Reviews for Father and Farther
sunflower1968 chapter 1 . 2/17/2014
Love this crossover between The Professionals and Sherlock.

Off to read the sequel now.
librarywitch chapter 1 . 9/12/2013
Never heard of those guys but this was still so good. Well done.
get.rid.of.this.thing chapter 1 . 8/7/2012
Absolutely wonderful. I actually became acquainted with 'The Professionals' for the sole purpose to be able to read your stories here with some background knowledge. And it definitely worth my time; what a fantastic show! Jeez, there are so many incredible shows made in the UK!

I must say, this is a masterpiece. Your stories are extremely well written, and your idea of having Bodie as Lestrade's father is a novel and well-thought out decision. Bodie and Doyle's actions and thoughts are realistic, and terribly funny and wise at once.

This was just incredibly entertaining to read, and I hope you'll continue writing, as you're one of the most talented writers I've ever discovered.
Jessie Blackwood chapter 1 . 2/9/2012
very, very good. Nice tie-in. Believable similarities in both of them too. Nice one.
editor frog chapter 1 . 11/27/2011
Okay, I quite liked this. (I can't be much more eloquent, seeing as I'm operating at a loss: I am not familiar with "The Professionals.")

The idea that Lestrade could be the product of someone working on the level of Mycroft Holmes (which is what I took away from this) is a very interesting one; certainly one I'd like to see repeated in some of your other series.

I also like the allusion to "family aquired" rather than hereditary. I do think it burns Mycroft that Lestrade can get more out of Sherlock than he himself can. (John is in a class all by himself on that point, but that's another [possible?] story.) I do think that Lestrade 'looks out' for Sherlock in all the ways that are important; the memorable 'drugs bust' scene from "A Study in Pink" is proof positive on the point.

Secrets seem to be stock and trade in Sherlock, and this story adds wonderfully to the concept. Very well done. (Plus I applaud you for writing a crossover in which the bulk of the story was told through a somewhat obscure lens. Brilliant work.)
Sidney Sussex chapter 1 . 11/22/2011
Righto! I come to you after much Googling. You've made me love these characters and I don't even know them! Dinner as an act of self-defence... their entire ending together... I knew you were going to leave me with a whole new show I had to watch now, and I was right.

And again, you've done what you always do and perfectly framed characters who receive barely a passing mention. Every word you use is so well-chosen that the Sherlock cast is exactly right despite being described through the lenses of people who don't know them and who give them only a few sentences.

Now to track down a show that doesn't exist on any of my subscriptions...
owl-eats-waffles chapter 1 . 11/21/2011
A very beautiful and very moving story, superbly written as always!
Arisprite chapter 1 . 11/18/2011
Wow! I don't know anything about the professionals, but it almost made it better: these two old men, with just a hint at a story, and so much they couldn't say cause then they'd have to kill you, and one is Lestrade's father :) I loved that. The hinted tragic back story of Lestrade, his strength and the old man's pride at his unknown son. Beautiful!

CrazyCousinEiko chapter 1 . 11/16/2011
Again, so gorgeous. I didn't even need to know the other story- you wrote this so well I felt I knew the characters. -

Poor Lestrade and Bodie... both denied something that they both would love. DX (Also, we must be riding each other's brainwaves or something because I was totally thinking something similar with Jenny in Reflections of You! XD)

Love this conversation:

"You know that posh bastard with the brolly?"

"Mycroft Ho—"


"Jesus, Bodie, he's not Lord Voldemort. We can say his name out loud."

"Wouldn't be too sure."


"He's probably listening to us right now" – he raised his voice – "from that surprisingly conspicuous black car of his."

Truth be told, he was only half-joking.

"Got a ride, did you?" Doyle asked, wide-eyed. "I'm the head of CI-bloody-5— ...and I've never been near that car. Christ, Bodie, why? What've you done?"

And leave it to Mycroft to conduct "the mother of all background searches." XD

This, too, made me laugh:

"Can't decide what makes me feel older," Bodie continued, hollow and spent at the end of his tale. "The fact my hair's white, the fact my son's is grey, or the fact you need reading glasses to see his picture properly."

An obscene gesture was his reply.

'Dogged and tenacious' -definitely Lestrade. SO much!

Oh my word! Too many quotes to love! XD

But seriously, this was very sweet and sad. I love how Bodie sacrifices his desire to be with Lestrade for the sake of his son, his friend, himself, and his country. I... I don't have enough words for this... it's so beautiful! *sniff*

And it was LONG this time! :D *happy dances*

Hugs for another job well done!
The Red Fedora chapter 1 . 11/16/2011
I'm familiar with the Professionals but I googled it so I could read this story:) Very nice - but sad...poor Bodie and poor Lestrade...:)

that said - loved this bit:

Bodie swallowed. "You know that posh bastard with the brolly?"

"Mycroft Ho—"


"Jesus, Bodie, he's not Lord Voldemort. We can say his name out loud."

"Wouldn't be too sure." A mirthless chuckle shook him as he perched on one of their breakfast bar stools.