown, amber in the sunlight.

Skin tone: Olive

Flaws: A bump in the bridge of her nose from when she broke it.

Figure: Average height, slim build, curvy.

Face structure: Rounded with high cheekbones.

Other: Nose piercing.


Afinnity: Spirit

Likes: Reading (ALOT)

Dislikes: Drawing

Talents: Writing short stories.

Flaws: Has the worst memory.

Fears: Birds (Ironic 'ey?)

Personality: Kind, conservative, unbelievably stubborn, 'her way or the high way', friendly, shy towards people she doesnt know.

Marks after they changed: An arangment of celtic knots surrounding the cresent moon.
raydreamsincolor chapter 1 . 12/14/2011



hair:shoulder-blade length, curly, red


Skin tone:Ivory

Flaws:WAY to many freckles eyes to close


Face structure:Normal nose, wide-ish moth high cheekbones

Affinity:Fire, spirit

Likes:Fire, happines blowing stuff up

Dislikes:Peace anger morons thiefs

personality:hot temper sarcastic but really nice to friends

Mark:Fire and spirit swirl runes around cheekbones

fears:water drowning spiders

flaws:anger issues pyromaniac

Talents:Great writer
skyeblue5565 chapter 1 . 12/9/2011
Name:Skyler Diamond




Hair: Long,wavy(to about just above butt)that slightly curls at end. is all one length except for pieces that frama her face. DArk chocalte brown

Eyes:Hazely brown,with bright gold specks

Skin tone:pale,with a ever permant blush

Flaws: (regarding appearance)her top lip is fuller then her bottom lip,making them unblanced. (she considers this a flaw,other dont)when she smiles to big,her cheeks go all baby like and a couple red dots that she refuses to call freckles.

Figure:tall and curvy,in between hourglass and pear figure.

Face structure:on the round side,wide eyes,average nose that balences out her face, teeny weeny bit of a butt chin,full pink lips

Other: (for appearance)


Afinnity:She has an affinty for fire, and is also has visions of future disasters (if u fund it to powerfull,take away fire. but i was tihnking she can jsut do certain things with it,unless strongly focusing wasting energy)

Likes: Evanescence,music in general, dancing, being right, playful arguing. aproval,making jokes,cheeae,coke a cola

Dislikes:being shuned,being bullied,being wrong, clasical music(only kind she dosent like),peanut butter, carmel, sweets

Talents:singing and dancing(shes realy good),playing guitar, always seems to win argumeents

Flaws:argues to much, is quite a bit defensive, uses way to much sarcasm,can be slightly rude without realizing it

Fears:needles(huge fear)

Personality:sassy,funny, sarcastic, bitterly honest, abit bi polor, defennsive, cute, somtimes acts confident but is really acutally quite shy and concious,craving friend,bit of a drama queen

Marks after they changed:a dramtic, fire like pattren twirling down her face,outlinging around the outer corner of her eye like a dramatic blue eyeliner, with a disobident way about them,seeming to have a life of there own


What did you think of the plot?:i loved it!orignal,never heard it anywhere else!

Will you read the story even if I don't choose your character?:ya,of course i will.

Do you have a problem with me claiming the character as my own with you given half-credit?no,not at all! i mean,id like my part too,but i dont mind u having yours

Anything I forgot?:if there is, probaly forgot to
forevermebry chapter 1 . 11/25/2011


Name: Victoria Des Jardins

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Hair: (cut/ length/ color) Black hair curled into soft ringlets cascading down to about a little past her breasts.

Eyes: Dark green

Skin tone: Slightly tanned and dotted with freckles along her cheeks

Flaws: The occasional pimples that she tries to hide using foundation,The right side of her face stretching from her ear to the outer corner of her eye is white from a genetic pigmentation problem. She also has a crooked smile. Other then that she's fine in her book.

Figure: Average weight and height with a narrow waist and toned legs, her hips are a bit larger then her torso which is a little short.

