Reviews for Big Not Sexy Lug
Pandasushiroll chapter 1 . 12/16/2012
OMG HOW DID I NOT READ THIS SOONER? Ahahahah it's amazing xD I want to feel bad for Tim but...I can't. Lol! This is brilliance! Pure brilliance! Made my day
Fate Vione chapter 1 . 11/23/2011
Tim.. you should really see someone about the denial thing Tim. And poor Kon. He's gunna be Tims punching bag whenever Tim has a hissy fit.
song six chapter 1 . 11/22/2011
Man! I just really love your writing! I mean I've read stories that are like 10,000 words long or have these huge vocabulary and junk but get into bring us INTO the's like you KNOW you've met Superboy and Tim and every DC character and could just act like them because you get their personalities down so well...and the way you paint the don't use too many words. You just know how to use the right ones! You're so awesome you know that?

First off, I couldn't stop laughing at the end. This was really /really/ funny. I think the giggles fit started when Tim said Conner's name. That made that whole scene. I even love how you have that awkward sctrach of the music stopping like in a movie.

Then when Tim goes marching into the Titans Tower to either chew out Conner or get rid of his...troubles...(which both he did) it was really funny. I thought the last line Conner had was the best ever! Especially with him calling Tim 'Timmy', it was cute in the whole "Reeeeeal Cute Conner," but...I don't think I'm making was funny ok?

You're stories almost leave me speechless because usually I have a lot to say, but they're just the perfect fit for everything I love I don't have much else to say but thankyou for writing all of these!

- songsix
Your-Nuclear-Holocaust chapter 1 . 11/16/2011

Oh my glob, I am just dying Hun I am.

I love Tim so much, and I can so see him taking his rage out on Kon, even when Kon literally did nothing wrong but Tim just needs to punch the shit out of something. It happens sometimes since he pushes everything down and smothers it.

"In a bro way"

That line made me laugh so hard my soda came out of my nose, no waking the doggy this time but I'm sure there was a good reason!~