Reviews for Contrast
sapphireswimming chapter 1 . 12/4/2011
This is beautiful.

Hard to read at times, because the descriptions of emotions are so vivid that even though you don't explain anything that happened, we still experience the entire gamut of emotions accompanying the action of the back story.

It's odd to read a fic centered around Danny when he isn't actually there. I haven't read too many of them before, and this is one of the best. It gives the story a fulcrum around which it can turn, but it's really nice to see a story focused on other people. Even it they are drawn together through their grieving.

It's hard to imagine what they could have fought and / or gone through that would let Dani come come to bring the news that Danny didn't make it. I don't really want to imagine what that could be.

And the one thing that threw me off here was the sentence about Sam in the rocking chair. I may have been reading it wrong, but something about the sentence didn't quite make sense to me. And then (although this image was not inherent in what you said) the way you phrased it made me picture an old Sam. Perhaps that is just because I associate rocking chairs with grandparents, but that assumption definitely made me picture the rest of the fic VERY differently until I was able to go back and revise that faulty image.

Again, beautiful BEAUTIFUL angst and tragedy and bonding between two heart-broken girls. When I am in need of a good catharsis of all of my sadness, I know which fic to come back to in order to re-read. :)


PS- I have no idea how this has so few reviews. It totally deserves a bunch more!
DBack47 chapter 1 . 11/23/2011
It's interesting, unlike most authors, which focus on the visceral sensation of writing and reading, your attention is directed more towards the veiled metaphorical and spiritual experience of a plot. TMTC was certainly unique in fanfiction because that there was more than just Danny Phantom there. Woven in advanced but economically used vocabulary, a inquiry into the behavior of persons in denial, under duress, and their interactions with each other was explored. To install layers of meaning, or layers of intrigue into a story is what makes it a delight to read not just once, but for times to come, in a manner that makes a book more than just a linear storyline, it makes it a full world that the reader steps into that transports us into the mind of the writer, who becomes, in this way, a sort of supernatural entity, capable of manipulating the reader and the world of the plot.

Such are just a few words of praise I offer. On that note, on this story specifically...

It's not the tragedy, or the angst, but the reactions of Sam and Dani that animate this blurb. Danny may not be there, but the expressions of those close to him still keep him alive to the reader, and strikes the heart, despite subconscious acknowledgment of the fictitious story, in a comparable to a real life event. Well Done.

It's great to see you hanging in there Mer. Keep up the phantasimal work.


Codiak chapter 1 . 11/15/2011

I saw the name I got excited. This was nice here. ;)