Face structure: An oval face with a crooked smile and average lips that are a little on the fuller side, a regular straight nose, nice arched eyebrows (that's her favorite part about herself) and rather large green eyes. Her ears are relatively normal.

Other: Her ears are pierced and she always has studs in them and a small diamond nose stud.


Afinnity: Light and darkness, she has the ability to manipulate the light around her and change it as she pleases to use it to her advantage. (That is all she knows she can do SO FAR. (;)

Likes: Dancing, running, hanging out with people, playing around with her affinity, day dreaming, honesty and etc.

Dislikes: Just rude people, she generally like everything else. Oh, she also dislikes being alone. SO MUCH. Death.

Talents: She is a great athlete and very flexible, she knows how to speak french and spanish (Her mother and father are french and she learned spanish by herself.) She is also learning american sign language.

Flaws: She is stubborn and opinionated and she is a generally emotional person.

Fears: She is afraid of being alone and of the dark. She also fears and reptilians.

Personality: Victoria is one of those people that always has a smile on their face. She tries her best to be an optimistic and an honest person. She basically tries to be someone that people can look towards to for confidence and to keep their secrets. Victoria is although stubborn and is not afraid to voice her opinions. She hates being alone and she in insecure of herself at many points in her life. She tries to put up the confident act but it sometimes crashes down on her. She is a great athlete and a generally good person but her emotions and stubbornness tend to get the best of her sometimes.

Marks after they changed: She get swirls that appear to look like vines encircling from her forehead down to her collar bone and shoulder blades. They seem to be different colors, from almost a gold to a deep black.


What did you think of the plot?: I think it's well thought out and original (:

Will you read the story even if I don't choose your character?: Of course!

Do you have a problem with me claiming the character as my own with you given half-credit? Nope, but I still do want credit.

Anything I forgot?: Mind if I make a guy? Preferably her boyfriend? You don't have to use him.



Name: Brandon Carter


Gender: Male


Hair:His hair is dark brown and closely shaved to his head.

Eyes: Blue-gray

Skin tone: Lightly tanned

Flaws: He seems a bit 'scrawny' for being a wrestler. He has a crooked nose and large hands.

Figure: He has a wrestlers build. (Lightweight division. Thinner but still muscular)

Face structure: He has an oval face with a well defined jaw, he has average sized eyes. His ears are a little bigger then average, and her has a crooked nose but great smile.

Other: (for appearance) N/A


Afinnity: Time, he can slow it down and pause it for a little while but that's all he can do so far.

Likes: Shockputting, wrestling, video games (typical BOY thing), being outside, reading and relaxing, especially if it's by water.

Dislikes: He HATES rodents, rude people, and obnoxious people.

Talents: Shockputting and wrestling, he is quite athletic. He is also pretty good and swooning people(;

Flaws: He is too sarcastic and temperamental for his own good.

Fears: Rodents and death.

Personality: He is an intellectual person who is serious and very thoughtfull. He does have a goofy side though. He has a mischevious smile and often likes to tease people. He is someone most people rely on on and he always has a plan in store. He has a sarcastic comment to almost everything and he can be a bit temperamental but he DOES have a caring and a little romantic side to him. He likes Lightweight wrestling, Shockputting, and has a thing for reading, listening to other peoples ideas and relaxing and thinking by the water.

Marks after they changed: Dark blue celtic knots cascading down to his shoulders and biceps.

Again I hope you find good use for him and Victoria. If you do choose them I hope they could have a blooming relationship. Thanks! I cant wait to read this~
Lass of the Lake chapter 1 . 11/20/2011

Name: Kierce Masters

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Hair: (Layered with bangs/ Long/ Black with white streaks)

Eyes: Blue

Skin tone: Pale

Flaws: She has a couple scars on her shoulders from a run in with a wild dog. Other than that, she's knock-kneed, has glasses and a rather large forehead that she chooses to hide with her bangs. Her eyes are inset in her face with causes purple and blue circles around her eyes that look like bruises and never go away. She also has a bad wrist that hangs at a weird angle when not being used.

Figure: Skinny with average breasts and narrow hips.

Face structure: High cheek bones, petite jaw and narrow chin with a wide mouth, full lips, a slightly turned up, but slender, nose. Her eyes are big and round - almost doe-like - and set beneath her large brow snuggly, but with dark circles around them at all times.

Other: There's not much else to add about her appearance.


Afinnity: Kierce can enter dreams and feel the emotions of those around her.

Likes: Coffee, chocolate, boys, dreams, movies, dancing, drawing and sign language.

Dislikes: Spiders, dogs, cheese cake, the white streaks in her hair, her eyes, her mother.

Talents: Kierce is an exceptionally good artist and has entered several art competitions all over the country, bringing home many different awards for her different types of art. Kierce's favorite type of art is sketchings of people and places. Also, she tends to pick up different languages fairly easily.

Flaws: She tends to be kind of naive and believing in the best of those around her, even when they don't deserve it. She also tends to get scared really easy - backs down really easy too, unless there's someone she loves on the line. She's way too much of a people pleaser and acts dumber than she is, just so she'll be accepted among here peers. Lastly, she falls for guys who aren't good for her most of the time, and she falls hard and fast.

Fears: Kierce is deathly afraid of heights, spiders, snake, dogs and roaches. She is also afraid of never being good enough for anyone.

Personality: Kierce is pretty withdrawn before she becomes a fledgling, but once she's marked, she becomes almost secluded. She rarely talks to anyone - only her two closest friends. When she finds out she's recieved the affinity of empathy from Nyx, she becomes a little more social, now more sure of herself in people's presence. It eases her to have an eb and flow of calm emotions and being able to regulate any negative ones that linger around her. Her other affinity does not have much of an effect on her social life or personality, but does open her up a little more, knowing she has Nyx's favor increases her confidence.

Marks after they changed: After she becomes a fledgling, she recieves a filled in cresent moon, much like Zoey, and as she heads down the Goddess's chosen path, earns celtic knot marks all over her body, starting with her face. She has them all down her torso, adorning her wrists, her ankles and the top of her feet.
MissMakaraCaptor chapter 1 . 11/17/2011

Name: Delilah (No last name. Kinda like Elizabeth No-last-name)

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Hair: (cut/ length/ color) Medium, layered, platinum blond.

Eyes: Sort of a blueish-violet

Skin tone: more pale than tan, but more tan than pale. Kinda in-between.

Flaws: (regarding appearance) Slightly chubby face and body. She has been told but denies that one eye is slightly bigger than the other.

Figure: Curvy.

Face structure: circle-ish.

Other: (for appearance) She wears glasses, though she doesn't need them. She says they make her look cute. She has a small, heart shaped pendant with a silver chain and sapphire in the shape of the heart that she never takes off.


Afinnity: Can heal people. She cant insta-heal you, or bring someone back to life, but she can speed up the process so a wound will become less severe. Along with healing, she can also drain your health, kinda like Rogue in X-men.

Likes: Music, Reading, having fun, CHOCOLATE!, and her friends.

Dislikes: Mean people, wars, evil

Talents: Can sing and dance really well. can read a 500 page book in 2 days, and she is amazing at styling hair(Hers or other-wise.

Flaws: Stubborn, socially disabled, and gets mad easily

Fears:Spiders, bugs, and anything that can kill her painfully.

Personality: kind, good hearted, and she is easy get along with. Unless you make her mad. If you make her mad, you WILL be sorry.

Marks after they changed: OShe has swirls that seem as if they move down the side of her face and right above her mark, she has a small heart.


What did you think of the plot?: It was really cool.

Will you read the story even if I don't choose your character?: I'll be sad if you don't, but i still really wanna see what happens.

Do you have a problem with me claiming the character as my own with you given half-credit?b As long as you give me at least some credit, no prob.

Anything I forgot?: Nope!
BastSun chapter 1 . 11/16/2011


Name: Mikael [Mih-KAYL] Camella

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Hair: (cut/ length/ color): All the same length, natural corkscrew curls, bottom of shoulder blade length, dark-chocolate brown

Eyes: Bright blue

Skin tone: Light tan

Flaws: (regarding appearance): freckles across bridge of nose, mottled birthmark on left shoulder barely able to be seen where her collarbone starts

Figure: Small, thin

Face structure: Oval/heart shape

Other: (for appearance): Wears an elongated version of the HoN uniform skirt.


Afinnity: Emotional [feels and reacts to emotions around her, can sort of make a calming or infuriating atmosphere depending]

Likes: Shoes, modesty, bead-working, photography

Dislikes: “Ho-ish” clothes, bad jewelry, overly done make-up, “Scene” hair

Talents: Photography, simple bead-work, jewelry design

Flaws: Sort of bitchy, stuck up, but not as much as Aphrodite, though. Can be helpful to a fault if she trusts you; hard to gain trust from

Fears: Rejection, heights, and being completely alone

Personality: Closed off, picky about her friends, hesitant towards change, protective of those she does trust

Marks after they changed: Sort of like wings, sprouting from immediately next to her crescent


What did you think of the plot?: I like the idea of it, really didn’t like HoN’s original plot, even thought it is engaging

Will you read the story even if I don't choose your character?: Oh, yeah. I’m not into reading a story just because a character I like is in it… I really don’t like Zoey, but I still read HoN…

Do you have a problem with me claiming the character as my own with you given half-credit?: That’d be fine, as long as I can use her for other stuff that’s completely my own.

Anything I forgot?: Not that I can think of…



BLACKwriterForever chapter 1 . 11/15/2011


Name: Cloudy Jonnas

Age: 14

Gender: Girl


Hair: (cut/ length/ color) a boyish cut that is short in the back with long bangs that cover most of her face. black with a purple streak in her bangs

Eyes: dull grey

Skin tone: tanned

Flaws: (regarding appearance) has a scar on the side of her face from an accident in her training class

Figure: average girl body

Face structure: oval face with small nose and eyes

Other: (for appearance) she usually wears light coloured tops and dark pants


Afinnity: none

Likes: animals, music, weapons, art, reading

Dislikes: clingy people, people that make fun of her for her disability, people treating her like she's helpless

Talents: can read and write almost any language, took mixed martial arts as a kid so good at fighting barehanded

Flaws: tempermental, timide, mute

Fears: loving someone, being pushed to the corner, not fitting in

Personality: very shy but when people get to know her she has an outgoing personality

Marks after they changed: celtic knots that spread from her crescent mark


What did you think of the plot?: It's original!

Will you read the story even if I don't choose your character?: Yes.

Do you have a problem with me claiming the character as my own with you given half-credit? Nope.
KristenSaysHai chapter 1 . 11/15/2011
Name: Kristen Leigh Masen

Age: 16

Gender: female

Hair: Layered on top w/ short sideswept bangs, midback length, dyed red

Eyes: icey blue

Skin tone: very pale white

Flaws: dry hair from dying it

Figure: Average with curves

Face structure: round face with dimples when she smiles

Affinity: music

Likes: singing, playing guitar & piano, most animals, friendly people

Dislikes: Snobs, annoying people, bugs

Talents: Singing & playing instruments

Flaws: seems too quiet & shy sometimes

Fears: dying, losing people she loves, bugs

Personality: friendly, funny, smart, shy around strangers.

Marks when their changed; music notes framing their face

What did you think of the plot: I like it :D

Will you read the story even if I don't choose your character: Yep

Do you have a problem w/ me claiming the character as my own w/ you given half credit: not really